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Denny shares anecdotes from his long career in show business
PAGE I: ERBzine 4551
1. Tarzan X-Rated?
 2. I Love Lucy Too
 3. Do You Know Where I Slept Last Week?
PAGE II: ERBzine 4552
1. Left Holding The Nag
2. The Night The Knight Won't Forget
3. Ghost Riders In The Sky
PAGE III: ERBzine 4553
1. Fire and Ice
2. Good Luck!
3. Friends and Letters
PAGE IV: ERBzine 4554
We Still Call Him Coach
Tussle in the Tree House & River Chatter with Joanna Barnes
Name Game
PAGE V: ERBzine 4555
Thank You, Edgar Rice Burroughs
Love What You Do
Staying Alive
PAGE VI: ERBzine 4556
Tarzan Screen Test
What To Wear?
Springtime in Wild Alaska
PAGE VII: ERBzine 4557
Poitier and Belafonte
Give Me Chicken
Love Those Fans
PAGE VIII: ERBzine 4558
Tall Tales
Tarzan vs. Tarzan
From Chimp to Shrimp
PAGE IX: ERBzine 4559
Impractical Joker
A Tribute to "George Not Of The Jungle"
Tarzan x 6
PAGE X: ERBzine 4588
The Olympics and Rafer Johnson 
Say Goodnight, Jay et al
Coach Wooden, The Wizard of Westwood
Send Denny Your "First Time" Anecdotes
PAGE XI: ERBzine 4589
1. Superman ("S" is for Silly)
2. An 80-Year Adventure
3. Toreador-Agent-Friend
PAGE XII: ERBzine 4590
1. It's A Jungle Out There
2. March Madness
3. Impractical Joker
PAGE XIII: ERBzine 4591
1. I'm A Tenderfoot
2. Gator Aid
3. Mac the Nice
PAGE XIV: ERBzine 4584
1. Two Special Artists
2. Acting with the Lord
 3. Lights Out
PAGE XV: ERBzine 4585
1. Surf's Down
2. Bette-Not-So-Nice
3. Two Kings and a Queen
PAGE XVI: ERBzine 5016
2. What's His Name 
3. Legs
PAGE XVII: ERBzine 5017

Denny and Nancy
Denny and Nancy

"Denny Miller Flashbacks" was an ongoing feature in ERBzine
in which Denny shared a different anecdote each week on this page.


Denny Miller was born in Bloomington, Indiana, where his father, Ben Miller, was a physical education instructor at Indiana University. He and his brother, Kent, began playing basketball almost from the day they were born. It was at University High School in Los Angeles where Denny and Kent came to the attention of coach John Wooden. They were given full-ride scholarships to UCLA. In his senior year, Denny was discovered on Sunset Boulevard by a talent agent, who signed him with MGM. His first role was a bit part in Some Came Running (1958), starring Dean Martin. 

He then became the first blond Tarzan in Tarzan, the Ape Man (1959).  MGM had him under contract for 20 months; in that time he worked eight weeks as "Tarzan". After that he did guest spots on a string of TV series, finally becoming a regular on "Wagon Train" (1957) as Duke Shannon (his name was then Scott Miller). In 1964 he appeared in two episodes of "Gilligan's Island" and in  the following two years he starred with Juliet Prowse in "Mona McCluskey"

In the decades to follow he was signed for countless appearances in movies, television and commercials (he was the "Gorton Fisherman" for years). He has worked with scores of other well-known actors. He is especially fond of thinking back to his role with Peter Sellers in the hilarious film, The Party. A partial filmography of Denny's roles is featured at IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base). He has also written books on his years in show business, as well as books on health and fitness ~ an amazing career and person. For more on Denny see our other ERBzine features (below) and visit his Denny Miller Website.

Collages by Bill Hillman

Photoshop by Ted McKosky  |  Portraits by Uwe Reber
- a much loved and loyal friend of the ERB/Tarzan family of fans -
has passed away.
Our sincere condolences go out to Nancy at this very difficult time.
Bill and Sue-On 
A message from Nancy Miller:

I want to thank you for the lovely tribute you posted about Denny. I thank all of you for your kind emails and posts. I will begin to respond to each of you soon.

Denny was diagnosed with ALS in January. He chose to deal with this horrible disease like he had lived his life - privately, with grace and dignity.

So little is really known about ALS and there is no cure. The recent Bucket Challenge has been amazing; raising a huge amount of money for research and public awareness. The Challenge is another example of the impressive social conciseness of so many!

Denny was a student athlete, TARZAN, Duke Shannon, Wild Bill Kelso, The Trusted Fisherman, and so much more. He was a gentleman and a gentle man! However we choose to remember him, he will live on in our hearts.

~ Nancy
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