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Photos and Captions adapted from Sue-On's FaceBook site.
Additional photos are presented there.

Bill with Al Bohl - the instigator of this +5000-mile spring road trip. 
Al, along with his daughter Allison Bohl, produced the documentary 
Tarzan, Lord of the Louisiana Jungle
documenting the making of the first Tarzan of the Apes movie 
- one of the first million-dollar silent movies with Elmo Lincoln. 
The film was done in the bayous and around Morgan City, Louisiana. 
Al had so much support from the state that the governor declared April 13th as 
Tarzan Day in Louisiana
The city held its first Tarzan Festival with the showing of the documentary,
plus a restored version of the Elmo Lincoln film,
accompanied by a new score performed by a live quartet. 


We arrived in Morgan City, Louisiana Tuesday night. 
Wednesday morning we met up with Tarzan Festival organizer and documentary maker Al Bohl and museum director
at the Louisiana State Museum at nearby Patterson, where the Tarzan exhibit will be featured for a year. 

The crew was just getting ready 
to hang the Tarzan banner - 
on a very windy day.
The banner is up! 
Tarzan will share space with two permanent exhibits: 
 Wedell-Williams Aviation and  Cypress Sawmill. 

Navy jet in front of museum
A pre-event peek inside the museum

.Across Highway 49 to
This is how big the visitor centre tree is. 
I was backing nearly into the water 
just to get the width into the picture. 
Try to visualize Tarzan sliding along those lateral branches
as in the Disney animated Tarzan movie.
Cajun Jack's landing for the swamp boat tour.
We return later to take his tour through
swamps and bayous 
to reach the 1917 Tarzan film location.

Why can't MY taro roots 
(elephant ears) grow like this?
The swamp tour boat...hope the sides are
high enough to keep out the 'gators, Jack!

An early visit to the site of the weekend's festival activities:


The Morgan City Municipal Auditorium, part of the Dr. Brownell Complex 
where all the festival activities will take place.
This was taken on Wed. before the festival. 
The Jeddak of the North was doing reconnaissance... and throwing the power switch.

There were several sculptures 
at the entrance to the auditorium. 
These also function as fountains.
The complex used to have "swamp gardens" 
complete with alligators, bull frogs, etc,
but it has since been dismantled. 
All fauna have been removed except for one "big ape"

Assistant Manager Anthony came out to greet us when we walked into the complex,
and he very graciously took us on a tour of the facilities
and told us many stories about the area and of the filming of the Tarzan movie in 1917.

One of the murals inside the complex.
This depicts the history and industries in Morgan City - shrimp harvest, oil refineries, cypress sawmill, 
AND Tarzan!

This mural, depicting the flora and fauna of the swamps, is made with mud from different parts of the region.
A shrimp sculpture stands in the centre of the foyer.


Our friends, Al and Doris Bohl, the spearheads of the first ever Tarzan Festival
invited us for supper at Susie's on our first night in the city.
Cajun food photos will be featured later in this photo journal series.

Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle Festival
April 13 - 14, 2012 
Morgan City, Louisiana's Municipal Auditorium (rain or shine)
705 Myrtle St., Morgan City, LA 70380

Celebrating the 100 years of Tarzan™ in print and the making of the movies 
Tarzan of the Apes and Romance of Tarzan in Morgan City. 
There are two annual international Edgar Rice Burroughs conventions 
but this is the first festival in the history of the character. 
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Photos and Captions adapted from Sue-On's FaceBook site
Additional photos, captions and feedback are presented there.
Photos by Bill and Sue-On.

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