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Volume 5903

THE MIRACLE ~ 1933.01.08
As Tarzan led the apes up the staircase to attack the Egyptians, Tutamken, the monkey-man, stood alone in their pathway, screaming. Back of him were the soldiers with their spears ready to repel the attack. The pharaoh rose from his throne in panic, prepared to flee. Von Harben, knocked over in the onrush of the apes, had fallen helpless on the staircase.

But as Tarzan reached Tutamken, the monkey-man shouted in the language of the apes, "Kagoda!" meaning "I surrender!" Tutanken then rushed toward the throne. "A miracle has happened Oh Pharaoh!" he cried. "The soul of Thoth, god of the apes, has entered into this man in the leopard skin so that he can talk the language of the apes and the apes hail him as king! All except Pharaoh, who is equal to the gods, must bow before him and worship him!"

As Tutamken and Tarzan advanced up the staircase toward pharaoh's throne, the high priest halted them. "If this man is holy," he said, "the gods will tell us. We will take him to the temple."

In the vestibule of the temple, the high priest burned incense before the great statue of Isis. Then he led Tarzan into a dark corridor at the end of which a fire was burning in a huge kettle. He seized a great ladle, took the boiling pitch from the kettle and held it over Tarzan's head. "So will you perish if you betray the secrets of the temple!" he cried.

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