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Some of ERB's activities on his birth day, September 1, through the years.
1875 - 1950
Culled from our Online Bio Timeline series

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...the 'grandfather of science-fiction'"

NOTE: These events are culled from the much longer series -
The Edgar Rice Burroughs Bio Timeline
We have featured only some of the September 1 events during his life span from 1875 to 1950.
To follow the other 365 days from the these 75 years go to
Illustrated and Annotated by Bill Hillman
1875: Edgar Rice Burroughs is born to George Tyler & Mary Evaline (Zieger) in  Chicago, Illinois. He is given the middle name of Rice after his colonial ancestor in Massachusetts, Deacon Edmund Rice (1594-1663).
     * His father is a retired Civil War Major and rich whisky distiller.
     * Ed is the  youngest of four boys - George Tyler Jr., Henry Studley and Frank Coleman.
     * The family lives in a three-story brick house on Chicago's West Side, 650 (later 646) Washington Boulvevard between Lincoln and Robey Streets
1891: Ed reluctantly returns to the East from working on his brothers' ranch in Idaho.
     * One can almost imagine Mary Zieger Burroughs' surprise when her young son returned home wearing a Stetson hat, black leather vest, Levis, cowboy boots with spurs and a .45 caliber Colt Single Action Army revolver riding low on his hip.
1894: To the amazement of everyone, the Michigan Military Academy football team, of which Ed was captain and quarterback, held the heftier, more experienced team from the University of Michigan to a tie.
1895:  Lieutenant E. R. Burroughs heads a group of 11 editors of the MMA newspaper, The Adjutant
1896:  Ed, on his 21st birthday while with the US Cavalry at Duncan Arizona, receives a picture from future-wife Emma who is vacationing in Coldwater, Michigan.
     * Due to his lingering dysentery and his knowledge of horses he is assigned the softer job of running the headquarters' stable.

1901:  ERB creates his first complete unified works - three booklets dedicated to Harry's young children, five-year-old niece Evelyn and seven-year-old nephew, Studley: a humorous booklet about family members, a collection of children's poems and drawings, "Snake River Cottontail Tales," and a booklet of recipes and cartoons, "Grandma Burroughs' Cook Book"
1902: Ed and Emma have a hard time making ends meet. He borrows on his life insurance policy.
1903: Ed writes his first piece of fiction: Minidoka 937th Earl of One Mile Series M. An Historical Fairy Tale - 82 pages handwritten on the backs of letterheads and odd sheets of paper. It is filed away and  forgotten until long after his death.
1904: Ed starts what are to be a series of jobs over the next seven years: a high-rise construction site timekeeper, door-to-door book salesman, a seller of electric light bulbs to janitors and candy to drugstores, an accountant and office manager, promoter of a snake-oil medicine, "Alcola," reputed to cure alcoholism, schizophrenia, psoriasis and Down's syndrome, etc.
1905: Ed documents many of the daily events in his life with a series of cartoons
1908: Ed writes the poem "Poverty!" and pawns Emma's jewelry.
1909: Ed and Emma work on an elaborate baby book with art, poems and photos to celebrate the recent birth of Hulbert.

1911: Encouraged by All-Story pulp magazine's tentative interest in the unfinished manuscript of his first novel, Under the Moons of Mars, and the acceptance of his verses in the Chicago Tribune, Ed spends most of his time writing.
1913: Ed is finalizing plans to take his family to California for the winter. The sole means of support for the family of five is now the income from his writings .
1914: Ed is half-way through the writing of Sweetheart Primeval.
1916: The Burroughs family name the camp set-ups on their California motor trek via Oak Park - Ottawa - Camp Point - Hannibal - Emporia - Newton - Larned - Dodge City - Ute Pass - Santa Fe Trail - Pikes Peak - Arizona - New Mexico - Mojave Desert - San Bernardino - Los Angeles.  Ed celebrates this birthday at camp 27:  "Camp Arkansas."
1917: Influenced by the Great War, Ed prepares to submit three patriotic, 400-word articles to newspapers: "To the Mother," "To the Home Girl," and "To the Woman on the Town."
1918: ERB is busy promoting the Tribe of Tarzan club which is successfully selling Liberty Bonds. The request of the Fuel Commission that citizens not use cars on Sundays so as to assist in fuel rationing for the war effort has put a disappointing temporary end to the Burroughs family week-end rides and their visits to Coldwater.
1919: Ed, who is a member of the Auto Club, enjoys the day taking his family for rides in his Packard Touring car. Unfortunately the car is hit the next day by a People's Express Truck.

1921: The English Tarzan stageplay makes its US debut at New York's Broadhurst Theater. It has a short run.
     Ed starts showing a series of September films in the Tarzana Ranch Ballroom Theatre: All Dolled Up ~ Jail Bird ~ The Dog Doctor(short) ~ The Smart Sex ~ A Bunch of Kisses ~ The Blazing Trail with Frank Mayo ~ Seeing is Believing (short) ~ Cheated Love is cancelled because it starred Carmel Myer a popular vamp of the silents ~ No Woman Knows
1922: ERB is considering subdividing 50 acres of hia ranch land into business and residential lots and is working on plans to transform Tarzana into a town with its own post office.
1923: Ed plans to enroll Hulbert and Jack at the Urban Military Academy in Los Angeles and Joan in the Cumnock School of the Theatre in LA. She is interested in a career in theatre.
1924: ERB is home after a 10-day fishing excursion with his sons into the Sierras. He describes the outing in "Notes on Trip to Mono Creek and Porpoise Lake"  The famous Doodad was created during this trip. Ed shows early symptons of heart trouble.
     * ERB makes plans to rent out Tarzana Ranch and Koonskin Kabin to movie companies: “The Bar ‘F’ Mystery” and “Bred in the Bone” starring William Fairbanks, “The Pioneer” and “Terrible Terry” with William Duncan, and “The Squatters” with Bill Patton.
1925: Ed celebrates his 50th birthday in Phoenix, returning home with the family from the South Rim of Grand Canyon. He is about to sever all official connections with the financially-troubled El Caballero Country Club.
1926: Thanks to Ed's influence, former All-American centre James Pierce is given a screen test and is hired for Tarzan and the Golden Lion, the last of the Tarzan silent movies.
     * Hulbert and Jack start their daily commute to the Los Angeles Coaching School. Jack starts writing and illustrating his own stories.
1927: Ed writes letters disagreeing with Sinclair Lewis' forcing his anti-religious views on the public in Elmer Gantry. He feels a novelist's sole purpose should be to entertain. He praises the work of aviator Charles Lindbergh and pleads for the protection of wildlife.
1928: Ed and Jack spend labor day weekend at Catalina. He brags about his new Tarzan dog: "He is a six month Old English Sheepdog, weighs fifty five pounds and is still going strong. I think he is one of the brightest dogs I ever saw, but, like all puppies, a damn nuisance and eleven times as much a nuisance as though he weighed only five pounds."
1929: Ed and the boys start an auto-camping trip to the Ensenada area in Lower California. Ed and Hulbert have built a sleeping trailer for Hully's Buick. The family also travels north to Grant's Pass, Oregon in two Pullman Aerocoaches.

1932: Ed spends his birthday at the beach with all the children present at dinner time.
     *  Tarzan Triumphant  with illustrations by Studley Burroughs is published by ERB, Inc.
1933: Ashton Dearholt writes from Guatemala that RKO want Ed to sponsor and endorse a picture making expedition.
     *  Tarzan and the City of Gold is published by ERB Inc.
1934: Tarzan and the Lion Man is published by ERB, Inc.
1936: Tarzan and the Immortal Men is released by ERB, Inc. as Tarzan's Quest, a title suggested by ERB secretary Mildred Bernard. It features the final book jacket and illustrations used by long-time ERB illustrator J. Allen St. John.
1937: ERB is working on Tarzan newspaper strip continuity. He enrolls stepchild Lee in the Hollywood Military Academy in Brentwood hoping that his studies will improve. The boy is not happy and is soon removed.
1939: Ed's 64th birthday coincides with the breaking out of World War II.  He states: "I was barred from Germany for a great many years and, as far as I kow, I still am. I know Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's Tarzan pictures are barred there. However, I do consider it a compliment to be barred from anything Nazi. I am only hoping that we are not going to be dragged into HItler's private war. It would mean a lot with the number of sons we have."
1941: Ed, now alone in Hawaii, is excitedly awaiting Hulbert's arrival on Sunday.
1942:  Ed socializes with many officers of the Signal Corps, Intelligence, Anti-Aircraft Brigade, etc. He enters into a battle of wits with the Signal Corps. Each tries to baffle the other with coded messages - "undecipherable ciphers."
1944: Sensing that friends are going to throw a birthday party, he asks Hulbert to invite him out to Hickam for dinner and the night. Hully prepares a meal for Ed and three other officers: steak with onions, french fried potatoes, corn, tomatoes, raisin rolls!
     *  In his article, "What Price Tolerance," printed in Hawaii magazine, ERB demands automatic citizenship for alien parents of any man who has served honourably in the armed forces.
1947: In an effort to revive the Tarzan newspaper strips, ERB moves in to supervise. Burne Hogarth, artist on the Tarzan Sunday page, is assigned the daily strip, replacing Rex Maxon. Rob Thompson, a Tarzan radio script writer in the '30s, takes over continuity.

1950: March 19
Edgar Rice Burroughs dies after eating breakfast in bed while reading the Sunday comics. 
He is cremated at the Chapel of the Pines in Los Angeles. 
His ashes are buried under the tree in front of the ERB, Inc. offices on Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, California.
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