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Volume 4995

Novelization by Arthur B. Reeve
Followed by summaries of the serial
From an original serial produced by Universal Pictures Corporation,
by special arrangement with Edgar Rice Burroughs
Author of Tarzan of the Apes, The Cave Girl, etc.
ERB Text, ERB Images and Tarzan® are ©Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.- All Rights Reserved.

Tarzan came up just in time to see the secretary run and leap over a bank to escape the tiger which was pursuing him, then to see the tiger make the same leap. He swung himself quickly down from the tree and hastened toward the spot where he knew the secretary had met his fate.

The body of the secretary was not there. Scattered about, however, were his torn clothes. Tarzan searched through them but he could find nothing of what he was looking for. Gradually he began to realize that his enemy, Black John, had the papers which he was seeking. As he got the thought he raised his head and uttered his jungle cry. Far and wide it echoed. As always Tantor was the first to hear and answer it. But the others heard it and responded too.

Tarzan did not wait for them to assemble. He cupped his hands and called in the jungle guttural , "Find this man -- find this Black John -- for Tarzan!"

Even the cat tribe snarled back its answer. At once the whole jungle was on the search.

Suddenly Bobby caught sight of what he, too, was looking for. "Tarzan!" he shouted. "Tarzan!"

Tarzan dropped down quickly beside him. "Tarzan," cried Bobby excitedly. "Black John came into the camp! He has Mary! Come quick to the camp -- pick up the trail!"

Aroused beyond measure Tarzan swung the boy upon his shoulder and was off like a flash. the lion and the leopard, the elephant and the tiger, all the denizens of the jungle were scouring the jungle fastness, now, as Tarzan encouraged them. A word from him seemed to redouble their zeal.

Hurry as he might Tarzan could not penetrate the jungle fastness with the speed of the big cats. They had quickly outdistanced him on his mission and as there were many of them they literally covered the jungle.

Black John watching Greystoke was striding with murder in hi s heart at the defenceless wounded man when suddenly he was arrested by a bloodcurdling snarl that sent a shiver down even his hardened spine. he knew that snarl only too well.

Greystoke, prepared to die, looked in amazement as the renegade fell back leaving him unharmed in the face of this greater personal danger to himself.

One look at the lurking danger in those yellow-green eyes and Black John was fleeing panic-stricken from the tent which was but a trap in such a predicament into the open which was worse.

There was another sound coming from the jungle and it was not of the animals. This was human. Greystoke rose hopefully but weakly on his elbow and called "Tarzan!"

Mary seemed to rouse from her swoon at the sound of the name. She looked around. There, sure enough, was Tarzan -- and Bobby! She called, stretched out her arms to him.

A moment and Tarzan had gathered the girl into his protecting embrace, while bobby tried excitedly to tell her how he had found Tarzan and help.

A long low wail as of a gigantic cat seemed to swell out from the jungle -- and a wild cry for help of a man. Tarzan did not need to picture to himself the drama that was enacting as Black John fled madly from the infuriated cat, now joined by others of his tribe. With a wild yell and an imprecation on his lips Black John sank down as the largest of the cats leaped. A moment later and the snarling tribe were disputing over what had once been the blackest heart in the darkest of the jungle.

Tarzan merely said, "Black John is dead!" It was just one of the commonplaces of his life. Mary covered her eyes and Tarzan picked her up gently carrying her over by Greystoke.

"You are wonderful!" Greystoke exclaimed for once showing quite un-English enthusiasm. "No further proof is needed that you are he whom I sought. Now let us get out as soon as we can. I feel -- better."

Mary nodded as Tarzan looked at her inquiringly. Ever resourceful he gave a signal to Tantor who advanced from the jungle now. A moment and Tarzan had disposed the wounded man on the back of the elephant and they were on their way. Greystoke was not at all comfortable as he caught sight now and then of the big cats.

Tarzan merely smiled. "Our friends still guard us," he reassured.

Bobby riding along with Greystoke was enjoying himself immensely. As for Greystoke was not so sure of it.

So they proceeded until they came in full sight of the lagoon in which Greystoke's yacht rode gracefully and proudly at anchor.

From Tantor's back Greystoke signaled. The signal was answered, and from the yacht at once put out a long boat with a mate and men.

The four watched it as it sped to the shore and finally ran its nose up the white beach. A moment and they advanced to Greystoke, saluting him.

Greystoke was a brick. He turned suddenly, grasped the arm of Tarzan and with a flourish shouted, "The heir of Greystoke!"

Astounded the seamen listened. Unsparing now in his adjectives who Tarzan was, of his prowess and how he had just, again, saved their lives.

Tarzan listened. He might not understand all but he understood enough. Once he looked back at a plaintive call from one of the cats. He walked over toward it, stopped walked back again.

In that brief moment, Tarzan's quick instinct had set him right.

"I cannot go," he said simply but firmly. "I will stay . . . with my friends . . . and the tribe that has made me their chief."

Mary was thinking rapidly. Hers was an understanding heart. Greystoke started to protest -- then stopped. He had seen enough to realize that it would be useless to argue with this remarkable man. Instead, he watched and listened.

Quickly with a smile Mary raised her face to Tarzan's. "If you stay," she said simply, "I will! We'll send Bobby back with Lord Greystoke for he is young, but for us --" She paused. There were unwritable volumes in that pause.

Tarzan overwhelmed with joy reached out his arm and drew her closely to him.

"Perhaps, " said Greystoke slowly as he spoke to Tarzan, "you have chosen wisely. Who can tell? But first come to the yacht. There the captain can make the girl yours, really yours."

Tarzan heard, but doubtfully. It was plainly written on his face that he thought Mary was his already. But he hesitated as he saw her face until Mary nodded to him that it was all right.

As the sun sank that night Tarzan stood with Mary upon the lookout hill one arm about her while with the other he waved at the Greystoke yacht bearing Greystoke and Bobby back to civilization. Smaller and smaller the boat faded in the gloaming until finally Tarzan turned and the other arm also encircled Mary. In both their hearts they knew they had exchanged civilization for happiness in the sight of the God of nature.



From Universal Weekly 1928

Chapter Fifteen: The Reckoning

After Black John succeeded in throwing Tarzan into the sea, Mary Trevor was in a desperate situation. The Earl of Greystoke suffered a complete lapse of memory and was putty in the hands of the unscrupulous villain. When they reached England they were enthusiastically greeted at Greystoke Castle. Black John was hailed as the future Earl by the unsuspecting retainers.

Plans for the wedding which Black John was forcing upon Mary were quickly arranged and the fateful day arrived. Little did Mary dream that Tarzan had been picked up by a fishing vessel and landed in a little village on the English coast. When the wedding ceremony was half over Tarzan, ragged and breathless, burst in upon them. The sudden shock of his appearance restored the clarity of Lord Greystoke's mind. He denounced Black John as an impostor and Tarzan claimed the willing Mary as his bride.


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