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On Barsoomian Names :: Part II
John Grey Calvert and Talo Thoran

Manatorian Names

Public names among the isolated red men of Manator follow an ancient and idiosyncratic formula, combining an initial vowel sound representing one of the five major Houses or lines of descent of the Manatorian people, with a single word in the Common Language.  In the case of slaves, the vowel appears as a suffix, and denotes ownership by the indicated house rather than affiliation.

Il Baroweh ni Manatori
The Five Houses of Manator

A- = Born of the House of Fire -A = Belonging to Fire
E- = Born of the House of Life -E = Belonging to Life
I- = Born of the House of Stone -I =  Belonging to Stone
O- = Born of the House of Air -O = Belonging to Air
U- = Born of the House of Water -U = Belonging to Water

Teeil Madoweh Manatori
Fifteen Manatorian Names

A-Kor  Strong of Fire
A-Sor  Answer of Fire
E-Mad Man of Life
E-Thas Obsequious of Life
I-Gos  Shadow of Stone
I-Mal  Airborne of Stone
I-Zav  Waiting of Stone
O-Mai Beast of Air
O-Tar Well-Favored of Air
O-Zar Skillful of Air
U-Dor Blessed of Water
U-Kal  Golden of Water
U-Thor Loving of Water
U-Van Many of Water
Lan-O Air’s Patience (slave)

The Places of Barsoom ~ Eighty-nine Place Names

Aaanthor    Ancient seaport.
Beacon of Goodwill  (aa=beacon + anthor=goodwill, benevolence) 

Amhor    City-state renowned for its thoats and zitidars. 
Source of Steeds   (ama=steed + horo=source)

Artol     Dead city on the eastern slopes of the Artolian Hills.
Crown City   (artus=to climb + -ol=city-state)

Arroomeh ni Torkwasi
The Highlands of Torquas

Bantoom    Country of the Kaldanes.
Land of Burrows   (bant=burrowing + oom=place)

Barsoom    “Mars”
Ancestral World   (bar=ancestral + soom=world)

Cluros    “Deimos”
Sleeper (also Snorer)  (cluro=sleep; clurros=snoring)

Cosoom    “Venus”
Hidden World   (co=concealment + soom=world)

Daloom Djapma ni Ethu 
The Great Rift Valley  (daloom=valley + djapma=rift + ethu=great)

Daloom ni Atkayni
The Valley of the First Born (daloom=valley + Atkayn=First Born)

Daloom ni Dor   The Valley Dor
The Blessed Valley  (daloom=valley + dor=blessed)

Daloom ni Hohr   The Hohr Valley
The Volcano Valley  (daloom=valley + hohr=volcanic)

Daloom ni Otz   The Valley Otz
The Large Valley   (daloom=valley + otz=large)

Dizada ni Kaoli 
The Kaolian Road   (dizada=road)

Duhor    City-state on the western slopes of the Artolian Hills.
Source of Harmony   (duho=harmony + horo=source)

Dusar    City-state renowned for the quality
Nation of Hives of its honey.  (dusa=hive + -ar=city, land)

Eaneetah ni Gorsena
The Carrion Caves  (eaneeta=cave + gorsena=carrion)

Exum    Barsoomian “Greenwich”
Time Place    (exo=time + oom=place)

Gathol    City-state known for the wealth of its diamond mines.
City of Diamonds    (gatha=diamond + -ol=city-state)

Ghasta    City of horror ruled by a madman.
Refuge    (ghast=sheltering)

Gooli     Island city inhabited by marsupial savages.
The Splendid Isle   (guo=splendor + ooleea=island)

Hastor    Heliumetic city renowned for shipbuilding.
Treasure of Vessels  (hasa=ship + tor=treasuring)

Helium    Capital of the Heliumetic Empire.
Twin Cities    (heli=twin + oom=place)

Helium Ethro
Greater Helium   (ethro=greater)

Helium Yaro
Lesser Helium   (yaro=lesser)

Hinpanak ni   “The North Pole”
The North Pole   (hina=pole + panak=northern)

Hinwarak ni           "The South Pole"
The South Pole      (hina=pole + warak=southern)

Hoomeh ni Ethu Toonoli 
The Great Toonolian Marshes

Horz     Ancient capital city.
Perfect Creation   (hora=creation + ras=perfect)

Illall     Remotest city-state of Okar.
Solitary City   (ill=solitary + -ol=city-state)

Invak     Hidden city-state
Chosen City   (invak=chosen)

Jahar     Nation west of the Mountains of Torquas.
Land of Miracles   (jahah=miracles + -ar=city, land)

Jasoom    “Earth”
World of Wonders   (ja=wondering + soom=world)

Jhama    Castle west of Jahar.
Place of Illusion   (jhama=illusion)

Kadabra    Domed capital of Okar.
Protectress    (kadabra=she protects)

Kamtol    City in the Valley of the first Born.
Land of Plenty   (kamto=abundance + -ol=city-state)

Kaol     Forest empire.
Friendly Land   (ka=friendly+ -ol=city-state)

Kobol     City-state conquered and sacked by Helium.
Proud Land  (kob=proud + -ol=city-state)

Korad    Magnificent dead city
Root of Strength   (kor=strong + adia=root)

Korus ni    One of the five great seas of ancient Barsoom
The Mighty Sea   (kor=strong + hoos=water)

Korus Ethoos ni Vemak           Only large body of water remaining 
 The Lost Sea of Korus               on the surface of Barsoom.
                                (ethoos=sea + vemak=lost)

Lothar    Great seaport of ancient Barsoom.
Center of All   (lo=all, everything+ thar=converging) 

Masaiteh ni Kal 
The Golden Cliffs   (masaiteh=cliffs + kal=golden)

Noble Games   (mano=game + taj=noble)

Treasured Games   (mano=game + tor=cherished)

Daring Games   (mano=game + tos=daring)

Marentina    Domed city of Okar.
Prismatic Dome   (marena=dome + entina=prismatic)

Mataivan ni Invaki
The Forest of Invak  (matai=tree + van=many)

Mataivan ni Kaoli
The Kaolian Forest  (matai=tree + van=many)

Mataivan ni Madeh Vemak
The Forest of Lost Men  (mataivan=forest + madeh=men + vemak=lost)

Morbus               Dead city of ancient Barsoom revived 
Peerless Harbor              by Ras Thavas.
                                    (mor=leading + orbo=harbor)

Norus ni                          One of the five great seas of 
                                               ancient Barsoom. 
The Peaceful Water       (nor=pacific, peaceful + hoos=water)

Okar     North polar land of yellow men.
The Yellow Nation  (oka=yellow + -ar=city, land)

Omean Ethoos     Subterranean south polar ocean.
The Cavern Sea     (om=within + eana=cavern + ethoos=sea)

Ompt     Island of the Goolis.
Warm Welcome   (ompt=embracing)

Omsara ni Tano
Aisle of Hope   (omsara=aisle + tano=hope)

Onvak    Hidden city-state.
Preferred city   (onvak=preferred)

Ooleeyah ni Jharsaiteh
The Charnel Isles   (ooleea=island + jharsait=bone)

Oom ni Madeh Zargak
The Land of Lost Souls  (oom=land + madeh=people + zargak=doomed)

Panar     Northern land of red men.
Land of the North   (pano=north + -ar=city, land)

Pankor    Capital city of Panar.
Strength of the North  (pano=north+ kor=strong)

Polodona ni   “The Equator”
Circle Center   (polo=circle + odon=central

Ptarth    City-state known for its wines.
Eastern Gate   (ptara=east + ratha=gate)

Phandhoos ni Torkwasi 
Gulf of Torquas

Phundahl    City-state on the west of the Great 
                               Toonolian Marshes. 
Deep City     (phund=deep + -ol=city-state)

Phundus ni    Deepest of the five great seas of ancient 
                                Barsoom. It survives as the Great 
                                Toonolian Marshes.
The Deep Water       (phund=deep + hoos=water)

Rasoom    “Mercury”
Burning World   (ra=burning + soom=world)

Raxar     City-state of northern Barsoom.
City of Zealots   (raxo=fervor, zeal + -ar=city, land)

Sanah ni Artoli   The Artolian Hills
The High-Crowned Hills

Sanomah ni Otz   The Otz Mountains
The Massive Mountains  (sanomah=mountains + otz=large)

Sanomah ni Torkwasi  The Mountains of Torquas
Treasure Throne Mountains

Sarhoos ni Iss   The River Iss
The Mysterious River  (sarhoos=river + iss=mysterious)

Sarhoos ni Syl   The River Syl
The Lonely River   (sarhoos=river + syl=lonely, forsaken)

Sasoom    “Jupiter”
Giant World   (sas=gigantic + soom=world)

Shador    Island prison in the Sea of Omean.
Blessed Prison   (sha=imprisoning + dor=blessed)

Susstos    “The Sun”
Radiant Hero    (suss=radiant + tos=bold;
    (also Sweaty Glow)   susso=glow + to=perspiring)

Thark    City-state of ancient Barsoom.
Center of Culture   (thar=meeting + arko=culture)

Throxus ni    Largest of the five great seas of ancient Barsoom.
The Boundless Water  (Throx=vast, boundless + hoos=water)

Thurd    Dead sea bottom occupied by green storming horde.

Thurdus ni    One of the five great seas of ancient Barsoom. 
The Stormy Water  (thurd=storming + hoos=water)

Thuria    “Phobos”
Escapes in Dreams  (thu=fleeing + rio=dream;
    (also Mocking Gesture)  (thur=mocking + iyo=gesture)

Tjanath    City-state in Barsoom’s western hemisphere.
Western Wall  (tjana=west + natha=wall)

Toonol    Scientifically advanced city-state.
City of Logic   (toon=logical + -ol=city-state)

Torkwas    (also “Torquas”)  Ancient city-state.
Throne of Treasure  (tora=treasure + kwas=seat)

U-Gor    Wasteland province of Jahar.
Ultimate Sacrifice   (ug=sacrificing+ gor=deadly)

Warhoon    Ancient city-state in the southern hemisphere of Barsoom.
Southern Port  (war=southern + hoon=port)

Xanator    Ancient seaport on the Gulf of Torkwas.
Treasure of the Waves  (xana=wave + tora=treasure)

Zodanga    Powerful city-state.
Eternal City    (zodang=endless, eternal)

Zor     City-state of the Heliumetic empire.
Remarkable    (zor=remarkable)

Il Ethooseh Otz ni Barsoomi Vordyo
The Five Great Oceans of Ancient Barsoom

Korus    Mighty Water
Norus   Peaceful Water
Phundus   Deep Water
Throxus   Boundless Water
Thurdus   Stormy Water

Soomeh ni
The Planets

Rasoom Burning World “Mercury”
Cosoom Hidden World “Venus”
Jasoom Wonder World “Earth”
Barsoom  Ancestral World “Mars”
Soom ni Axt The Broken World “The Asteroids”
Sasoom Giant World “Jupiter”
Tarsoom Beautiful World “Saturn”
Orrsoom Frozen World “Uranus”
Illsoom Distant World “Neptune”

A New Map of Barsoom by Oberon Zell



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