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Volume 4796
A Barsoomian Folktale Version 2:
The English version, the “original” Barsoomian version, and a “translated” English gloss.
Geary Gravel

Relished by commoner and jeddak alike, the Solo Paxis folktales are a much-loved staple of Barsoomian literature.  On a world where the traits of honor, bravery and selflessness are exalted as ideals to which all men must aspire, these popular stories chronicle a life lived in direct opposition to such virtues, through the exploits of a protagonist who is motivated primarily by connivance, cowardice and cupidity.

By tradition these folktales, which emphasize both the circularity of man’s existence and the futility of hope, begin and end with the same rhyming couplet, eleven syllables per line in the original Barsoomian.

Solo Paxis surveyed the dead sea bottom with a sigh. 
Ocher moss covered the ground for miles in all directions.
Solo Paxis otel calkorek panoom.
Hoomsaana sek sezolo haadeh mos doom.
Solo Paxis sighing examine+he dead+sea+bottom. 
Moss ocher in+all+directions miles covering ground.

Just that morning he had been traveling in the temporary capacity of cook and groom with a small band of panthans, when his party suddenly encountered a great caravan of green men making their way home from a distant incubator.  A hundred swords were drawn.  Amid the shouts and the clang of metal, Solo Paxis quietly borrowed a small thoat from his comrades and departed to seek his fortune in more civilized surroundings.
Apradi sankonan vadek ozom dakando eetu panthani.  Ke-tjao caroth reedja?  Rasen yen amah camel.  Junvarin tharabeh dakvado ethu thravkadi ez-dio yamess sreedaja-el pao.  Djorah tan susto syabeh.  Yorex ban yen vambah sustaiti Solo Paxis hanteenek gowin thoat eth-vet ke-thanzakaneh-el.  Komoom elsek ke-totho wark oomja?  Oom ark’ro.
Recently morning+this travel+he among group small panthan+of.  His-job temporary what?  Cooking and mounts caring-for.  Suddenly meet+they caravan large green+men+of to-home returning incubator-from distant.  Swords one hundred light reflect+they.  Same+time shouting and noises metal+of Solo Paxis borrow+he silently thoat large-not his-comrades-from.  Area leave+he in+order+for his-destiny pursuing where?  Place enlightened-more.

Though modest in stature, this thoat had proven to be even more ill-tempered than most of its kind.  It had not reacted well to Solo Paxis’ efforts to encourage it to swiftness by means of his heels in its flanks and the flat of his sword between its ears.  It soon threw him from its back and raced off squealing in the direction of the battle.
Kojalto gruk thoateh ron handabeh.  Thoat nan eetu idjadj.  Ba-kojalto hakron.  Ab Solo Paxis tark’ro dalt janek horja?  Ba-keloreh ke-rykandoreh kandsoj yen nidi ba-tamoreh ke-djoretha krankawi soj.  Iyab llan.  Zahadi thoat abek yamel ba-ryor tjarab soyen elstarkab reer zat thano. 
Temper bad thoats most have+they.  Thoat this small no+matter. Its-temper worse.  It Solo Paxis swifter urging attempt+he how?  Its-sides his-heels kicking and between its-ears his-longsword flat+of striking.  Not+it happy.  Soon thoat he off+of its-back hurl+it then flee+it squealing toward battle.

Unfortunately, the sack filled with food that he had appropriated along with the thoat had departed with it, leaving Solo Paxis in the middle of nowhere with little more than his harness and a sword.
Venurin dura seno usak hantek soyen thoatak elsab yorex. Solo Paxis vethandak pao-ello ke-jharulak yen ay djorak tokay.
Unfortunately bag food filled+with he+take then thoat+with depart+it same+time.  Solo Paxis abandoned far+from+anywhere his-harness+with and one sword+with only.

“One direction is as good as another when a man has neither mount nor nourishment,” Solo Paxis observed with a shrug.  He took a draft from his waterskin and started walking. 
Solo Paxis stram valek =So mad hand amatok ormatok soyen zat-pamu zat-dimu yoryor.= Olz musena merek soyen sar urtek.
Solo Paxis shrugging think+he “If man having mount+no nourishment+no then toward-there toward-here identical.”  Out+of waterskin drink+he then walking begin+he.

After half a day’s walk he felt a slight twinge of hunger.  After a day he was quite hungry, and after two long days he found himself desperate for anything edible.  He sat down to think on an outcropping of quartz.
Padan-helv sari prolk dwaro jasenowi eetu handek.  Padanay prolk jasenek yo.  Hel padaneh exeth prolk reeda sengan jadek povin.  Amez doomamo tinsaiti kwasek det val.
Day-half walking+of over stab hunger+of small have+he.  Day+one over he+ hunger much.  Two days long over thing edible need+he desperately.  Onto outcrop quartz+of sit+he in+order+for thinking.

“The lower beasts subsist for months on nothing more than moss,” reasoned Solo Paxis.  “Why, to a thoat or zitidar this ocher carpet would be a jeddak’s banquet!”  Kneeling, he proceeded to stuff clumps of the tough moss into his mouth.  Soon after he had finished eating, his stomach began to growl menacingly like a banth on the prowl.  He walked on, his hunger only slightly abated.
Solo Paxis salensek =Maiyeh kurt hoomsaana tokay senabeh teeaneh sanarn vyen erabeh korjharin.  Sarnama nan sek yor senetha jeddaki oth thoat oth zitidar.=  Solo Paxis sarinek soyen ke-kamomor ak hoomsaana yong yo usek.  Sen prolk zahadi ke-sendihnor djamb kazanin urtab yor banth sov.  Carek sar.
Solo Paxis reason+he “Animals basic moss only eat+they months several yet live+they healthily.  Carpet this ocher same feast jeddak+of for thoat for zitidar.”  Solo Paxis kneel+he then his-mouth with moss springy very fill+he.  Eating over soon his-stomach growling threateningly begin+it same banth hunting.  Continue+he walking.

“Meat and leather share the same origins,” reasoned Solo Paxis.  “In point of fact, leather is no more than fresh meat grown wise with experience.”  Starting a small fire with a handful of moss and the flint in his pocket pouch, he carefully roasted his right sandal until it was black on both sides.  Soon after he had devoured it, his belly began to swell alarmingly like a startled optang.
Solo Paxis salensek =Sejheena yen rula urtoweh yoryor hovabeh.  Sejheena vord taltavin ernoweh hantab var shoab.  Iyab rula ur.= Hoomsaana skranzi yen raosaita olz ke-tendura ferek det rao eetu la.  Ke-kandrula djordi rasenek rithin usk keloweh lohel par shoabeh.   Azzahadi ab lumek ke-jharnor ethotab anokin yor optang junvarak.
Solo Paxis reason+he “Meat and leather origins identical share+they.  Meat old in+truth experiences have+it wise become+it.  Not+it leather differing.”  Moss handful+of and flint out+of his-pocket+pouch use+he in+order+for fire small causing.  His-sandal right cook+he carefully until sides both dark became+they.  Soon after it devour+he his-middle swell+it frighteningly same optang surprised.

Solo Paxis reclined on a large flat rock in an effort to calm his raging belly. From the corner of his eye he saw a flash of purple deep in a crack in the rock’s surface. "Certainly those are the leaves of the mantalia plant,” he told himself.  “I can derive much nourishment from the milk of a single small sprout.”  He stretched his hand down into the opening, but could not reach far enough no matter how he strained.  Drawing his sword, he pried at the crevice, but the rock was unyielding.  In frustration, Solo Paxis hacked at the edge of the opening, soon breaking his sword in two and sending the more important half down into the crevice.  This action disturbed the darseen that had been asleep there.  The tiny reptile sprang from the crack, changed its color from purple to ocher, and raced away across the moss.  Narrowing his eyes, Solo Paxis muttered a few words to his First Ancestor.  He replaced what was left of his sword in its scabbard, rose to his feet and trudged on.
Amas saiao otz yen kranak Solo Paxis harkamek det ke-jharnor thurd zandak sho.  Niom klaxtomo saito amonimowi sussak resto hani phund camek ak ke-camor lokelawi.  Ez-ekni taimek =Matihna nun mantalia mahawi vararat.  Zahan mataiwi eetu ay idjadj ba-ilia olv ormo yo.=  Ke-dihnor garek oomja?  Kamomo adomz.  Janek yo vyen ab seetj veganek.  Olz djurtna djor wastek yen klaxtomo donkomek vyen saito som yokor.  Kamomo lokelowi Solo Paxis sojek djusakin.  Djor axtab hel-hovoweh.  Adomz klaxtomo djor-helv jadj-ro dalab.  Darseen eetyo clur soyen halab ideeak klaxtomo olz sakab.  Hana ba-resto dar-sho sek klooseen eetu hoomsaana keskel elstarkab.  Camoreh keelek yen teelah skranz ez-Barayn tantek.  Kandek.  Omz djurtna vehanda djori soyen Solo Paxis yamessek yen sar plokuwin carek. 
Upon rock large and flat Solo Paxis recline+he for his-middle storming calm becoming.  Through crevice rock surface+of flash color purple+of deep see+he with his-eye corner+of.  To-himself speak+he “Leaf that mantalia plant+of certain+I.  Child plant+of small one no+matter its-milk giving nourishment much.”  His-hand reach+he where?  Opening down+into.  Try+he much but it feeling cannot+he.  Out+of scabbard sword pull+he and crack pry+he but rock resisting too+much.  Opening side+of Solo Paxis strike in+frustration.  Sword broke+it two-pieces.  Down+into opening sword-half important+more fall+it.  Darseen small+much sleeping then wake+it bothered crevice out+of jump+it.  Purple its-color changing-into ocher reptile small moss across flee+it. Eyes narrow+he and words few to-First+Ancestor growl+he.  Stand+he.  Into scabbard remnant sword+of then Solo Paxis return+he and walking slowly continue+he. 

Weariness and hunger slowed his steps to a crawl.  Just when he felt he could walk no farther, he stumbled over a rise and came upon an ancient red man sitting alone in a wooden cart.  For a small man, he sported a very large head, Solo Paxis observed, and he was almost totally bald, with but a single tuft of grey hair rising up from his forehead like a wisp of smoke.  The wagon was filled with many strange devices, all connected to one another by wires and tubes.  These formed a tower that rose far above the old man, while more of the same littered the ground all around the cart.  Nearby stood a plump thoat, grazing placidly on moss.
Ke-saroweh ploku torpo sho detja?  Jacluro yen jaseno.  Carek sar vengith valek soyen saneeta keskel sartzek.  Junvarin glormek elokar vord yo tholena yal om kwas.  Mad nun eetam idjadj.  Ke-moror ethu Solo Paxis calek.  Moror scarn lovedi.  Amas amglor krofa oss saani  tokay okshab yor rafa eetu.  Tholena ab nalah usabeh.  Am vordan ke-moror lorabeh pao yen doom lokel tholena mosabeh.  Diomak thoat ethot hoomsaana senab norin. 
His-steps slow crawl becoming why?  Fatigue and hunger.  Continue+he walking impossible think+he then hill+small across stumble+he.  Suddenly confront+he red+man old very wagon wooden inside sitting.  Man this short no+matter.  His-head large Solo Paxis observe+he.  Head hairless almost+all.  Upon forehead tuft grey hair+of only emanate+it  same smoke small.  Wagon it machines fill+they.  Above old+man his-head tower+they far and ground around wagon cover+they.  Nearby thoat plump moss eat+it peacefully.

“Greetings!” cried the little man, lovingly caressing the lights and levers on the nearest machine.  “I am Varor Otz, the great scientist.”
Nala diom-ro ba-sustoweh yen urtarkoweh eetan kansyek thorin.  =Kaor!  Varor Otz at-mado. Madsoomvar ni ethu at.=
Machine nearest its-lights and levers little+man caress+he lovingly.  “Greetings!  Varor Otz my-name.  Scientist the great I.”

“Greetings!” replied Solo Paxis, resting his hand confidently on the remnant of broken sword hiding in its scabbard.  “I am Kwasor Kor, the celebrated panthan.
Ke-djor axtak om ba-djurtna cos ab ke-dihnor seeyek valarin.  Solo Paxis sorek =Kaor!  Kwasor Kor at-mado.  Panthan ni ob at.=
His-sword broken in its-scabbard hiding it his-hand touch+he confidently.  Solo Paxis answer+he “Greetings!  Kwasor Kor my-name mercenary the renowned I.”

He eyed the cart, which was leaning severely to one side.  “By what mischance did you come to be marooned out here?  Your vehicle appears to have lost its left rear wheel.”
Tholena ay kelowi kelkab yo.  Ab Solo Paxis calkorek.  Ajek =Dimu ud davengak horja?  Nuro gruk aja?  Ud-hasa ba-smeetor kadri-ryo vemak mon.=
Wagon one side+of lean+it much.  It Solo Paxis examine+he.  Ask+he “Here you marooned how?  Luck bad [query]?  Your-vehicle its-wheel left-rear lost seeming.”

“Not at all!” Varor Otz retorted.  “The devoted scientist makes use of his materials as a lover employs the parts of his body.  I have merely altered that object’s location and function in the service of an important experiment.”  He gestured to where the missing wheel now protruded midway up the tower of machinery.  “But what of your own unusual situation?  Your right foot appears to have lost its sandal.”
Varor Otz taiyamek =Rahak vet!  Madsoomvar danak ke-pnaroweh fer dohnek yor thoran ke-jhar ba-hovoweh ferek.  Reeda nun ba-oom yen jhoro darat detja?  Det jasalo jadj bal.=  Amo masiva nalahi helvioz zatek.  Smeetor vekshak tholenawi cara olsab.  Taimek = Ud-nitholo ivarak yeyen aja?  Ud-kandor djordi ba-kandrula vemak mon.=
Varor Otz retort+he “True not!  Scientist dedicated his-possessions using must+he same lover his-body its-parts use+he.  Item that its-location and function change+I why?  In+order+to experiment important aiding.”  Upon tower machines+of  halfway point+he.  Wheel vanished wagon+of now protrude+it.  Say+he “Your-situation strange also [query]?  Your-foot right its-sandal lost seeming.”

“Not at all!” Solo Paxis responded.  “The zealous warrior must command his body as a general leads his troops.  Noticing recently that my right foot had grown a trifle less tough than the left, I discarded its cushion and immediately embarked upon a routine of strict discipline designed to correct the imbalance.  When the slacker has redeemed himself, I have but to slay the nearest banth and fashion a new sandal from its hide.  But may I inquire as to what you are doing out here in a wagon that will not roll?”
Solo Paxis taiyamek yor. =Rahak vet!  Than rax ke-jhar ba-hovoweh bus dohnek yor odwar ke-thaneh busek.  Apradi at-kandor djordi yong yareeto shoab royarak kandor kadri camihmat.  Ba-daamo hantolzat.  Yohoro kalal stihm det vehelido wal urtat tarkim.  Azza velakan hadroek banth diomak gorat ba-maiseen ferat det kandrula phaven hor.  Vyen dimu ud om tholena yan veganab detja?  Ud ajat ishud?=
Solo Paxis retort+he same “True not!  Warrior zealous his-body its-parts commanding must+he same general his-troops commanding.  Recently my foot-right tough a+little+less become+it I+notice compared+to foot left.   Its-cushion remove+I.   Regimen disciplined and strict in+order+to imbalance correcting begin+I swiftly.  After slacker improve+he banth nearby kill+I its-hide use+I in+order+to sandal new making.  However, here you in wagon rolling cannot+it why?  You ask+I allow+you? 

“Indeed!”  The little man disembarked from the canted cart by means of a short rope ladder.  “You see before you the first man in half a million years wise enough to comprehend the science of the various planetary and solar rays.  I alone have the knowledge to construct a device for the extraction of the repulsive virtues once well-known to our ancestors.  For two hundred years have I labored at my craft, the last ten out here where I might obtain the solitude I require.”  Varor Otz cocked his head toward a cup-like metal shield that sat atop the tower of machinery and lowered his voice confidentially.  “Soon, when I have overcome a few minor obstacles, and my collector has finally accumulated enough of the Eighth Barsoomian Ray, then shall I fill the tanks of my cart and cause it to soar through the heavens like a gigantic wooden bird!”  The old man cackled with laughter.  “Is it not wonderful?”
Varor Otz taimek =Rahakin!=  Tholena kelk mad eetu olzessek.  Ado sandallek horja?  Kana dihsi eetam.  =Glormud madja?  Mad-ay var mohn azza iltak ordeh det thav soomvaro sarssahi soomi yen susst ur.  Apra po ferakoweh padalt ateh-baraneh ailvar kor.  Cara varo det tjora siv det abeh wast olz hand madja?  At tokay.  Heltan ordeh at-roko jhorat.  Apradi tee ordeh vadat ez-dimu detja?  Illo jadat.=  Kadara shrena-yor stait amas masiva nalawi zat-calek.  Taimek goin vorakin =Zahadi nathkadah eetu skran sojadat yen at-daktjor harkawin dakab Barsarssa ni Barsoomi yoz mohn at-tholena ba-opandajah usat.  Soyen keskel ma at-tholena atz yor malaphai yal sas zaha laat!=  Vordan kaiek yeeekakin.  =Jaak akvalud aja?=
Varor Otz say “Indeed!”  Wagon tilted man small exit+he.  Down climb+he how? Ladder rope+of short.  “Face+you who?  Man-first smart enough after five hundred thousand years in+order+to understanding science rays+of planetary and solar various.  Past about usefulness repelling our-ancestors wise strong.  Now knowledge in+order+to device building in+order+to they pulling out+of having who?  I only.  Two+hundred years my-profession work+I.  Recently ten years travel+I to-here why?  Solitude require+I.”  Shield cup+same metal atop tower machine+of toward-look+he.  Say+he quietly secretly “Soon obstacles small few overcome+I and my+collector finally accumulate+it Eighth+Ray Barsoom+of amount necessary my-wagon its-tanks fill+I.  Then across sky my-wagon soaring same bird wooden giant will cause+I”  Marvelous agree+you [query]?

Solo Paxis smiled politely.  As is the custom on Barsoom, he had been counseled by his mother almost from the egg to tell the truth without fail.  As he grew older, however, he had quickly learned that the insane and feeble-minded rarely appreciated being addressed as such. 
Solo Paxis karek mompin. Sabaro Barsoomi azzahadi atkek ab ke-hera vastem taltav carza.  Vyen ailvarek tarkim madeh pax yen madeh ak valor vekor abeh madud yor ptorabeh vehadi.
Solo Paxis smile+he politely.  Custom Barsoom+of soon+after hatch+he him his-mother counsel+she  speaking+truth always.  However learn+he swiftly persons insane and persons with mind weak they name+you same welcome+they rarely.

“I can see that your equipment is quite valuable,” declared Solo Paxis.  “For no more than my meals, a few gold coins and the use of your cart as my bed, I shall provide protection against the bold thieves and deadly monsters that roam these desolate sea bottoms by day and by night.” 
Solo Paxis kortaimek =Ud-tjoreh torak yo astokin.  Tjako-lo-salko keskel panoom dwelak heetaneh tos yen kruskah gor panabeh.  Sendaldah yen tanpaiyeh skran olvud yen tholena om clurat.  Oth nan tokay abeh kadarat.=
Solo Paxis declare+he “Your-equipment valuable much undoubtedly.  By+day+and+by+night across dead+sea+bottom empty thieves bold and monsters deadly roam+they.  Meals and gold+coins few give+you and wagon inside sleep+I.  For this alone they protect+I”

Varor Otz examined the newcomer with open skepticism.  “In fact you are the first creature of any sort that I have encountered in many months.  I need no protection beyond my sword and pistols and I have no funds to give, though I will share my food with you.  I myself sleep in the cart, but you are welcome to lie next to the thoat for warmth.”
Apradan Varor Otz calkorek astin veco.  =Ap teeaneh van mai-ay nan-yor-nun tharateh madja?  Udni.  At-djeeta yen paothreeta kadarabeh mohnin.  Iyat sila hand det olv.  Zahat at-seno ak ud hov.  Om tholena clurat vyen at-thoat diom harkamud oth seereeta ishat.= 
Newcomer Varor Otz examine+he skeptically unhidden.  “Since months many animal-first of+any+sort meet+we who?  Yourself.  My-shortsword and pistol protect+they sufficiently.  Not money having in+order+to giving.  Will my-food with you sharing.  In wagon sleep+I but my-thoat near recline+you for warmth permit+I.”

Solo Paxis pondered the old man’s words.  “I accept these minor modifications to my offer,” he said with a stiff bow.  “Doubtless my mere presence will provide ample disincentive to those savages who would molest you.”  At that moment his stomach produced a loud growl of dissatisfaction.  Solo Paxis coughed into his fist.  “I would put forth no protest were our first communal repast to commence at once as a seal to our agreement.”
Teelah vordani Solo Paxis moek.  Taimek ak jharino stihm =Po at-ho ud-daroweh eetu akvantat.  Astokin so dimu dihat soyen maiyoreh ud ideeabeh vet.=  Nuntal ke-sedihnor djambo tapam vetuthak horab.  Omz ke-modno Solo Paxis okkek.  =So teh-sendalda-ay hovak now urtab det teh-akvalo dicamo hor soyen reero carv hoat.= 
Words old+man+of Solo Paxis ponder+he.  Say he with bow stiff  “My-offer your-changes small accept+I.  Undoubtedly if here stay+I then beasts you bother+they not.”  At+that+moment his-stomach growl loud dissatisfied make+it.  Into his-fist Solo Paxis cough+he.  “If our-meal-first shared now begin+it in+order+to our agreement evidence making then protest none offer+I.

The old man shot a calculating glance at the swiftly setting sun.  “You are fortunate in that your arrival coincides with the time appointed for the evening meal,” he observed.  Solo Paxis seated himself on the moss and watched with interest as the little scientist lifted a heavy curtain that hung from the side of the wagon and drew forth one of several wooden casks.  Something glimmered bright as gold under the cart behind him.  Solo Paxis craned his neck to see it, whereupon Varor Otz raised a disapproving eyebrow and pulled the curtain down with a sharp tug.
Susstos ni dal tarkin pamu vordan caltarkek salens.  Taimek =Nurud detja?  Exo ud-presso exosen yor.=  Amas hoomsaana Solo Paxis kwasek yen calek gurin.  Tholena kelowi moso orl ten madsoomvar amo dramek yen dajyala otz olz hantek.  Sto tholena reeda sussak kal yor susharab abek rym.  Det reeda cam Solo Paxis ke-mormakor garek.  Camkadar phystal Varor Otz dramek soyen moso ado wastek ak dallo tark.
The Sun setting swiftly there old+man glance+he calculating.  Say+he “Lucky+you why?  Time your-arrival time+dinner  same.”  Onto moss Solo Paxis sit+he and watch+he eagerly.  Wagon side+of covering heavy hanging scientist amo lift+he and cask large out+of take+he.  Beneath wagon thing bright golden same shimmer+it he behind.  In+order+to thing seeing Solo Paxis his-neck extend+he.  Eyebrow critical Varor Otz lift+he then covering down pull+he with movement swift. 

The old scientist carried over two platters.   He handed one to Solo Paxis, who was licking his lips in anticipation, and opened the cask.  Taking a metal spoon from a clasp on his harness, he ladled a tiny whitish mound onto each platter.  He closed the cask, set his own platter down on top of it, and began to devour the mound in small, precise spoonfuls.  “Delicious as always!” he exclaimed.  Solo Paxis sat unmoving, eyeing his still largely empty platter without enthusiasm.  “Eat!” said Varor Otz magnanimously.  “Do not stand on ceremony, for we have but the one utensil.  Choose fingers or tongue to empty your plate—only the thoat and I will see!”  He gave his cackling laugh and resumed his fastidious dining.
Hel daldah madsoomvar durek.  Ay dalda olvek ez-Solo Paxis ke-lokamoreh abek glurshabek manin.  Soyen dajyala Varor Otz kamomek.  Dursta ke-jharula-el drasha sustait hantek.  Amas dalda nay saneeta cor-yor drashek. Dajyala mosek yen amas ab ke-dalda dihdalek.  Drasha ak yozeh eetu sen urtek rithin.  Paimek =Kangal yor carza!=  Solo Paxis vedall kwasek.  Ke-dalda dwelak vedi calek car teltokin.  Varor Otz taimek holvethin =Sen!  Sabaro veth ganud.  Ay sentjor tokay handateh.  Ud-dalda dwelud sivhoreh galor fer idjadj.  Thoat nan yen at lohel tokay cam!=  Kaiek physakin yen sen rithin yamessek.
Two platters scientist carry+he.  One platter give+he to-Solo Paxis he is-lips lick+he expectantly.  Then cask Varor Otz open+he.  Clasp his-harness-from spoon metal take+he.  Onto platter each mound whitish spoon+he.  Cask cover+he and onto it his-platter lower+he.  Spoon with amounts small eating begin+he precisely.  Exclaim+he “Tasty same always!”  Solo Paxis unmoving sat+he.  His-platter empty almost look+he continuing unemotionally.  Varor Otz said magnanimously “Eat!  Custom forgetting can+you!  One utensil only have+we.  Your-platter empty+you fingers tongue using no+matter.  Thoat this and I both only seeing!”  Laugh+he sharply and eating carefully resume+he.

Solo Paxis grunted.   “I was merely wondering whether this half-mouthful of mashed fruit constituted the whole of the banquet, or was but the first of many and larger courses.”
Solo Paxis hurmek.  Taimek =Solat detja?  Helv-taimor yoz nan laita orl horvab senetha saveh ju daldah usak van ro na-ay tokay anjunja?=
Solo Paxis grunt+he.  Said+he “Wonder+I why?  Half-mouth amount this fruit pulped equal+it feast+all perhaps or platters filled many more this-first only which?”

“One generous helping of usa twice each day,” replied the old man.  “We live well but frugally here, disdaining the unnecessary and the extravagant.  You will find no candied sorapus or roast rump of zitidar at the table of Varor Otz.”
Vordan sorek =Usa yoz ethu hel-ko padanay.  Dimu erateh melin vyen luin.  Reedah vejad yen ustjar handateh vet.  Vo drana Varor Otzi sorapus sompak yen kwasor zitidari krasenak carv derud.=
Old man answer+he, “Usa amount large two-time day+each.  Here live+we well but abstemiously.  Things unnecessary and wasteful have+we not.  At table Varor Otz+of sorapus sweetened and rump zitidar+of roasted none find+you.”

“Nor will I find a table,” muttered Solo Paxis, balancing the platter on his knees.  His mouth watered at the thought of cooked flesh and sweetened nutmeats.  He sighed, popped the slimy ball into his mouth and swallowed. The usa was sticky and tasteless.
Solo Paxis tantalek =Drana abni carv derat yeyen.=  Ke-taimor hushab detja?  Sejheena rasenak yen odoweh sensaiti sompak moek.  Otelek.  Omz ke-taimor yana hoolz tjarek.  Daltadek.  Usa llet yen gala carv handab.
Solo Paxis mutter+he, “Table itself none find+I also.”  His-mouth moisten-it why?  Meat cooked and centers nut+of sweetened ponder+he.  Sigh+he.  Into mouth sphere slimy hurl+he.  Swallow+he.  Usa sticky and flavor none have+it.

After dinner Varor Otz repaired to his cart.  There he made a series of adjustments to his instrument tower by means of an eight-foot spear that had hooks and pincers of various sizes attached to one end.  Solo Paxis sat massaging his swollen right foot, and staring thoughtfully at the curtain which concealed the underside of the wagon.  At length the old scientist announced that it was time for bed and set about preparing himself a great soft nest of sleeping silks and furs in the middle of the wagon.  He leaned over the edge of the cart, his pistol held loosely in one hand, and addressed his guest.  “Sleep soundly and without troubling dreams! And remember: this evening I have fed you well and threatened your wellbeing with neither poison nor longsword.  Kindly repay me by neither touching nor attempting to examine the various devices in, under or around my cart at any time.  As a tidbit of unrelated information, I might add that I myself am a light sleeper and prone to shooting wildly in all directions if suddenly awakened.”
Sendalda prolk ez-ke-tholena Varor Otz yamessek.  Ke-masiva nalahi dreetoweh kamek sanarn horja?  Tjoka bar-ad ak phykah yen nidihnah urak amas handab.  Solo Paxis kwasek ke-kandor djordi ethot kankorshek.  Tenmosa stori tholenawi co calkorek moin.  Zahamu madsoomvar vord exo cluris taimkorek.  Ditja maisaaneh yen daaneh clur ethu daan odo tholenawi sahozek.  Ez-Solo Paxis taimek am kelo tholenawi ak paothreeta dihn yastihmin.
=Clur tok rioweh corph oth ud tanat.  Ay valo nan yeyen ud olvat.  Dalkonan ud ormat melin.  Iyat ud kazan ak sitha ak djoretha.  At silolvud mompin horja?  At-tholena reedah om yen sto yen lokel seedud vehah yen calkor janud vet.  Cara talvareeto rola akakak vet hoat.  Iyat clur korin hordal.  Halat junvarin dallat horja?  Altjarat paxin sezolo.= 
Meal finished to-his-wagon Varor Otz return+he.  His-tower machines+of adjustments accomplish+he several how?  Spear eaight-feet with hooks and pincers various onto have+it.  Solo Paxis sit+he his-foot right swollen massage+he.  Curtain underside wagon+of hiding inspect+he thoughtfully.  Later scientist old time sleeping+of announce+he.  Nest furs and silks sleeping large soft center wagon+of prepare+he.  To-Solo Paxis say+he over side wagon+of with pistol holding loosely, “Sleeping without dreams haunting for you hope+I.  One thought this also you give+I.  This afternoon you nourish+I well.  Not+I you menace+I with poison with longsword.  I pay+you politely how?  My-wagon things within and beneath and around touch+you never and inspecting attempt+you not.  Now information+small additional connected not offer+I.  Not+I sleeping strongly tending.  Wake+I suddenly act+I how?  Shoot+I crazily in+all+directions.”

Solo Paxis dismissed the admonition with a sniff of disdain and turned to prepare his own sleeping quarters.  The old man had vouchsafed him a single ragged fur from his hoard.  This Solo Paxis was obliged to spread out on the springy moss next to the thoat, which had finally lowered its bulk onto the ground after several minutes of restless circling at the edge of the encampment.  He lay next to the snoring beast and gazed thoughtfully at the hanging curtain beneath the cart as the sun slipped below the horizon and darkness spread across the land. 
Vasto Solo Paxis patjamek horja?  Hivvek opaosin.  Spelek ke-hurva cluri sahoz.  Vordan el-ke-dako ay maisaan smisyak abek vordan olvadabek.  Maisaan nan amas hoomsaana yong diom thoat Solo Paxis didihn dohnek.  Thoat lokel xeeta lokela sarab dodallin xateh sanarn soyen amez doom ba-jhar otz dihdalab.  Diom mai clurros harkamek yen tenmosa ten sto tholena calek salensin.  Rym sloka Susstos ni dawalab yen vesta keskel doom kethorab.
Admonition Solo Paxis dismiss+he how?  Sniff+he scornfully.  Turn+he his-chamber sleep+of preparing.  Old+man from-his-collection one fur ragged he old+man vouchsafe+he. Fur this upon moss springy near thoat Solo Paxis putting must+he.  Thoat around camp edge walk+it restlessly minutes several then onto groundit-body large lower+it.  Near animal snoring recline+he and curtain hanging underneath wagon regard+he calculatingly.  Behind horizon the Sun sink+it and darkness across ground spread+it.

Soon weird shadows danced across the landscape as the two moons rose and began their hurtling journeys through the sky.  Flirtatious Thuria raced low above the hills while Cluros, her oblivious husband, plodded drowsily far above.
Zahadi hel soomeetah sanabeh beh-vadoweh sartjar niom ma urt.  Doom parah yeeer keskel sharabeh.  Sanah diomam Thuria camsam tarkem yorex paoam me-saban Cluros vecalvetai sarplokek clurhajin.
Soon two moons rose+they their-journeys hurtling through sky beginning.  Ground shadows weird across dance+they.  Hills near+above Thuria flirtatious race+she same+time far+above her-husband Cluros oblivious plod+he sleepily.

Contrary to their probable intention, the old man’s words had only served to fan the spark of curiosity that had been ignited in Solo Paxis’ brain.  Was it something of great value he had glimpsed, golden and glowing beneath the curtain?
Om Solo Paxis varori urxa solowi ro detja?  Teelah amor vordani.  Reeda kal suss rym tenmosa cameetek reedja?  Moek =Ab torak yo aja?=
Within Solo Paxis brain+of spark curiosity+of increasing why?  Words cautionary old+man+of.  Thing golden glowing behind curtain glimpse+he what?  Ponder+he “It valuable much [query]?”

Solo Paxis clamped his eyelids shut and turned to face the broad, glossy side of the sleeping thoat.  Surely it was wiser to follow his original plan to scoop a few handfuls of the tasteless fruit mash into his pocket pouch before making his departure on the thoat in as discreet a manner as possible in the middle of the night?  Not for the first time, prudence and curiosity warred in Solo Paxis’ brain.  The battle raged for some time before reaching its inevitable conclusion, for it was always curiosity that marshaled the fiercer legions.
Ke-camosoreh olmak moolek.  Ez-thoat clur ba-kelor keth aaa Solo Paxis glorm spelek.  Ke-avo urt reedja?  Ke-tendura laita orl galtok us soyen amas thoat elstarkek gowin yorex paral.  Rahakin nan dallo var ron aja?  Yor carzadi om moror Solo Paxisi varo ni yen solo ni dall yor hel uthanoweh than.  Yor carza uthano solowi ptang ro.
His eyelids shut squeeze-he.  To-thoat sleeping its-side broad shining Solo Paxis facing turn+he.  His-strategy original what?  His-pocket+pouch fruit pulped flavorless filling then upon thoat escape+he quietly same+time night.  Surely this action wise most [query]?  Same often inside head Solo Paxis+of wisdom and curiosity acting same two armies battling.  Same always army curiosity+of fierce more

Solo Paxis waited until the old scientist was snoring contentedly in his silks and furs.  Creeping to the side of the cart, he slowly pulled back the hanging.
Oth madsoomvar vord om maisaaneh yen daaneh clurros uthiakin Solo Paxis zavek.  Ez-tholena kelowi pnoxek.  Tenmosa kamomek plokuwin.
For scientist old in furs and silks snoring contentedly Solo Paxis wait+he.  To-wagon side+of  creep+he.  Curtain open+he slowly. 

Beneath the curtain, a weird honeycomb of narrow metal containers had been fastened to the underside of the wagon.  At their center hung a great glass sphere, connected by a tube running up the outside of the cart to the cupped metal shield at the top of the tower.  Solo Paxis’ eyes grew wide.  The orb was almost filled with a glowing, honey-colored substance that moved and swam like a mist of living sunshine.  He stared at it, mesmerized, and tried to recall what the old man had been babbling about.  Flying carts and collectors and planets and the Sun himself?  The golden mist was like nothing he had ever seen before.
Dajah keel ez-stori tholenawi akakak yor spurveeta yeeer.  Pamu beh-odo yana tin ethu ten ak brarta akak ez-oomja? Kadara rena-yor sustait amas masiva.  Solo Paxis ke-camoreh kethabeh.  Yanetha usak vedi ak anda suss resto kalletawi dallab dalp yor axtoosa stosowi er. Ab calkorek varstakin.  Thuv janek vordan talpaxek po reedja?  Tholenah mal yen daktjoreh yen soomah yen Susstos ekni?  Axtoosa kal mon-yor reeda camek apra vehah. 
Containers narrow to-underside wagon+of attached same honeycomb weird.  There their-center sphere crystal large hanging with tube connecting to-where?  Shield bowl-like metal atop tower.  Solo Paxis his-eyes widen+they.  Large-sphere filled almost with substance radiant color honey+of move+it encircling same mist sunlight+of living.
It examine+he with+fascination.  Remembering try+he old+man babble+he about what?  Wagons flying and accumulator+devices and planets and the Sun itself?  Mist golden resembling thing see+he past never.

The golden glow evoked fond memories of the delicious honey his mother had fed him when he was a youth.  Solo Paxis licked his lips.  Hadn’t there been tales of bees as big as carts in far-off lands, giant insects soaring through the air?  He believed he understood now why the old man had hidden himself away out here in the middle of a dead sea bottom.  Varor Otz was collecting honey—honey distilled from the Sun’s own nectar transported down to the surface of Barsoom by honeybees the size of thoats!  His mind reeled at the image.  Yet what other answer could there be?  No doubt the creatures mistook the strange metal cup atop the tower for a great silver flower!
Solo Paxis ke-lokamoreh glurshek.  Sussa kal thuvoweh prem durab.  Ke-zahan-exo kalleta kangal abek ke-hera ormem.  Aprao vertoweh po maleekah sas yor tholenah niom o mal tamek aja? Vordan co vo oom pao odo panoomi detja?  Thav lao cara thernek.  Varor Otz dak reedja?  Kalleta!  Kalleta horek fer Susstos ni somperawi ab maleekah ethu yor thoateh adoz amonino Barsoomi dur.  Nan camva ke-valor padeet laab.  Vyen soro urak vengith.  Astokin rena sustaiti ivarak amas masiva ab kruskah vawast.  Ab phai meltait ethu valabeh phaltin.
Solo Paxis his-lips lick+he.  Glow golden memories pleasant bring+it.  His-child-time honey delicious he his-mother feed+she.  Long-ago tales about bees gigantic same wagons through air flying hear+he [query]?  Old+man hiding at place far middle dead+sea+bottom+of why?  Honey!  Honey make+he using the Sun nectar+of it bees great same thoats down+to surface Barsoom+of bringing.  This picture his-mind spinning cause+it.  Yet answer different impossible.  Doubtless bowl metal+of odd atop tower it monsters luring.  It flower silver great think+they incorrectly.

Solo Paxis’ stomach crooned with longing.  The cold mouthful of usa, while adding to the variety of items in his tortured belly, had done little to calm its complaints and nothing at all to assuage his hunger.  The inviting golden mist swirled and swam.  If he could have just one taste!
Solo Paxis ke-sendihnor vigoab markorak.  Reedah sanarn om ke-jharmor kadjak abeh eeteeta usawi oll roab eetin.  Sendihnor ba-tantoweh zand yo vet.  Ke-jaseno uthi carvet.  Axtoosa kal vawast dalpab yen opanab.  So ay galo hand ganek so!
Solo Paxis his-stomach sing+softly+it yearning+with.  Things several in his-body wounded they morsel usa+of cold increase+it slightly.  Stomach its-complaints calming much not.  His-hunger satisfying not+at+all.  Mist golden attractive swirl+it and float+it.  If one taste having can+he if!

Kneeling, he reached out a trembling hand and carefully removed the tube from the side of the great sphere.  Quickly pressing his own lips to the opening in the orb, he drew a tiny quantity of the golden mist into his mouth.
Sarinek yen dihnor amb garek.  Olz yanetha ba-kelo brarta hantolzek rithin. Soyen pamu ke-lokamoreh didihnek tarkin. Omz ke-taimor axtoosa kal yoz eetu wastek.
Kneel+he and hand shaking extend+he.  Out+of sphere+large its-side tube remove+he carefully.  Then there his-lips placing swiftly.  Into his-mouth mist golden amount small draw+he.

The flavor was subtle and unlike anything he had ever tasted.  The inside of his mouth tingled as he took another small sip, and then a larger one.  Each swallow made him long for more.
Gala colgak yor seno urak gal vehah.  Mereetek yorex omamo ke-taimor ambeet laab.  Yoz otz-ro merek.  Daltado nay kamek soyen daltadoweh ro hajek.
Flavor subtle same food other tasting never.
Sip+he same+time lining his-mouth tingling cause+it.  Amount larger drink+he.  Swallow each accomplish+he then swallows more desire+he.

Solo Paxis consumed draft after draft of the marvelous Sun honey.  Finally sated, he got to his feet and stepped back from the cart, his eyes closed in dreamy satisfaction.  The sweet mist suffused his entire body with a tingling warmth.  He felt reinvigorated and free of life’s cares.  Even his feet felt refreshed, and he was no longer conscious of the annoying rasp of stiff moss against his bare right sole. 
Kalleta Susstosi Solo Paxis merek yozyeyoz.  Harkawin uthiak kandek yen sarek tholena-el ke-camoreh ikmom riyorin. Koro yam seetjek yoro donoweh carv ke-ero handab. Ke-kandoreh for-ro seetjabeh yeyen.  Ke-karandor djordi vemos kakko hoomsaanawi stihm seetjab carv.
Honey Sun+from Solo Paxis drink+he more+and+more.  Finally satisfied stand+he and walk+he wagon-from his-eyes closed dreamily.  Strength again experience+he as+if problems none his-life have+it.  His-feet lighter feel+they also.  His-sole right bare rasp moss+of stiff feel+it none.

He heard the thoat snort as if in its sleep, yet sounding strangely far away. Solo Paxis felt a twinge of alarm.  Could the beast have wandered off from the encampment?  He opened his eyes and gasped in utter disbelief.  He was standing on empty air, a good ten feet above the ground.
Thoat horkab yor clur vyen pao tamb tamek.  Ay dwareetu throns handek.  Mai xeeta-elel panab saveh?  Solo Paxis camoreh kamomek.  Ojarek vethernin.  Amas o dwelak kandek am doom paoja?  Ay ad.
Thoat snort+it same sleeping yet far sounding hear+he.  One stab+small alarming have+he.  Animal camp-away+from wander+it perhaps?  Solo Paxis eyes open+he.  Gasp+he disbelievingly.  Atop air empty stand+he above ground how+far?  One ad.

“Help!” he screamed in terror.  “Help me!”  He waved his arms and legs, which caused him to spin around in the air like a loose wagon wheel.  His left sandal shot off his foot and struck the side of the cart just as Varor Otz lifted his great head from his mound of silks and furs. 
Solo Paxis banek yonatakin =Bal!  At bal!=  Ke-duroreh yen saroreh masadek soyen niom o padeetek yor smeetor tholenawi yastihm.  Yamel ke-kandor kadri kandrula sartjarab.  Ez-kelo tholenawi sojab yorex Varor Otz ke-moror ethu am daanah yen maisaaneh sanahi dramek.
Solo Paxis scream+he fearfully, “Helping!  I helping!”  His-arms and his-legs wave+he then through air spin+he same wheel wagon+of loose.  Off+of his-foot left sandal hurtle+it.  To-side wagon+of hit+it same+time Varor Otz his-head great above silks and furs hill+of raise+he.

“Here, now!” Varor Otz blinked sleepily up at him.  “What are you doing swimming around up there?”  The old man snatched up his pistol and hurried down the rope ladder.  His face darkened with rage as he took in the open curtain and the now half-empty sphere beneath it. 
=Ajajaja=  Varor Otz carkek clurin amoz abek.  =Liud pamudimu pamu amo detja?= Ke-paothreeta vordan dihn ado dihskana tarkek. Niom tenmosa kamomak yanetha helv-dwelak cara camek.  Ke-glor vest thurdakin.
“What+what+what?”  Varor Otz blink+he sleepily up+to him.  “Swim+you back+and+forth there up why?”  His-pistol old+man grasping down ladder hurry+he.  Through curtain open sphere+great half-empty now see+he.  His-face darkening stormily.

“Thief!  Thief!  Come back!” he shouted as Solo Paxis continued to rotate helplessly above the camp.  “You have stolen the work of two hundred years!”  He cocked his head to one side and peered dumbfounded as Solo Paxis clawed frantically at his throat and rubbed his swollen belly.  “By my First Ancestor!” he cried in disbelief.  “You ingested it?”
Banek =Heetan!  Heetan!  Yamess! At-tjao heltan ordeh vant heetud!”  Am xeeta Solo Paxis carek pad baltokin. Varor Otz ke-moror ez-kelo inn calek reedja?  Solo Paxis ke-daltador rakek yen jharnor ethot sididek pannaxin. Madsoomvar paimek vethernin =At-Barayn madat! Ab sendud aja?=
Cry+he, “Thief!  Thief!  Returning!  My-work two+hundred years numbering steal+you!”  Above camp Solo Paxis continue+he rotating helplessly.  Varor Otz his-head to-side bending watch+he what?  Solo Paxis his-throat scratch+he and middle swollen rub+he frantically.  Scientist cry+he disbelievingly, “My-First+Ancestor name+I!  It eat+you [query]?”

“Dinner proved insufficient to my needs,” Solo Paxis called down with what dignity he could muster, “and I did not wish to intrude upon your slumber.”  He belched loudly.
Solo Paxis weno hand janek.  Adoz paimek =Nith sendalda vemohn det at uthi. Iyat ud-cluro idee marat.= Staimek tapamin.
Solo Paxis dignity having try+he.  Down+to call+he, “Happening dinner insufficient in+order+to I satisfying.  Not+I your-sleep bothering want+I.”  Belch+he loudly.

Varor Otz tugged at his single tuft of grey hair, deep in thought.  “It would seem impossible,” he mused.  “You have swallowed half my store of the concentrated Eighth Ray, yet still you jabber and exhibit other signs of life.  Your stomach must be lined with iron!”
Varor Otz ke-saan opro tokay krofa wastek moin.  Taimomek =Ergan mon vet.  Barsarssa ni mulkorak ud-didano helv-daltadud.  Vyen talpaxud car.  Dicamoweh erowi rola glorud car.  Ud-sendihnor osstaita omamo hand dohnab!=
Varor Otz his-hair grey only tuft pull+he thoughtfully.  Muse+he, “Possible seeming not.  Eighth+Ray the concentrated my-supply swallow+you. Yet rave+you still.  Signs life+of additional show+you still.  Your-stomach iron lining having must+it!” 

“On the contrary,” Solo Paxis replied. “It is in fact filled with quantities of moss and foot leather, as well as a barely perceptible amount of mashed fruit.”  He uttered a sudden strangled yelp as a small updraft bore him several inches higher into the moonlit darkness.  “Have you any plans to return me to my proper place on Barsoom before Thuria decapitates me in her passing?”
Solo Paxis sorek =Namenun!  Sendihnor dajab reedja?  Hoomsaana yoz yen rula kandori yoz yen laita orlak yoz yeetu.=  Abek oseeta dalt amoz ma arr-ro sustak susto soomeetis. Paimeeta junvar ikmadak tambek =Avo horud det at adoz amonimo Barsoomi dur apha Thuria at malem diom mordjapem aja?=
Solo Paxi replied, “On+the+contrary!  Stomach contain+it what?  Moss amount and leather foot+of amount and fruit pulped amount microscopic.”  He breeze pushing up+to sky high-er illuminated light moon+by.  Cry+small sudden strangled sound+he.  “Plan make+you in+order+to I down+to surface Barsoom+of bringing before Thuria I flying above decapitate+she?” 

The old man hefted his hooked spear with a grunt and clambered back into his cart.  After several attempts, he managed to snag Solo Paxis’ harness and draw him slowly down out of the sky.  Varor Otz descended the ladder with the other man trailing after him like a wounded bird.  Turning Solo Paxis around, he guided his hands to the railing that ran along the edge of the cart.  “Grasp tightly!” he commanded. 
Vordan hurm ke-tjoka phykak durek.  Tholena omz sandallek yam.  Azza janoweh sanarn soyen jharula Solo Paxisi phykek.  Ma-el ado abek wastek plokuwin.  Ado kana Varor Otz sandallek.  Solo Paxis woolek yor malaphai kadjak.   Solo Paxis abek Varor Otz spelek tholena glorm yen ke-dihnoreh Varor Otz morek ez-tholena ba-lokela dimdawi.  Busek =Dihn stihmin!=
Old+man grunting his-spear hooked grasp+he.  Wagon into climb+he again.  After attempts several then harness Solo Paxis+of hook+he.  Sky-from down he pull+he slowly.  Down ladder Varor Otz climb+he.  Solo Paxis follow+he same bird wounded.  Solo Paxis he Varor Otz turn+he wagon facing and his-hands lead+he to-wagon its-side railing+of.  Command+he, “Holding tightly!”

Standing close behind him, the old man grabbed Solo Paxis about the ribs and proceeded to squeeze with all his might.  When Solo Paxis opened his mouth to protest, a great golden cloud burst forth from his lips.  The sparkling mist rose before his eyes and dispersed into the night air.  At the same time, he felt the ground begin to press up against the soles of his feet once more.
Rym Solo Paxis diom kand Varor Otz abek lokel ke-stihmoreh dihnek yen moolek korin yo.  Solo Paxis ke-taimor kamomek det tant yorek axtoosa kal ethu olz altjar.  Myr ke-camor sanab yen losezab omz o vestak.  Yorex doom karandoreh dalt seetjek yam.
Behind Solo Paxis close standing Varor Otz he around his-ribs grasp+he and squeeze+he strongly much.  Solo Paxis his-mouth open+he in-order+to complaining same+time mist golden great out+of shooting.  In+front+of  his-eyes rise+it and disperse+it into air dark.

“I should decapitate you myself for threatening to destroy the labor of many years.”  The old man’s voice quaked with conflicting emotions.  “Yet as a consequence of your duplicity and greed I have learnt that packing a container with organic materials appears to greatly magnify the buoyant qualities of the Eighth Ray!”
Dao vordani amb ak teloweh rid thanu.  Taimek =Ud mordjap atni dohnat detja?  Ordeh van tjaowi vehorud vedi.  Vyen ay reedo phaven darf ud-nasto yen verzoweh at ailvarat.  Daja omamak andah erlak la reedja? Barsarssa ni ba-alto yo-ro!”
Voice old+man+of shaking with emotions opposite fighting.  Say+he, “You decapitating myself should+I why?  Years many labor+of destroy+you almost.  Yet one thing new because your-avarice and lies learn+I.  Container lined+with materials organic causing what?  Eighth-Ray the its-power much-more!

Solo Paxis paid no attention.  The world was spinning dizzily and his ribs and belly ached.  He lowered himself gently to the ground, alternately clutching his head and his sides while Varor Otz bustled excitedly about the camp.  Strange noises issued from the wagon as the old man gathered up various items and fed them into his many machines.  Eventually the night grew quiet again.
Iyek vordan Solo Paxis zatval.  Reedah lo padabeh lokel abek yorex ke-stihmoreh yen sendihnor kadjabeh.  Adoz doom ekni dihdalek donsin. Ke-moror dihnek yen keloreh dihnek namanin. Varor Otz sartarkek pamudimu xeetawi telin.  Vambah ivarak tholena-el okshabeh yorex vordan reedah urak dakek yen omz ke-nalah van amas tholena ormek.  Zahamu paral go yam sho.
Not+he to-old+man Solo Paxis attending.  Things all spin+they around him same+time his-ribs and belly hurt+they.  Down+to ground himself lower+he gently.  His-head hold+he and sides hold+he alternately.  Varor Otz run+he here+and+there camp+of excitedly.  Noises strange wagon-from emanate+they same+time old+man things various gather+he and into his machines many upon wagon feed-he.  Eventually night quiet again become.

Solo Paxis roused from his stupor when he heard a cackling cry of triumph and the creak of wood from somewhere close above him.  He peered up in astonishment to see the cart itself rising rapidly skyward from the moss.  The old man had gathered up the litter of machinery from the ground and now an even higher tower of metal and sparkling lights topped the conveyance.  Varor Otz appeared to be fashioning something out of the rope ladder and his sleeping silks and furs, using the hooked spear to attach them to various places as the cart began to drift slowly southward.
Solo Paxis ke-varpolo olzessek detja?  Oom-el am paima physak gahak yen yala yeeek tamek. Amoz calek junvarakin.  Tholena abni hoomsaana-el san camek.  Apra doom-el vordan hovoweh nalahi dakek.  Cara maisiva sustait aa otzam-ro.  Jerdo ak dihskana ak maisaaneh yen daanah clur Varor Otz horek mon.  Amez oomeh urak tholenawi abeh akakek horja? Tjoka phykak fer.  Zat wara tholena opan plokuin urtab.
Solo Paxis his-stupor emerge+from+he why?  Place-from above cry sharp triumphant and wood creaking hear+he.  Up+to look+he in+astonishment.  Wagon itself moss-from rising see+he.  Now tower metal shining tall-er.  Something with rope+ladder with furs and silks sleeping Varor Otz make+he seeming.  Onto places various wagon+of they attach+he how?  Spear hooked using.  Toward south wagon drifting slowly begin+it.

Solo Paxis leapt to his feet, but the cart was already above his outstretched arms.  “Wait! Wait!” he cried.  “You cannot abandon me here!  Is this how I am to be repaid for my recent contributions to science?” He glanced down as his foot brushed against a few scraps of leather in the moss.  “Aha!  Now who is the thief?  Having perverted my own research for your benefit, you have robbed me of my remaining sandal!”
Solo Paxis sakek kand. Paimek =Zav! Zav! At vethandud dimu veganud!  Ez-at oth soomvaro bal olvud nan at-hano aja?= Ado caltarkek detja?  Hoveetoweh rulawi amas hoomsaana ke-kandor seed.  =Thavat!  Cara heetan madja?  At-calomzo dihsud oth ud-hadolvo.  Cara at-kandrula tokay vehand heetud!=
Solo Paxis jump+he erect.  Cry+he, “Wait!  Wait!  I abandon+you here cannot+you!  To-I for science helping give-you this my-reward [query]?”  Down glance+he why?  Pieces leather+of on moss his-foot touching.  “Understand+I!  Now thief who?  My-research twist+you for your-benefit.  Now my-sandal only remaining steal+you!”

Varor Otz cupped a wrinkled hand by his mouth.  “You must agree that the motivation behind your experimentation was less than altruistic,” he called down.  “At any rate, you may have the thoat.  Her name is Sunbeam, and she responds well to the hand of a gentle master.”
Kelkel ke-taimor Varor Otz ke-krankor klaxteet innek.  Adoz paimek =Jasal detja? Iyud- zato soom ni bal. Akvalud rahak aja?  Idjadj. Ez-ud thoat olvat.  Sussarssa me-mado.  So ez-em dallud donsin soyen ez-ud cafem melin.
Beside his-mouth Varor Otz his-palm wrinkled bend+he.  Down+to cry+he, “Experimenting why?  Not+your-goal world the helping.  You+agree correct [query]?  No+matter.  To-you thoat give+I.  Sunbeam her-name.  If to-her act+you gently then to-you serve+she well.

Solo Paxis turned a thoughtful eye on the animal, which had continued to snore peacefully through the night’s excitement.  “This indeed begins to even the score for the loss of my excellent left sandal,” he called up.  “But what shall I live on while you speed home to fame and fortune?  Surely such rare circumstances justify a final division of your best victuals!”
Mai nun clurros carem idjadj telo parali.  Abem Solo Paxis calek moin.  Amoz paimek =Oth at-kandrula tor vemak nunnan urtud.  Vyen ez-dio tarkud oth obo yen silotzo yorex senat reedja?  Rahakin nitholo nan ud-sena melron hovud harkawin kanjab!”
Animal that snoring continue+she no+matter excitement night+of.  She Solo Paxis look+at+he thoughtfully.  Up+to call+he, “For my-sandal cherished lost substituting begin+you.  But to-home speed+you for fame and wealth same+time eat+I what?  Surely situation this your-food best share+you finally demand+it!”

“Your demands are endless!” Varor Otz complained, his voice growing fainter as the light-spangled cart continued to drift away.  He paused in his labors and bent down into the wagon.  “Here, then.  Feast like a prince!”
Varor Otz tantek =Ud-kanjoweh hark vehah!=  Ke-dao go-ro sho yorex tholena susteh mosak elel opan carab. Exeeta ke-jhoro harkek soyen adomz tholena innek.  =Soyen nan.  Ethsen udni yor jedjo!=
Varor Otz growl+he, “Your-demands ending never!”  His-voice quiet-more becoming same+time wagon lights covered+with away+from drifting continue+it.  For+a+moment his-labor stop+he then down+into wagon bend+he.  “Then this.  Feasting yourself same prince!”

Something rolled off the edge of the cart and hurtled down through the darkness.  Striking an outcropping of rock not far from the sleeping thoat, the wooden cask exploded in a white fountain of mashed fruit.  With a squeal of terror, the animal sprang to her feet and took off in a mad dash after the floating cart.
Jerda yamel lokelo tholenawi yanab. Adoz niom vesto sartjarab.  Doomamo saiti diom thoat clur sojab.  Dajyala altmal yen laita cor orl hohr.  Thoat sakem kand reer yonatak.  Tholena opan thoat woolem sartark paxin.
Something off+from edge wagon+of roll+it.  Down+to through darkness hurtle+it.  Outcrop rock+of near thoat sleeping strike+it.  Cask exploding and fruit white mashed erupting.  Thoat jump+she erect squealing terror+with.  Wagon drifting thoat follow+she running madly.

Solo Paxis pursued her halfheartedly for a few paces.  He bent over to catch his breath by the shattered cask, his feet sliding in sticky mush.  High above, the old man had succeeded in spreading a makeshift sail.  A strong breeze caught the patchwork of silks and furs and the wagon floated away like a flashing ember toward the southeast, Varor Otz waving his hands above his head in a final salute to Solo Paxis.  Soon he and Sunbeam had dwindled to a pair of tiny specks converging on the far horizon, and then they were both gone, lost in the sunrise. 
Thoat Solo Paxis warkek vekorin sofadeh ahel vant.  Diom dajyala axtak innek ado det eroso der.  Amas shorla llet ke-kandoreh harsabeh.  Vordan amarr ke-tjeedra elselm kethor kamek harkawin.  Hovoweh maisaani yen daani ak o kor usabeh.  Tholena elel opanab zat warptara yor seesa gath.  Am ke-moror Varor Otz dihnoreh masadek det ryndo harkai.  Zahadi vordan yen Sussarssa lohel yarabeh yor keekah eetu sho sloka pao tharabeh.  Soyen lohel vekshabeh vemak oomja? Omz sussan.
Thoat Solo Paxis weakly feet few numbering.  Near cask broken bend+he down in+order+to breath finding.  Upon gruel sticky his-feet slide+they.  Old+man high+above his-sail makeshift spreading accomplish+he finally.  Pieces fur+of and silk+of with air strong fill+they.  Wagon away+from float+it toward southeast same ember glittering.  Above his-head Varor Otz hands wave+he for salute final.  Soon old+man and Sunbeam both shrink+they same speck tiny becoming horizon far meet+they.  Then both vanish+they lost where?  Into sunrise.

Solo Paxis surveyed the dead sea bottom with a sigh. 
Ocher moss covered the ground for miles in all directions.
Solo Paxis otel calkorek panoom.
Hoomsaana sek sezolo haadeh mos doom.
Solo Paxis sighing examine+he dead+sea+bottom. 
Moss ocher in+all+directions miles covering ground.

Notes on the untranslated words:
1. panthan: traveling mercenary fighter (literally wandering + fighting)
2. thoat: Barsoomian steed and beast of burden (lit. carry + I)
3. zitidar: mastodonian draft animal with a penchant for  stampeding (lit. charging + unchanging)
4. jeddak: ruler of a nation, king of kings (lit. kings + with)
5. banth: fearsome Barsoomian predator (lit. roaring)
6. optang: small animal known for inflating its body when startled (lit. air + fierce)
7. mantalia: “sustenance tree” (lit. sustenance + milk)
8. darseen: small color-changing reptile (lit. changing + skin)
9. usa: tasteless, highly nutritious fruit staple (lit. filling)
10. sorapus: “answered prayer”—hardwood tree producing tasty nuts (lit. answering + to pray)
Proper Names:
Solo Paxis translates literally to Maddened by Curiosity.
Varor Otz means Large Brain.
Kwasor Kor is most accurately rendered in English as Mighty Rump.


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