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Tarzan and Jane and Friends at the KTLA studios.
Actually Robin Maxwell 
- author of  "Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan"

Ron Ely and Tarzan TV Guests:
 Diana Ross and the Supremes.
More about the Ron Ely Tarzan TV Series
 on our ERBzine site:

Jane Goodall's latest appearance in National Geographic is in the October 2017 issue.
Ms. Goodall was a special guest at the 2012 Tarzana Dum-Dum where she was awarded and gave a talk at the banquet ceremonies.
PreviouslyBill Hillman had led her onto the podium at the large Tarzan Yell event and coaxed her to treat the crowd to an authentic Chimp yell.
See all our Tarzana 2012 Dum-Dum photos at:

Jane Goodall's latest appearance in National Geographic is in the October 2017 issue.
We have fond memories of the Tarzana 2012 Dum-Dum where Ms.Goodall was our special guest speaker.
During the Tarzan Yell contest that I was MCing I had led her to the podium
where she captivated the audience with an authentic Chimpanzee yell.
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From our ERBzine ERB Eclectica series: 2013.12
John Carter Character Design Specs by Mike Hoffman

Vincent Warrican
My 1/6 scale kitbash effort in a similar Barsoom aesthetic
Tarzan with the Tarzan Twins in the Jungle ~ 1938
A condensation of the Whitman #770 Tarzan Twins
95 illustrations
Names of Doc and Dick changed to Bob and Don

Tarzan The Avenger ~ 1939
Cover by Dick Moores
95 interiors by Rex Maxon
Adapted from his 1929-1930 Son of Tarzan strip
Rewritten with Korak changed to Tarzan

John Carter of Mars ~ Feb/Mar, 1940
John Carter's second comic appearance.
 95 b&w interior illustrations reproduced from
The Funnies nos. 30-39.
Read it in ERBzine at:

Preliminary by Ed Emshwiller for THE MOON MAID.
Ace Books had commissioned him just in case Roy Krenkel missed his deadline.
Emshwiller's preliminary for THE MOON MEN,
which Ace Books gave him the go-ahead to produce the cover painting.
From the Robert Barrett Collection.
Visit the MOON MAID C.H.A.S.E.R. Biblio

Expanded Edition of Moom Maid
 This is the edition to have, even with the few textual errors, softcover or hardcover editions.
There are those who feel that THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT is Burroughs' master;piece,
but I agree with those who feel that THE MOON MAID is the masterpiece.
Aside from that, I hope that ERB, Inc. will one day allow UNDER THE RED FLAG to be finally published!
From the Robert Barrett Collection.


New to our George T. McWhorter Tribute

Tarzan short story from Dell's Crackajack Funnies #15


Thark ~ Calot ~ Great White Ape ~ Plant Man ~ Sith


Foster-style Art by Frank Frazetta

Golden Lion by Tom Grindberg


Jungle Girl by Peirangelo Boog

John Carter in the Arena of Issus by Paul Privitera


Julie Bell Tiger Art

Tarzan and Jane by Don Marquez

ERBzine Comics  ::  FALL OF BARSOOM 1-5

Click to open preview collage format

 ERB In Blanding, Utah Dinosaur Museum
"My wife and I were exploring Southern Utah this fall. We were in Blanding Utah and stopped at the dinosaur museum.
The museum was an amazing stop. A great museum in such a small town.
There were fantastic dinosaur displays and dinosaur themed movie posters decorating the walls.
We were pleasantly surprised to see Burroughs material included in the displays."
Here are some pics. Rich Hrapcak

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