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Natalie Kingston (May 19, 1905 - February 2, 1991) 
Kingston was born as Natalia Ringstrom in Sonoma County, California, and raised in San Francisco. As a child, she learned to dance traditional Spanish dances. She began law school but left to take a course in dancing and her first professional career was as a dancer..

Starting her career as an actress on Broadway, she moved into films in the early 1920s. Her first movie appearance was in The Daredevil (1923). She joined the Mack Sennett studios in 1924, and co-starred with Harry Langdon in a series of comedy films including Remember When? (1925) and Her First Flame (1927).  She signed with Paramount Pictures in 1926 and made three comedies in quick succession. All three were comedies: Miss Brewster's Millions (1926), The Cat's Pajamas (1926) and Wet Paint (1926). Kingston's first dramatic role was in Street Angel (1928) followed with the Tom Mix movie, Painted Post and The Night of Love (1927) with Ronald Colman. 

She then appeared in two Tarzan films. She was Mary Trevor in Tarzan the Mighty (1928) and the fifth actress to play Jane in Tarzan the Tiger (1929). The Tarzan serial, which co-starred Frank Merrill, was produced by Universal Pictures. Natalie Kingston died in West Hills, California, aged 85, in 1991.


Laurence Dunn Collection

Laurence Dunn CollectionLaurence Dunn Collection

Laurence Dunn Collection
..View Natalie's swim scene in Chapter 8 of the Tarzan the Tiger Serial

Colourized by Chris Adams

Tarzan’s (Frank Merrill) love interest in “Tarzan the Mighty” (1928) was not Jane, but a castaway named Mary Trevor, stranded on the African coast with her little brother Bobby (Bobby Nelson). Perhaps this was due to the fact that Jane does not appear in the source material, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ sixth apeman novel, “Jungle Tales of Tarzan.” At any rate, author Burroughs was not happy to have Tarzan’s love life complicated onscreen in this manner.

Mary was portrayed by actress Natalie Kingston, a beautiful brunette and trained dancer from an old California family. She earned the distinction being the first woman to play two different female leads in the Tarzan series when she was cast as Jane in the 1929 sequel, “Tarzan the Tiger.”

Born Natalie Ringstrom in Vallejo, California, on May 19, 1905, she was educated at the San Rafael Convent, and trained in music and dance from an early age. After running away from school, she resumed her education in San Francisco, where she was dancing in a revue when she was hired by the brother-sister dance team Fanchon and Marco to tour the West Coast.

She then appeared at the Winter Garden in Broadway; after returning to Los Angeles, she was dancing onstage with Fanchon and Marco when Mack Sennett’s director Richard Jones began casting her as a bathing beauty in comic shorts in 1923. After a few months, she moved to Paramount to appear in feature films. In 1927, she was named a Baby Wampas Star, an honor reserved for up-and-coming Hollywood starlets. 

~ Scott Tracy Griffin

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