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Volume 4992

Novelization by Arthur B. Reeve
From an original serial produced by Universal Pictures Corporation,
by special arrangement with Edgar Rice Burroughs
Author of Tarzan of the Apes, The Cave Girl, etc.
ERB Text, ERB Images and Tarzan® are ©Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.- All Rights Reserved.

Mary shrieked and flung herself forward suddenly to save Tarzan from Black John's bullet. the gun exploded buT the distraction was just enough to spoil Black John's aim; the bullet was diverted and harmlessly whipped away wide into the jungle tangle.

"Look out, woman, or I'll get you, too!" swore Black John.

Tarzan watching John seized the opportunity and made a sudden grab for the gun. "In a rage Black John struggled with Tarzan to break his hold but in vain. Tarzan wrested the gun from his hand and with the other hurled Black John from him as with both hands he bent the gun into a horseshoe with a sudden twist and flung it away, flashing a scornful look at Black John.

Black John was fearful as he saw this evidence of Tarzan's strength. His eyes flashed about furtively and he grabbed up one of the camp chairs and hurled it at Tarzan. Mary uttered a quick cry of warning. Tarzan ducked and as the chair flew over his head made a dash for Black John. Black John knew he was no match nor was he even a match for Tarzan in ducking and dodging. Tarzan was on him like a flash, caught him, lifted him bodily over his head and was about to hurl him with his terrific strength to the ground when again Mary intervened.

"No, no, Tarzan, you must not! Remember -- Thou shalt not kill!"

Black John try to kill Tarzan." He stuck to it doggedly in the law of the jungle. "Black John must die."

"Please, Tarzan," pleaded Mary, "for my sake -- wait, --wait until we find Bobby."

Tarzan relented. He could deny Mary nothing. "What Mary asks Tarzan will give. Tarzan will wait."

Tarzan set Black John back on the ground, then looked about and saw that Mary had picked up a rope. It was her idea to bind Black John so that he could not escape. Black John watched furtively.

"He has the papers, Tarzan, that prove who you are," added Mary.

Tarzan searched him and brought out the papers and trinkets which he handed over to her. Then he completed binding Black John to a stake, and they hastened away to seek Bobby. Black John smiled.

Again Tarzan called upon his jungle detective force, cupping his hands and bellowing his jungle call. And again Tantor and all the host of jungle friends heard and answered.

"Never fear -- they will soon find Bobby," he reassured.

Tarzan knew what he was talking about. It was not long before one of the little monkeys who ran chattering through the trees heard issuing from the cave where Lord Greystoke and Bobby had been imprisoned by Black John the muffled cries of the boy as he tried to shout though the slit left open by the huge boulder Black John had rolled over the mouth of the cavern.

Mary was proceeding through the jungle with Tarzan calling little bobby when suddenly from the tree-tops scampered the little monkey chattering and gesticulating. Tarzan placed him on his shoulder and they struck out again into the jungle in another direction.

No sooner had they approached the cave than the monkey jumped down, ran ahead and perched on the rock that blocked it. Tarzan put his shoulder to the rock and exerted his herculean strength. The rock rolled away and with a cry Mary caught Bobby in her arms.

Greystoke came out blinking into the light as Bobby turned. This is Lord Greystoke, Tarzan's uncle," he cried.

Greystoke turned from the beautiful girl to the strange handsome jungle man and suddenly uttered an exclamation as his eyes rested on the hunting knife suspended form Tarzan's neck.

"Why, that the knife I gave my brother, the Earl of Greystoke--"

Tarzan did not take in the excitement of Mary and Greystoke, until Mary as best she could tired to explain it. Then he looked at Greystoke. "You-- my people-- my flesh -- my blood -- like Mary and Bobby?" he asked.

"I - don't know," returned Greystoke uncertainly. "You certainly look like my brother. You have his knife -- and yet --" He paused as he looked over the papers, and Mary told where they had been found an d how Black John got them and they got them back. As he put the story together he was convinced. "My search is ended," he said. "We can return to England now and my nephew shall take his rightful position as Lord Greystoke. But firs, before I return, I should like to visit the hut where my brother died.

"All right," answered Mary, "we will take you to it."

Meanwhile at Greystoke's camp his secretary and three of the blacks were returning from searching for Lord Greystoke. The secretary came to a sudden stop as he saw Black John tied to the stake. Gun in hand he advanced cautiously.

"What's all this?" he demanded.

Lies came readily to Black John's lips. "A dozen natives attacked us -- left me a prisoner and carried off Lord Greystoke and the boy."

A skeptical smile curled the secretary's lips. He spoke to the natives and at once they began a search of the camp.  "You tell an interesting story, my man," he said, "but I believe the boy told the truth and you are not the real Earl of Greystoke." Black John listened in dismay as the secretary went on. "Lord Greystoke evidently had reason to tie you up -- so you will have to remain as you are until he returns.

Black John's scheming mind was working fast as the secretary turned away toward the tent. Suddenly he called to him. The secretary heard, hesitated, then returned.

"Lord Greystoke will never return!" confessed Black John There was still a sneer of doubt on the lips of the secretary. Black John eyed him and said suggestively, "Now, if I were free, we could return to England -- no one would question my right to the Greystoke title and estates -- and you would get half!"

The secretary was actually startled by the boldness of the proposition, but when he got over the first shock he eyed Black John speculatively. He was considering the idea. Black John hastened to tell what he had done to Lord Greystoke and bobby and the secretary nodded as he realized that if Greystoke were dead in the panther's cave there was every chance to get away with the scheme.

"Tarzan and the girl have the papers and trinkets," went on Black John, "but there are other things at the hut that will be of use to prove I am Lord Greystoke."

The secretary was a heart a crook and a quick thinker, also. Quickly he pulled a knife and slashed Black John's bonds. Together the two set out, armed and accompanied by half a dozen of the blacks, Black John leading the way to the hut of Tarzan.

Black John had a wholesome respect for Tarzan in his absence. He made sure when they reached the hut that no one was in it or around it and then they entered and began searching for any other heirlooms that Tarzan might have treasured.

"Great heavens!" The secretary with an uneasy conscience e had been peering with one eye furtively out of the door, as they searched. He had caught just a glimpse of his master, Greystoke, with Tarzan, Bobby and Mary.

Black John's face was livid with rage He turned fiercely, menacing the secretary. "It's too late for you to back out now," he threatened. "You've got to help me! Come on!"

Greystoke and Bobby, Tarzan and Mary stood in the door of the hut. Black John had pulled the secretary around the far side of it and they were hiding. The blacks had also been warned to keep under cover. Greystoke was much affected by his emotions as he pictured to himself the last moments of his brother and Lady Greystoke in this hut.. Mary was also touched at his emotions.

"Don't move! Hands Up!"

From the dark recesses Black John stepped out quickly with his gun levelled. At the same moment the traitor secretary covered them from the other side. Suddenly from outside the door were thrust a half dozen murderous-looking spear heads as the natives came from their ambush at a signal from Black John.


From Universal Weekly 1928

Chapter Twelve: The Enemy of Tarzan

Black John grabs Mary, but she gains possession of the knife and threatens to kill herself if he harms Greystoke. She agrees to go with Black John if he will leave the man in peace. Black John agrees. At the scene of the secretary's fate Tarzan searches in vain for the stolen documents. Failing to find them, he concludes that Black John must have them and calls on his friends, the beasts, to locate his enemy. Bobby, sneaking from camp at Black John's entrance, finally finds Tarzan, who races back to save Mary.

Black John again gets Mary into his clutches when she stumbles and falls. Intent upon the destruction of Greystoke he starts back to the camp. Suddenly he hears Tarzan coming through the jungle. He picks up Mary and carries her off. He sees two renegades from the Lost Village and enlists their aid. Seeking to impress them he fires his gun and Tarzan who is searching for them is directed by the shot ot their hiding place. When he discovers them Tarzan makes a leap for Black John, but is overpowered and bound to a tree. Numa, the lion, who is Tarzan's enemy, is heard roaring in the forest and Black John thinking the beast will destroy him drags away the horrified Mary.


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