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An Anniversary Tribute to a Spectacular Stage Musical
entering its 4th year in an amazingly successful run.
This month marks the 3rd Anniversary of the
Tarzan Musical run at Hamburg's Neue Flora Theatre.
As this popular long-running musical enters its 4th year
we present a commemorative feature.

Phil Collins Attends Tarzan Musical 3rd Anniversary
Broadway World ~ October 24, 2011: The Hamburg production of Tarzan recently celebrated its third anniversary on stage in Germany. In attendance for the festivities were Phil Collins, and of course stars of the show Elisabth Huebert and Alexander Klaws. 

Tarzan features the songs from Disney's film as well as many new songs written specifically for the Broadway production, written by singer/songwriter Phil Collins.


Neue Flora Theatre ~ October 2008

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TARZAN - the most spectacular musical of our time

So you have never experienced Musical! Spectacular aerial acrobatics over the heads of the audience up close, the rousing music of Phil Collins and make a moving love story TARZAN ® to a breathtaking experience.

Let yourself be enchanted, when the entire theater transformed into a fascinating jungle world, blurring the boundaries between audience and stage.
Dim light, the powerful rhythm of jungle drums, the chirping of jungle birds and the gentle sounds of the sea, interrupted by distant animal sounds make the illusion perfect.

With TARZAN ® is the creative team of Disney, which is already the world's THE LION KING Disney's success has created new standards in the local musical landscape. This presentation approaches the audience in a way, as he has so far not well experienced. Here the air to the stage and the audience is right in the middle.

World star Phil Collins has written not only a wonderful music he has written with heart and soul of this musical. Each sound is the perfect acoustic translation of what is happening on stage. This applies to sensitive ballads like the rousing dance numbers and the pounding jungle drums. Merge at TARZAN ® music and images to create a harmonious work of art of the highest quality.

In the unique jungle experience the audience a touching love story of Tarzan and Jane on a new way ever told with emotion. Tarzan of the orphan boy who grew up among gorillas, faces one day for the first time its own kind. Here he meets the very pretty Jane. Viewers experience the beginning of a great love of two hearts in two worlds that are suddenly placed before the decision of her life.


Alexander Klaws ~ Tarzan
"Born for the stage.". This statement applies to almost no one better than on Alexander Klaws. Growing up in the Westphalian city of Münster Sendenhorst, he gained over ten years of first stage and TV experience in the then-popular mini playback show. The famous boards that mean the world since then pull like a red thread through Alexander's life. Suddenly it became known Klaws 2003, when he first season of Pop Idol Germany won. It was followed by a total of four albums and several gold and platinum awards for his musical work. But he wanted to rest on our laurels is not. He studied singing, dancing and acting at the prestigious Joop van den Ende Academy and was trained as a musical performer. During this training, the learned Alexander Klaws Musical Actress Sabrina Weckerlin, with whom he 2005 the song "All (I Ever Want)", the English version of the theme song from the musical 3 Musketeers, sang.

His stage debut was in 2006 in the musical version of Roman Polanski's The Fearless Vampire Killers in Berlin. By the spring of 2008 he played there successfully, directed by Roman Polanski, the role of Alfred. Alexander extended his acting skills on TV. Since August 2008 he was daily seen in the telenovela SAT.1 Anna and love.

The main role in TARZAN ® is the sympathetic all-rounder Klaws not the first musical role, but certainly the biggest. As the title character of the musicals he has to now in more than ten meters high, swinging through the theater, perform acrobatic excellence and also still singing. A whole new challenge. But Alexander Klaws challenges in his life has always been looking for.

TARZAN Understudies: David J. Boyd, Armin Kahl, Stuart Sumner

Elisabeth Hubert ~ Jane
Already six years, the native Lübeckerin discovered her musical talent and was involved in a girls singing group. Then she played Gretel in Hansel and Gretel Children's Choir Theater and sang in the city of Luebeck. At the 2001 meeting of the vocal singer Elizabeth Academy Hamburg won in the category Musical. In the same year she starred in the ARD early evening series from a good family and large city area. In 2004 she began her training at the Stage School Hamburg and went a year later at the Youth Cultural Award competition as the winner in Hamburg established. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was already on the main role of Gerda in the musical The ice-cold heart and worked from 2006 at various galas. During her training was seen also in the ensemble of Elizabeth Mamma Mia! And as the understudy Sophie in Hamburg and Berlin. ! In the Sat.1 Show Me Tarzan, you Jane Elizabeth sat by as the winner and got her dream role: exploring Since its premiere in October 2008, in TARZAN as Jane in the fascinating world of the jungle. Beginning of 2010 she toured in tandem with their commitment to the Best of Musical Gala 2010, six weeks through Germany. The more than 170,000 enthusiastic spectators as they soloist in pieces such as Chicago, Hairspray and Wicked - The Witches of Oz Now Elizabeth is back in Hamburg, and when Jane is back on stage at the Theater Neue Flora..
JANE Understudies: Nadja Scheiwiller, Isabel Trinkaus, Mary Walter

Kevin Kraus ~ Kerchak
The Berlin studied acting and singing, including at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York. He also was inspired by the American Fight Association trained in Stage Combat. In the spring of 2001, Kevin Kraus took the preliminary round of the Grand Prix d'€ vision de la Chanson in Hanover, in part, and thrilled the audience with the song playing on my mind. In 2005 played the charismatic actor in Oberhausen and later at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, the Gaston in the Beauty and the Beast. During this time he met his current vocal coach John Wiseman. Kevin was working as an actor among others in the ZDF series Soko Wismar and as the modern Gladiator on PRO 7 in Galileo Mystery for television. As a voice actor, he gave include Wade from Noah's ark of his voice. In his spare time he runs for six years, the Coffee Cocktail Club "Mal Sehn" in the north of Berlin. Now Kevin enthusiastically as Kerchak in TARZAN.

KERCHAK Understudies: Mathias Sanders, Peter Stassen, Ingolf Unterrainer

Peti van der Velde ~ Kala
During her singing jazz and flute studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague was the Dutch in Sondheim's Company, as Martha was to see and with various jazz combos and pop, soul and big bands on stage. After completing her studies, the charming Peti one year working as a flight attendant and then toured with Hair on the 25th Anniversary tour of Europe. In the German premiere of Rent to see it was successful as Mimi. It engagements in Tabaluga & Lili followed as Queen Bee, Disney's The Lion King as Nala and Shenzi, Kiss Me, Kate! As Hattie and Freak Out! As Sharona. Then Peti was in We Will Rock you in the role of Ozzy wants on stage. Hair went right back to Peti several times: once to Bremen as Sheila, three years later than Dionne during the open-air games and Tecklenburg modified on Pfalztheater in Kaiserslautern as Dionne. In addition, the versatile singer of the Dutch group TAPE, with which it currently takes up the third album. This is to be published in 2010. Peti now enchants in the role of Kala in TARZAN the audience.
KALA Understudies: Iris Makris, Jonna Schwertner, Isabel Trinkaus
Snapped: Leona Lewis attends 
'Tarzan' musical in Germany…
Toyazworld ~ October 18, 2011

Leona Lewis kickstarts her promotion in Germany tonight when she performs on the X Factor in Germany. While in the country last night, Leona was adamant that work related activity was not the only thing which would receive the sole focus. 

She visited Disney’s ‘Tarzan’ musical in Hamburg. The theatrical presentation took place at Flora Neue Theater, which saw the pop belter getting an invite to meet some of the cast including lead actor Alexander Klaws.

Having fun at this point is cool. But the real test are the career-defining decisions she will need to make to get her career back on top again.

A sampling of comments translated from the site
Not to be missed Great acrobatics
The actors literally fly through the air, very spectacular. The actors play not only on stage, but also mix in and especially over the Puklikum. Our daughter was thrilled and wanted to go the next day the same again. But we have not done.

Entertaining Evening
The scenery in the different shades of green, the music of Phil Collins and the cast are a delight for the eyes and ears. I would definitely recommend not to sit too far forward. We had seats on the upper level. (However, one should have no fear of heights). That was great, since many scenes are played in the air.

Great Show
Last year we attended the musical "Tarzan" and were thrilled. The show, the costumes and the music were just great and the scenery provided great attention to detail. The singer chills and prompted much of the story you could always follow very well. Even for children it is a violin scribed musical, the plot is transparent and in the costumes and the show, there's always something to watch. The show went a little over two hours and was interrupted by a pause. We can highly recommend a visit here!

Extremely Expensive But Great Show
It is really something more than a musical. It is rather a mix of circus, acrobatics, action, romance, dance and song.  The New Flora is well designed, so that you do not necessarily have to be in a higher priced seat. It looks good from all seats with the Monkeys raging across the hall.

The Best Musical Ever
Disney's Tarzan Musical should definitely visit if you are in Hamburg. The New Flora, the theater, is built very modern. The reception is done by very friendly staff who give excellent directons on how to get to your seat. In the new Flora, there is a very noble, but yet modern atmosphere. The musical itself is just amazing! You feel as if you yourself are in the jungle -- the music of Phil Collins and the actors are great -- just stunning beyond words. A very well done piece!

"I Love It!"
It was just wonderful! There was so much fun, the actors were enthusiastic and lived their roles. In between there were highlights (eg monkeys fell from the ceiling above us) and it was sad when it was finished now. Because I would like to go back again !!!!!

Great Job. . . Exceeded Expectations
When we bought the tickets, I was not quite sure what to expect. We were surprised - it was GREAT! We have been "bewitched" and not just by Phil Collins fantastic music but by the breathtaking aerial acrobatics of the performers and, directly above our heads ... It was an invitation to dream ... We have seen them and recommend them!

Points of Interest. . .
Great music, great cast, great costumes, great acrobatic scenes - a totally great show because of the many movements on the stage and very entertaining! Select a seat not too far forward - from the middle and rear rows one has the better overall view. Phil Collins' music we liked a lot. Looking forward to the next Hamburg musical ...

Wonderful Disney Musical
This Disney musical is one of my absolute favorites among the musicals. The music is great and the stage designs are very imaginative. During the show, flying the "monkey" on vines through the theater, bringing the viewer so in awe. During a visit to Hamburg, one should not miss this musical.

Great Show
Great show with a lot of acrobatics on stage and in the audience. The artists swing from "creepers" over the heads of the audience and on stage. The plot is easy to follow and easy to understand. The music that I found, though by Phil Collins, not quite as sparkling. Then there are some very elaborate costumes.  Suitable for children. Even our son (8 years) enjoyed the musical very well. He saw "Lion King" but he liked "Tarzan" even better.


October 2008


Elisabeth Huebert (Jane) and Anton Zetterholm (Tarzan) attend
the German premiere of 'Tarzan Musical' at the New Flora in Hamburg, Germany

Dana Schweiger and Eva Habermann (R) kiss Anton Zetterholm (Tarzan) during the Hamburg premiere.

Olivia Jones and singer Ross Anthony
attend the aftershow party of the Hamburg Tarzan premiere

Anton Zerrerholm (Tarzan) and singer and producer Phil Collins and singer Udo Juergens and actress Elisabeth Huebert.

Singer, songwriter, and producer Phil Collins attends the Hamburg premiere of 'Tarzan the Musical'

Elisabeth Huebert and Anton Zetterholm

Two cast members with Anton Zetterholm, Phil Collins and Elisabeth Huebert

Phil Collins poses during the rehearsals for the Tarzan Musical
at the theater Neue Flora on August 11, 2008 in Hamburg, Germany.


Danton Burroughs during Opening Night of the Broadway Musical 'Tarzan' 
Red Carpet at Richard Rogers Theatre in NYC, New York, United States.

Atmosphere at the opening night of Tarzan at Richard Rodgers Theatre 
May 10, 2006 in New York City.

NY director Bob Crowley, songwriter Phil Collins and actor Josh Strickland
appear onstage during opening night curtain call of 'Tarzan'

Performers on stage during the opening night curtain call of 'Tarzan' at Richards Rodgers Theatre

Songwriter Phil Collins, actors Merle Dandridge, Josh Strickland, Jenn Gambatese and Director Bob Crowley
attend the opening night of 'Tarzan' after party at The New York Marriott Marquis May 10, 2006 in New York City.


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Tarzan: The Musical

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