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The National Capital Panthans welcome you to the 2011 Annual Dum-Dum in Pocatello, Idaho. As you all already know, Edgar Rice Burroughs spent time as a ranch hand on his brothers' ranch, the Bar Y, located at the confluence of the Raft and Snake Rivers, about 30 miles west of American Falls, Idaho. Seven years later Ed returned to Cassia County to work on the Bar Y, then went to Pocatello where he operated a book and stationery store, then returned to the ranch to help with the spring roundup. Burroughs came to Idaho a third time after his marriage to Emma. In 1903 Ed and Emma lived for a short time in Stanley and in Parma where he briefly served as a town councilman. Ed and Emma's time in Idaho ended when they moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Ed found employment as a railroad policeman.

The early Idaho years served Ed well in later life. He drew liberally on his experience and the colorful personalities he was introduced to in Idaho to populate his western novels with interesting characters and accurate details of ranch life.

To celebrate Ed's time in Idaho, the National Capital Panthans proudly welcome you to the 2011 Pocatello Dum-Dum. The germ of this idea began as the brain-child of John Martin over 20 years ago. John contributed a travelogue to ERBapa detailing his vacation stops at various locations across the state of Idaho that are pertinent to the Burroughs mystique. His closing paragraph sail Pocatello would be a great place to hold a Dum-Dum.

The idea resurfaced in 2004 at Fort Collins when a Pocatello Dum-Dum was proposed to the Board of Directors by Joan Bledig who had heard of John's apa contribution. It was not favorably received until several years later when Joan was asked to revisit the idea. She and John Tyner II were appointed to form a committee to investigate the feasibility of a Pocatello Dum-Dum.

Well, here we are! And we have lots of great "Idaho" things to wow you with!

John and I would like to thank Laraine Hatch of the Paris in downtown old Pocatello for her graciousness this past May when we were here to scout out locations of interest to Burroughs fans. Be sure to take the Pocatello Downtown Historic Walking Tour (see the brochure in your convention kit) and stop in her resale shop, say hello, and perhaps, even purchase something. Laraine is responsible for "Pokey," our convention mascot. Pokey was a gift to John from Laraine, who painted him. Check out her art gallery in the basement of her shop. And, stop by the registration table to have your picture taken with Pokey! We plan on putting together a photo album of Pokey and friends at Dum-Dum which will be available as a PDF file. We will be happy to e-mail a copy of the file to any and all who would like one. Contact if you would like one sent to you.  After the convention, of course!

We also dedicate this convention to John Martin, who is unable to attend due to a long-standing commitment to his church youth group. John, we wish you were here as this is really your Dum-Dum!

John Tyner and Joan Bledig present Kathleen Hedberg
with a special edition of The Mucker.

Joan Bledig "J the V"
John Tyner "Quaestor"
All members of the National Capital Panthans
and Pokey.

 Kathleen Hedberg ~ Guest Speaker
Ms. Hedberg spoke about Cassia County and Burroughs at the banquet.

Author Kathleen Hedberg grew up in Cassia County, graduated from Burley High School, and has lived in Burley for the past twenty-five years. She has a PhD in  history from Brigham Young University and an MS from Indiana University. She has co-authored a high school world history textbook, and has taught college courses in local history.

Kathleen was sixteen year old when she first became interested in finding more about her Swedish grandparents. Later she began her extensive Swedish research after visiting relatives in Sweden. She has been actively  involved in this pursuit for over thirty years, primarily in the Varmland, Orebro, and Dalarna areas  She completed her dissertation by researching court and tax records for the 1600s in Karskoga parish and creating family linkages for this time period. This enabled her to extend many of her family lines nearly one hundred years earlier than the beginning of birth records. She is interested in using court and tax records to help other people extend their ancestral lineages, particularly for those who have ancestors in the Orebro-Barmland area.

Ms. Hedberg is the author of Cassia County, Idaho: The Foundation Years. The history of Cassia County is the history of the real West -- of "cowboys and Indians" and gun fights and even Edgar Rice Burroughs -- but also it is the history of the cooperation needed to build an economy based on irrigation. Focusing on how Cassia County came to be what it is today. Kathleen Hedberg details 120 years of Cassia County's history from the days of covered wagons through the digging of deep wells of the mid-twentieth century. She brings professionalism as well as an insider's view to her historical writing. Another of her books, A Flood Cannot Happen Here, won the Idaho Library Association award for 1993 for the best book on Idaho.

Charlie Walker ~ Convention Logo Artist

Interest in drawing began at a very early age for me. Fascinated by the wildlife that roamed our farm and woodland, I began by doing drawings of birds and other woodland animals at the knee and encouragement of my grandmother. I inherited my artistic talents by birth, I suppose, as both of my parents' families were artistically inclined.

My love of all things Edgar Rice Burroughs was also a family affair. At nine years old my first Burroughs novel was my grandfather's old G&D edition of Tarzan and the Ant Men, found while prowling the attic. I was completely fascinated by that J. Allen St. John illo for the book. This first find wasn't my introduction to Mr. Burroughs' creations, however.

My father began buying me the Gold Key Tarzans around 1965 and I suddenly found a new inspiration for my drawings. The Russ Manning pages leapt out at me and his work to this day is still some of my favourite as a fan. The GK comics, Tarzan movie Saturdays on our local TV station, and the Ron Ely series had me in mid-sixties adventure heaven. Kudzu makes a great vine for swinging through the jungles of your backyard.

The fantasy/comic artists who have inspired me are many and I continually see new art that fires my imagination -- Manning, Frank Frazetta, Jeffrey Jones, Al Capp, Steve Ditko, St. John, Alex Toth, Richard Corben, Barry Winsor Smith, Michael Kaluta -- all had strong influences upon my work and ideas. I have really enjoyed seeing Frank Cho's and Thomas Yeate's take on Burroughs characters over the recent years.

Trained some in advertising arts early on and from school the Art Nouveau period opened my eyes to the world of art outside of comics. With its use of nature for design Art Nouveau fit into what I liked to illustrate as a child and adult. Gustav Klimt is a favourite. Artwork from early days of magazine illustration (1900-1930s) also played a role in my learning and what I like personally from the standpoint of being an admirer. I find commercial illustration as appealing as any "fine" art. Give me Rountree, Paus, Flagg, Leyendecker, Gibson, St. John, Petty, Baumhofer.

I would love to do The Gods of Mars as an illustrated story one day. It is one of my favourite novels by ERB. The Moon Maid  and Back to the Stone Age have always been favourites, along with the Venus series.

Thanks to John Tyner for advice and inspiration, and the National Capital Panthans for having given me an outlet for my ERB-inspired work.

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