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Volume 3591


Wherein an intrepid troupe of Burroughs devotees
brave the dangerous swamps and bayous of Louisiana

Friday, April 13, 2012 was proclaimed by Governor Bobby Jindal in the House of Representatives
in state capitol Baton Rouge as Tarzan Day in Louisiana!
In spite of the "unlucky 13", 
Sue-On organized the ERB Bibliophiles and J.A.N.E.S. for a swamp boat tour with Captain Cajun Jack.
Cajun Jack, our fearless captain and great spinner of yarns...
The instigators: Bill and Sue-On Hillman
The port side tarmangani: 
Jim Sullos, Cathy Wilbanks, Dejah, Linda, Jane Burroughs, 
Ray LeBeau, and Shirley just off camera. 
She's there and survived the trip!
Starboard side tarmangani:
Henry Franke, Brad and Pat Vinson, 
Frank Grainger, John Tyner
Jack says, "Over there are the rich folks sitting in their patios drinking 'margaritos'". 
"On the other side, mah cuzzins sittin' on the porch drinking beer. Who's got the better show?"
Vacation home for sale. 
Recently renovated and updated with own generator, 
A/C, and crawfish traps!
Cajun Jack says this is how 
the REAL Cajun people live :-)
Swamp Hilton?
Shrimp boats... mmm. . . Roy Orbison:
"I'm going back someday, come what may, to Blue Bayou.
Where the fishing boats, with their sails ...."
Some of Cajun Jack's "cuzzins" 
taking pictures of the Tarmangani...LOL!
Local fisherman out to check his traps.
Some mark their locations 
with coloured ribbons on the trees.
The older fishermen fish "blind".
Shirley LeBeau and Sue-On - the 'gator hunters...
Well... Shirley can hunt and Sue-On can cook:-)
Huge beaver lodge.
Cajun Jack trying to woo the ladies 
with the so-abundant water hyacinth.
These beautiful flowers are considered 
a weed in the water ways.
Jack said the hyacinth does not have any smell 
until you dip it in the bayou water.
Then it is "supposed" to smell like watermelon.
Ever the flower child ;-)
We had to wait for about 20 minutes for
a cargo ship, the Fortune, to exit the lock.
It was heading for the Gulf.
Lock house.
Lock escape ladder, and yes, 
alligators DO get inside the lock.
Leaving the lock.
Leaving the lock...POWER UP, Cap'n!
Through the lock and about to enter the Tarzan location.
The captin' doing a head count ;-)
Approaching the Tarzan film site.
Cypress roots: 
They go deep down into
the bed of the river in dry season,
then come back up appearing as stumps.

Photos and Captions adapted from Sue-On's FaceBook site
Additional photos are presented there.
Photos by Bill and Sue-On

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