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ERB's Creativity Boom
First Major Successes in Writing and Film
ERB Bio Timeline
Scientific Predictions:
First big success was Mars Science Fiction Under the Moons of Mars - drawing upon his own brilliant imagination and the science of the day:
ERB Predictions and Images of Future Innovations and Inventions Compiled by Bill Hillman

DAchille Cover Art
His Mars, Tarzan, Pellucidar,and Venus series set the mold and blazed a trail for future SF/Adventure stories.
Follow-up success: Tarzan of the Apes drew from existing research on Africa integrated with latest theories on feral children, evolution, genetics, finger printing, as well as his own very enlightened views on women, minorities, environment/ecology, and free thinking.

Motoring Adventures:
One of the very early Cross-Country Auto Trips to California using the latest vehicles, tent, gramophone, cameras, etc.
Ed's Republic Truck with Joan, Hulbert, Judson Branch and Louis J. Ziebs ~ July 2, 1916
Film Innovation
ERB moved to California to learn the film technology and business, resulting in the first million grossing film: Tarzan of the Apes with Elmo Lincoln

Al Bohl's Documentary on the Making of this film is revealing a tremendous number of behind the scenes stories.

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