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ISSUE 0501

Johnny Weissmuller Filming
Tarzan's Secret Treasure
On Location: Wakulla, Florida
Photo Scrapbook I

Wakulla Springs in Film
Beginning in 1938, several of the early Tarzan films including Tarzan's New York Adventure and
Tarzan's Secret Treasure starring Johnny Weissmuller were filmed on location in Wakulla Springs.
Other films such as Creature from the Black Lagoon, Night Moves, Airport '77 and Joe Panther
were also filmed on location at Wakulla Springs.

Johnny Weissmuller Tree

Silver Springs

Johnny Weissmuller ~ Jack Yaeger, Jr.

Tarzan, Jane and Boy

Johnny Sheffield, as "Boy" in Tarzan's Secret Treasure, being filmed with one of the chimps

Johnny Sheffield "Boy" on an elephant

Directing Bantu Warriors

Boy and Chimp

Boy and Elephant

Boy with Chimp and Elephant

Johnny "Boy" Sheffield

The Cast

Cheetah the Big Game Hunter

Cheetah the Tightrope Walker

The Crew on Raft

The Crew and Camera


Guiding Elephant to Raft

Elephant on Raft

Ernest Daffin - Stand-in for Johnny Sheffield

Camera Dolly

Camera Rolls

Safari Direction

Jungle Walk

State Archives and Library of Florida
Wakulla Springs in Wikipedia

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