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Volume 3590

House of Representatives
Governor Bobby Jindal proclaims April 13, 2012 as Tarzan Day in Louisiana
and presents Official Proclamation Documents to
Al Bohl, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and the Burroughs Family


State Capitol Building, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
This was, at one time, the tallest building in the state
until the '60s when skyscrapers became more common.
State Capitol Building 
and grounds directory
Huey Long - the Kingfish - Louisiana governor 
and U.S. senator, assassinated at age 42
Descriptive plaque 
about the building and Huey Long

Sue-On in the Central Hall of State Capitol Building
The floor of the House of Representatives - 
viewed from the balcony before session.

Oath of Allegiance at the opening of the session
Introduction of Al Bohl, the man responsible for this event

Introduction of Dejah and Llana Jane Burroughs
to the representatives
Burroughs family, ERB president Jim Sullos, and Al Bohl 
being presented with documents on the 
Declaration of Tarzan Day in Louisiana

Allison, Al, and Doris Bohl - the family behind the 
Tarzan of the Louisiana Jungle documentary, 
the Tarzan Festival, and the declaration of Tarzan Day in Louisiana.
Jim Sullos ERB, Inc. president and 
Cathy Wilbanks, ERB archivist extraordinaire!

Linda Burroughs and Sue-On Hillman
Allison Bohl, Bill Hillman and 
Allison's fiance Peter after the presentation.

Congratulations bestowed upon Al Bohl 
and the Burroughs sisters, Dejah and Llana Jane
Al and Doris receiving congratulations on a super job!

Allison Bohl, Peter, and Sue-On
Al sharing some of the details and stories 
from the past four years with Sue-On

Cathy Wilbanks and Carrie Stansbury, Director of Tourism
Al Bohl, Bill Hillman, Jim Sullos

Photos and Captions adapted from Sue-On's FaceBook site
Additional photos, captions and feedback comments are presented there.
All photos by Bill and Sue-On

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