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DUM-DUM 2013 ~ August 8-11 ~ Louisville, KY

One of the numerous last leather items tooled by
Bob Hibbard as a donation to the 2013 Louisville Dum-Dum auction.
This is in an 8.5x11" frame. The thark is thoat hide; the red background is zitidar.
The ERBzine feature on Bob Hibbard's skills as a leather crafter:
More about the Louisville 2013 Dum-Dum
Schedule ~ Events ~ Registration Form

Burroughs Family at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con

Great Granddad would be proud.
Llana Jane Burroughs (Cave Girl)(R) at Comic Con with sister Dejah.

Our Tribute Site for the girls' late father
Danton Burroughs

A popular event at this year's 
Comic Con was an ERB Panel.
See our previous ERBzine feature
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Incorporated 
Comic Con International 
San Diego, California 
July 17-21, 2013

ERB's Step-Son Lee Chase
Celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway. 
ERB fan Bill Wagner recently met up with Lee Chase (step son of Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs) at the Hilton Garden Inn in Seacucus, after the completion of Lee's cross country trip following the route of the Lincoln Highway in a group that included many vintage cars (though some did not make it the whole way!). 
Lincoln Highway Sites of Interest
Lincoln Highway, 100 years old, an ode to a simpler America
Diner on Lincoln Highway restored
Rollin' Down That Lincoln Highway

Lee Chase and Bill Wagner

Lee Chase appears in many of our ERBzine features
Lee Chase Presentation at the 2013 Tarzana Dum-Dum

click for full-size collage
Florence Gilbert
Burroughs Bio
Florence Gilbert
Burroughs Filmography
Lee Chase
Remembers ERB I
Lee Chase
Remembers ERB II
Caryl Lee
Burroughs Tribute
Caryl Lee 
& ERB Letters I
Caryl Lee 
& ERB Letters II
Eddie Gilbert
ERB Collection

Westercon 66 ~ Sacramento, CA
The Burroughs Bibliophiles were represented at this year's Westercon 66, which was held during the 4th of July weekend at the Hilton Hotel in Sacramento, California.  Author, historian, library technician Tom Tolley had secured a booth in the Con's dealers' room, and set aside a portion of the table for a Northern California Mangani information distribution center. 

David Lemmo helped in attending to the booth and distributing information on the Burroughs Bibliophiles, ERB Inc., ERBzine, the Northern California Mangani, David's Museum, and a new book coming out from Angel City Press by David, with the participation of Thomas Yeates.  David kept the information flowing from the fan area near the dealers' room, also, making sure his flyers were doing their jobs.  All in all, it was a great Con, and we made lots of interesting contacts.  David even got recruited for a "The Prisoner" panel (Patrick McGoohan's televisionary masterpiece) and during it, battled with Rover. 

Celebrating the Grandfather of American Science Fiction: Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Centre: Well-known book dealer, Bud Plant, adding to his collection.
Robin Maxwell has written a novel from Jane's point of view: JANE: THE WOMAN WHO LOVED TARZAN
The cards to the right are souvenir left-overs from the Sacramento Central Library
Tarzan Centennial Celebration the Northern California Mangani held last August.
Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. has a series of new online comics, which are promoted through card-ads on display.
See many more photos of the event at David's Facebook site:

From Brian Bohnett
Civil War Repast
October 12, 9:00-noon
St. Mary’s Dining Hall (Bldg. 15) ~ 3535 Indian Trail ~ Orchard Lake, Michigan

Visit the old stomping grounds of Tarzan author, Edgar Rice Burroughs!
Included are presentations by local historians,
a large display of Michigan Military Academy material,
and walking tours of the campus.
Further details to come…

See Edgar Rice Burroughs' Gridiron Memories at MMA
Brian Bohnett's
Coming Soon
The complete bibliography of 
the works by Charles King.
Compiled by Brian Bohnett

Meanwhile, discover some of 
the influences King had on ERB at:

First Lady of the Tarzan Films
has been available for a year. 
There are still a few copies left 
from the first printing.
See previous Eclecticas for ordering info
or contact Brian Bohnett:
Disney's TARZAN in Germany
Dear Bill,
We’re very happy that TARZAN comes to the Stage Apollo Theatre in Stuttgart and we are looking forward to the big opening night in November. Please find attached two press releases, for the announcement and the new principals.
Pictures and key visuals to download are here:
All the best
Sabine Röll ~ PR Manager Stage Apollo Theater ~ Stage Apollo Theater
Presse ~ Plieninger Straße 102 ~ 70567 Stuttgart
Stage Entertainment Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH
Kehrwieder 6 ~ 20457 Hamburg


The Disney Musical TARZAN introduces the leading actors
The most lavish musical ever shown in Stuttgart with spectacular aerobatics
The Disney Musical TARZAN premieres in Stuttgart on 21 November 2013.
Stage Entertainment is putting on the most lavish musical ever shown in Stuttgart,
with production costs of almost 20 million euros.

The role of “Tarzan” will be played in Stuttgart by Gian Marco Schiaretti. The leading role in TARZAN is one of the most demanding roles in musical theatre today and is the first engagement for the 29-year old Italian in Germany: “TARZAN is the most spectacular musical of our time! I still can’t quite believe that I’m in it! I have a lot of respect for the role, as I know it will demand everything from me,” declares Schiaretti.

The role of “Jane” will be played in Stuttgart by Merle Hoch. Born in Hannover, she can hardly believe her luck: “This role has always been my dream! It is a great acting, singing and emotional challenge, which I’m really looking forward to. We will transform Stuttgart into a jungle!”

“With TARZAN, we are bringing an extraordinary theatre production to Stuttgart. I’m delighted with our outstanding actors and I’m convinced that the residents of Stuttgart will be thrilled with the breath-taking aerobatics high above the heads of spectators, the fantastic costumes and the rousing music – TARZAN is an all-encompassing work of art,” observes Mock-O’Hara.

The music for the Disney musical was composed by Phil Collins. The pop genius also wrote the songs for the Disney film of the same name, with great success: Collins’ song entitled “You’ll be in my heart” won a Grammy® and an Oscar®.

The aerial elements of the show were conceived by Aerial Designer and “De la Guarda” founder Pichón Baldinu, who has produced unparalleled 360° aerial movements at a great height. Baldinu also recently developed the aerial choreography for the Broadway success “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark” with music by Bono and The Edge.

The Stuttgart premiere of TARZAN will take place on 21 November 2013 at the Stage Apollo Theater. Tickets are available from all the usual ticket offices, from the website and by telephone on 01805 – 44 44*.

About The Walt Disney Company in Germany:
The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) is a leading diversified international family entertainment and media enterprise with five business segments: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media group.
TWDC has been active in Germany for 58 years; it began in 1951 with the publication of the first issue of the Mickey Mouse Magazine by publisher Egmont Ehapa in Stuttgart. Today the Munich-based company employs approximately 300 staff in Germany and encompasses many different segments which allow Disney to reach the market in a number of ways. Disney distributes feature films and US TV series and animation to German, Swiss and Austrian TV broadcasters and digital media platforms. The company has shareholdings in a number of broadcasters, including a 50 per cent share in SuperRTL. Disney is also represented in the market through a number of musicals, and since its launch eight years ago ‘The Lion King’ attracts approximately 800,000 visitors to Hamburg annually

About Disney Theatrical Group
DISNEY THEATRICAL GROUP (DTG) operates under the direction of Thomas Schumacher and is among the world’s most successful commercial theatre enterprises, bringing live entertainment events to a global annual audience of more than 19 million people in more than 50 countries.  Under the Disney Theatrical Productions banner, the group produces and licenses Broadway musicals around the world, including Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Elton John & Tim Rice’s Aida, TARZAN®, Mary Poppins, a co-production with Cameron Mackintosh, and The Little Mermaid. Their two new shows opened on Broadway this season, receiving 7 Tony® Awards between them: the breakout new American musical Newsies, now playing at the Nederlander Theatre, and Peter and the Starcatcher, which moved to off-Broadway’s New World Stages. Other successful stage musical ventures have included King David in concert, the national tour of On The Record, several touring versions of Disney’s High School Musical, Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame in Berlin, and the new musical Aladdin opens in Toronto, November 2013.

Disney Theatrical Group also delivers live shows globally through its license to Feld Entertainment, producer of Disney on Ice and Disney Live!  For over 30 years, Disney on Ice and Disney Live! have brought beloved Disney stories and characters annually to over 12 million guests in nearly 50 countries worldwide through productions such as Toy Story 3, Dare to Dream, Treasure Trove, Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show and Phineas and Ferb: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!  In addition, DTG licenses musical titles for local school.

See the ERBzine Full Coverage of Previous Tarzan Premieres:
Broadway 2006
Tarzan: The Musical

Just Released at Ken Jones':

Episode 25, "The Real TARZAN of Africa, with DeWet Du Toit"
DeWet Du Toit, as TARZAN
Our brand new episode, #25, of the Jungle Deep podcast explores the world of TARZAN through the eyes of an African actor dedicated to bringing the character to life. Today we meet the amazing DeWet Du Toit.  He is the one  I call,  the Real African Tarzan!  That's because he does live in Africa, and much of the time he lives as Tarzan lived - in the jungles, climbing trees, diving off waterfalls, and cavorting with elephants and pythons. This Tarzan is complete with gorgeous muscles, a stylish loincloth, and a love for wildlife. This guy is the Real Deal.  Its taken me months to arrange, but we will finally get to talk to this modern-day Tarzan. DeWet is an actor determined to play Tarzan in the next Live Action film. He is also a film-maker and excellent at internet marketing, too.  He is a man, who, against all odds and occasional ridicule, is following a dream. Right now, we are connected to DeWet in Africa, and we are going to explore his dream, his life,  and get to know, today's TARZAN!

I am an award-winning environmental educator, founder and Managing Director of the Tropical Rainforest Museum,  Wildlife Advocate, and the producer and host for the Jungle Deep show. Jungle Deep is a non-profit environmental education effort.  It offers diverse information to students, the wildlife conservation community, and the general public. Jungle Deep is "The podcast that Explores the Tropical Lifestyle". Our core message informs about tropical rainforest conservation, biodiversity preservation, and the contribution of deforestation to climate change. It serves as the voice of the conservation community.

Our guests include biologists, zoologists, climatologist, filmmakers, environmental educators, authors, nonprofit conservation leaders, and many more people who share their experiences of the jungle. People who care to help preserve the tropical rain forests and people who dare to celebrate their feeling of a deep connection to nature.  For fun and variety, I include guests on the show who can speak about (what I call) the American Jungle Culture.  You  might say that Jungle Deep is the place where zoologists and climatologists hang out with Tarzan, listening to Tiki music. I think you can say that Jungle Deep is innovative. Jungle Deep seeks to popularize tropical rain forest conservation.  Our past topics and our line-up of the upcoming 15 or so amazing guests can be seen at our website.

You can check out all the episodes here:

contact me:
Ken Jones, New Media Producer
1-Hour Interview 

Hillman Podcast

The Hillman / Lone Ranger Connection
Excerpt from the Hillman Gig Notes from 50-Year Music Bio
Hi-Yo Silver ~ The Lone Ranger Is In The Studio
Around the time we were doing CKX-TV noon shows in the early '60s we never really knew who might show up in the studio for interviews. One day we had just finished our live show and in walked The Lone Ranger!

He was sponsored by a local car company and was making personal appearances. Holding to the tradition that The Lone Ranger is never seen without his mask or disguise he made a grand entrance, sans horse Silver, but in full costume, with mask, hat and guns.

At that time two actors were making a career of commercials and personal appearances as The Lone Ranger. The most famous was Clayton Moore, who played western hero on the '50s TV series and two movies. The other was Brace Beemer who had starred in the earlier radio series. I don't know if it was Moore or Beemer, but he certainly had the voice and charisma as he sat close to a mic behind a desk for an on-air interview.

So here is where my memory is a bit fuzzy - Moore or Beemer - after all he was a masked man and he stayed in character. I had been a longtime fan of the LR radio and TV shows, comics, books, movies, etc. so I was a bit shell-shocked at the time.Who was that masked man?

A funny Lone Ranger story on Letterman:
RADIO SHOW: Finger of Death:
Bill and Sue-On Hillman

We saw the new LONE RANGER. . . great fun.
Buster Keaton rides again!
Lone Ranger scriptwriter Ted Elliott was featured on an ERB script writers at the 2002 Tarzana ECOF.

Photo L-R: Marv Wolfman, Ted Elliott, Chuck Pogue
In the late '80s Walt Disney Pictures bought the film rights for ERB's "A Princess of Mars," with a view to creating a competitor to Star Wars and Conan the Barbarian. Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio were hired to write the script in 1990: "The Chronicles of John Carter." John McTiernan and Tom Cruise were approached to direct and star. The project collapsed because McTiernan realized that visual effects were not yet advanced enough to recreate Burroughs' vision of Barsoom. Elliott and Rossio went on to write a string blockbusters including the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy.

Another ERB connection in the Lone Ranger film is a reference to a Sears, Roebuck watch.
ERB worked for Sears in 1907.
The movie ref is wrong as Sears was not formed until many years after the movie events.
See the ERB/Sears Connection in ERBzine

Thoughts on Star Trek
Into The Darkness
By Steve Allsup
Got to see Into the Darkness last night and it was excellent! If you love Burrroughs' type comic book entertainment, this is a living relic of the 1960's Gold Key comic books-- one part Magnus, one part Marsh John Carter, and one part Dan Spiegle Space Family Robinson.  (Of course, Star Trek itself WAS, literally,  a Gold Key comic book, complete with photo covers, and I had the first issue as a ten year old boy that golden summer so long ago.) Seeing this was really a Star Trek comic book experience--- unlimited special effects budget, retro uniforms including the correct gold, blue and red; the Enterprise looked more or less like a funny book version of the vintage Enterprise; and Kirk looked like an artist was trying to draw him like Shatner but not quite getting there... ha!

Long live the 1960s, still going strong in its sixth decade....So this is the alternate summer sci-fi for those of us who are Gold Key fans rather than DC. Just a few comments but avoiding the spoilers, of which there are any juicy number for those who see it.

1. We get to see a LOT of future Earth (and some city-- San Fran?)  in this one, which is rare in the franchise, for whatever reason. Related to that was a comment I heard about this recently though I don't recall who pointed it out, but Star Trek is one of the few current science fiction epics that actually attempts to predict a positive, optimistic (relatively speaking) picture of our future, a few hundred years from now. In fact, we get to see a lot of cool stuff at last in this one that we've never really seen before.

2. The space suits are WAY better than the originals!

3. Loved the cameo by Nimoy as the original Spock. Wish they could figure out how to fit Shatner in too (as I am sure he does!)

4. Chris Pine as Our Good Captain has won me over. I shed a few tears to anoint him. He did his best, all that can be asked, as did the rest of them. He is so youthful looking, with his big blue eyes, that he strongly reminded me at times of Hamill's Luke Skywalker, except that Pine is taller than either Hamill or Shatner by several inches. Slightly annoyed that he was played as a libertine sex addict though. But then, Kirk doesn't get much time for action in deep space, after all.

  Now, a comment on the continuity of this sequel to the original canon here, which relates to time travel. We still have the original Nimoy Spock inhabiting this rebooted reality (he was a major player in the first film 3 years ago). I loved the previous film also, but it was kind of complicated. Here is my impression, for what it's worth. The bad guy in the previous Star Trek film, as well as the original Spock, were brought into the past thru some kind of worm hole, a  black hole, something like that (I forget now exactly). The arrival of the bad guy just about the time of Captain Kirk's birth injected a powerful ripple into the time stream creating a new alternate timeline.

 In other words, I take it that up to that moment, the time line was undisturbed-- the same original universe as the vintage Shatner series. But at that point in time, the presence of the time travelers altered the time stream into this whole rebooted reality. So everything in this universe is exactly the same as in the previous universe, up to the time of Kirk's birth. After that, ripples from the time travelers effect it pretty substantially.  It is complicated, but heck, what a clever way to have their cake and eat it too. We can relive again all the epic adventures but this time in a new and different way.

Non-stop action from start to finish-- with this old series firing on all cylinders better than ever, who needs new franchises?? Beautiful evening!

Publication Date: December 24, 2013
Amazon Ref
This second volume of a 4-book series collecting the entire run of the Tarzan newspaper strip by Russ Manning presents five complete daily storylines and five complete Sundays adventures. In the dailies from October 29, 1969 through March 31, 1971, Tarzan meets the Stone Pharaoh while his son, Korak, encounters the Gryf Worshippers. In the Sundays from May 18, 1969 through January 17, 1971, Tarzan embarks on a safari to Opar and we learn the backstory on how he met his wife and life partner Jane. The more than 600 daily and Sunday strips are reproduced from the Edgar Rice Burroughs file copies. Optional: In 1967 Manning was selected by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate to take over the strip and bring it back to the original Burroughs vision. With assists by Bill Stout, Mike Royer, and Dave Stevens, Manning created a modern classic.

Tarzan documentary review from 008 Magazine.

Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. presents
Another New Comic Strip Launch
When money is no problem, people go on a South Seas voyage. But the sea can be full of the unexpected. And if you're unlucky enough to be swept overboard during a storm, your future is in others' hands. This is what happened to Waldo Emerson Smith-Jones, a blue-blooded mama's-boy whose bookish education did not prepare him to cope with the jungle island that was to become his new home.

Waldo is terrified when he encounters primitive, violent, men-ape-like throwbacks from mankind's evolutionary history. He runs from them but reaches a dead end! He turns and successfully makes a stand - astonishing himself as well as the brutes. He then meets a beautiful girl, Nadara, also on the run from them. In an uncharacteristic gesture, Waldo saves her from the grasp of an ape-man and they make their escape. Waldo is shocked that she believes him a hero, mistaking his frightened screams for war cries. She calls him Thandar, meaning the brave one.

Nadara teaches Waldo her language, how to swim, how to fish, and basic woodcraft. Waldo begins to realize how little he really knows about survival. Nadara warns him that as a newcomer to the tribe he must fight the strongest men, who have killed many. When they reach her home village, he is horrified to see that despite her appearance, her tribe seems to be cavemen from the paleolithic era, not much better than the brutes he fought earlier. In order to avoid death at the hands of the tribal bullies, he vanishes.

For six months, Waldo makes weapons and trains himself for battle. He finds himself growing healthier due to the constant physical demands of primitive living. And, Waldo realizes he has a growing love for Nadara. Even when a ship arrives he declines to leave. Waldo searches for Nadara again but she and her tribe are gone - but where? What new adventures will he encounter as he searches for her? And if Waldo finds her, will his noble bloodline meld with her primitive upbringing?

Join the excitement. Start reading now at !
For just $1.99 per month you will have access to all these fabulous new weekly comic strips by terrific writers and artists:

TARZAN  OF THE APES (TM) by Roy Thomas and Tom Grindberg
CARSON OF VENUS (TM) by Martin Powell, Thomas Floyd, and Diana Leto
THE ETERNAL SAVAGE (TM) by Martin Powell and Steven E. Gordon
THE WAR CHIEF(TM) by Martin Powell and Nik Poliwko
THE CAVE GIRL (TM) by Martin Powell and Diana Leto (A Bi-Weekly)

Best Regards,
The Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Team
James J. Sullos, Jr. | President | Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
PO Box 570277 | Tarzana CA 91357 | 818.344.0181

Martin Powell, a professional writer since 1986, has written hundreds of stories in numerous genres for such Disney, Marvel, DC, and Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics and others. Nominated for the prestigious Eisner Award for his work with Sherlock Holmes, he has written for some of the most popular characters in the industry, including Superman, Batman, Popeye the Sailor, Tarzan of the Apes. He is currently the author of the online weekly comic strips Carson of Venus and The Eternal Savage for Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. Martin has authored many children’s books, and is co-creator of the acclaimed Halloween Legion, with illustrator Diana Leto. Martin’s The Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan won the coveted Moonbeam Children’s Book Award for Best Graphic Novel of 2010.

Diana Leto has been a professional artist and graphic designer for over a decade. Her illustration has illuminated projects at institutions including The Jim Henson Legacy, Sesame Street and Sequential Pulp/Dark Horse Comics. She is co-creator and illustrator of the Halloween Legion, a critically acclaimed all-ages mystery/adventure series featuring "The Worlds' Weirdest Heroes." Presenting contemporary design at Adobe MAX, addressing teachers and children about being a woman in the arts at KIDS' COMIC CON and helping refresh beloved characters for a cultural institution, Diana's artwork stands at the intersection of education and inspiration.

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