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Continued from Part II: ERBzine 3098

The History of the  Mucker Magazine
Part Three: Issues 14-20
By Ken Manson
From Our ERBapa Reprint and ERBzine FANZINE Series
Part One: The First Six Issues
Part Two: Issues 7-13
Part Three: Issues 14-20
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Part Five: Issues 27-36

Issue No.: 14
Date: Feb. 6, 2010
Where assembled: Palos Park; Jerry Spannraft’s home
Front cover:  “The Mucker” by Mark Wheatley, who colorized one of the illustrations  he did for The Muckers’ edition of “The Mucker.” A similar version was on the front cover of the Panthan Journal 163.
Back cover: Art for a cover of a Japanese edition of “The Mucker” that was translated by Jun Atsugi. Joan Bledig found the art; Yoko Hadac translated the title as, “Mysterious Place of the South Sea.”
Number of pages:  90
List of contents:      Comic Book Marketplace No. 89, March 2002, Hal Foster Special Edition; and a page of Foster illustrations - provided by Joan Bledig
      “The Man Who Held the Hero’s Horse,” (on why ERB remains popular) by Mike Resnick; a Frank Dietz illustration of an ape and naked girl from Junglegirl Gallery - provided by David Critchfield
      “The best of, worst ever…the debate continues” (discussing Johnny Weissmuller’s accomplishments in light of swimmer Michael Phelps’ wins) by Michael Taylor in The; “Tarzan has left the building” (on “Tarzan Presley” book) article by Steven Price in NZ Listener; “Film Tirade: Tarzan and the Isle of FUBAR” by Jason Roestel in Movie Examiner-all provided by Dr. James Thompson
      “Prince of Helium’s House Guards” – original art by Ellen Vartanoff;
“From the ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau”: “A stroll down memory vines” (on James Pierce) by Vernon Scott of UPI; “Les Barker- a life full of vines and lots of yelling”  from “As time goes by” column in Chicago Today, July 4, 1971; “Oak Park’s going ape over Tarzan” from “Something  Special” column by Vicki Giammons;  “Teen’s yell sells Oak Park” by F.K. Plous Jr. from Chicago Sunday Sun-Times, Sept. 28, 1975; “Oak Park’s yelling it up for Tarzan” by Ellen Warren; “Oak Park
is going ape” from  “Good Bets” column - provided by Ray Le Beau
    “Jodades”: “Dejah View- Asylum ‘Princess of Mars’ disappointing” - Ken Manson
    “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: “Swiss Miss of the Jungle” (on actress Evelyne Kraft, who was in ”The Mighty Peking Man”) – Jim Hadac
    Pellucidar map, drawn by James Cook, from  “The Dictionary of Imaginary Places” -  submitted by Greg Phillips
    “ERBANE Commentary”: “Tarzan (more or less) in Egypt” (on forgotten film “Ismail Yassin: Tarzan”); movie soundtrack LP covers  for “The People That Time Forgot”; “Weissmuller vs. the Dinosaur: A Mystery Uncovered” (on poster for Jungle Jim movie “Jungle Manhunt”); “Sons of Tarzan’s Creator” (on Jack and Hully Burroughs);   “Tarzan Y El Arco Iris” (Tarzan and the Rainbow) with Steve Hawkes; movie poster for “Tarzan and the Valley of Gold” – provided by Dave Gorecki
   Ad for double feature of “The New Adventures of Tarzan”  with “Bruce Bennett” and “The White Gorilla”- provided by Jerry Spannraft
   “Dum-Dum 2009: Dayton, Ohio”; a collection of the first 100 issues of “Mangani Zugor” for sale – Mike Conran
    “Gapers Block: Airbags- Tarzan’s Chicago” (On ERB’s life) by librarian Alice Maggio –provided by Bill Ross
    “NASA ends effort to free rover from Mars,” Washington Examiner,  Jan. 27, 2010; photo of Bill Morse, Huck and George McWhorter; High Tea honoring Hanelore B. Rader, dean of University of Louisville Libraries on her Dec. 10, 2009, retirement  and Huck’s comments- J. G. Huckenpohler
    “Two Burroughsian Movies by Asylum” (“The Land that Time Forgot” and “Princess of Mars”); original story “Leader of Men” (with Billy Byrne as a character) – Lee Strong
    “Jeffrey Jones’ art for ‘Tarzan at the Earth’s Core’ comic” – Henry G. Franke III

Issue No.: 15
Date: May 29, 2010

Where assembled: North Riverside Public Library meeting room
Front cover: Front and back covers of the DVD for The Asylum ”Princess of Mars,”  furnished by Ken Manson and assisted  by Joan Bledig
Back cover:  Individual photos of Traci Lords, Dejah Thoris in ”Princess of Mars” with Muckers Ken Manson, Jim Hadac and Ray Le Beau
Number of pages:  65
List of contents:
      ``Tarzan’s Creator Can’t Take it Anymore: (Jan. 24, 1941 letter from ERB to daughter, Joan, about people apologizing for reading his stories) from File 770 online, courtesy of s.f. fan Neil Rest – provided by Joan Bledig
      “Muckers at Windy City Pulp Con” (photos of April 2010 event) – Bill Ross
      “Beyond 30 Degrees West”: Signed photos of Lynn Collins and Taylor Kitsch, who will appear in “John Carter” movie – Laurence Dunn
     “Tarzan Zerbini” articles from Grand Rapids Press and Erbania 30 on circus performer Jean Charles “Tarzan” Zerbini; – provided by Mike Conran
     Tarzan Zerbini pennant and pinback – provided by Jerry Spannraft
     “Frazetta son arrested in $20M burglary from family art museum,” from; “Tarzan chimps cops attitude” from Oct. 10, 2006, New York Post; “Becoming a giant green alien in ‘John Carter of Mars’”  (about actor Polly Walker) from Sci Fi Wire; Russ Cochran three-volume ERB Library of Illustration still available  – provided by Dr. James Thompson
     Thuvia original art by Ellen Vartanoff
      “The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau”: John Carter on Mars drawing by Cockrum; Science Fiction Book Club ad for “The Gods of Mars” and “The Warlord of Mars” in one volume; “Edgar of the Apes” by Martin Maloney in TV Guide, Oct. 11, 1966; “Tarzan creator starved and failed before he won success” article by ERB reprinted from The Open Road from September 1949 – Ray Le Beau
     Dum-Dum 2010 poster and  Chicago Muckers items available from – provided by Jeff Long
     “Jodades”: “Where was the Halfmoon wrecked?” –part one in a series of articles about “The Mucker”; photo of Ken Manson meeting Traci Lords, George Kennedy - who was in Ron Ely’s “Tarzan” series, and Dawn Wells – who worked with Denny Miller twice in “Gilligan’s Island” TV show; DVD cover of “Princess of Mars” signed by Traci Lords/”Deja” Thoris; photo of Ken at Pleasant Home in front of Elmo Lincoln poster;  reference to Tarzan in “the Lion Tamer” by author Luisa Buehler- Ken Manson
    “Tarzoon, Shame of the Jungle” review _ Scott Tracy Griffin
    “ERBANE Commentary”:  “Pulp Comes to Windy City” (about Pulpfest); “Farewell to Frank Frazetta” (art from Ace 1975 edition of “The Return of the Mucker”); “Denny Miller Interview Comes to (‘Wagon Train’) DVD”; “Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure” ad and poster;  letters between ERB and Forrest J. Ackerman – Dave Gorecki
     “Jeffrey Jones art from ‘I Am a Barbarian’”  - Henry G. Franke III
      “Juggernaut,” an original story with Billy Byrne as a character – Lee Strong
     “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: “Meeting Dejah Thoris” (photo of Jim Hadac and Traci Lords); two photos of Muckers at Hackney’s restaurant and at Jerry Spannraft’s – Jim Hadac
     “Proper Barsoomian Harness and Trappings,” Part 2,  – Greg Phillips

Issue No.: 16
Date: Aug. 19, 2010

Where assembled: 2010 Dum-Dum in Hillside (Chicago) Illinois, in conjunction with National Capital Panthans
Front cover: The Muckers’ edition of “The Mucker”/”The Return of the Mucker,’’ courtesy of Joan Bledig and Tom Floyd’s art
Back cover: ”Der ain’t one ‘lessen youse consid’r dat Panthans’ rag t’be da back cov’r,” according to the Table of Contents.
Number of pages:  59
List of contents:
     “Jodades”: “How to speak Muckerese,” part 2 in a series of articles  about “The Mucker” – Ken Manson
     “ERBANE Commentary”: “ERBANE looks at Pulpfest, July 29-Aug. 1, in Columbus, Ohio”; artwork for “Pirates of Venus” from the Syracuse Herald, May 9, 1935; “The New Tarzan” (on Gordon Scott) – Dave Gorecki
     “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: “Search for the Lost City” (Tarzan in South America) – Jim Hadac
     “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” original story (with von Horst character) – Lee Strong
     Original art of Dejah Thoris by Marcio Abreu – Joan Bledig
     Jungle Lord pinball game – Jerry Spannraft
     “The ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau”: Tarzan, Vol. 1 (cover for VHS tape of four episodes of Wolf Larsen’s TV show); ERB Inc. revised sales list, No. 62, from June 1992 – Ray Le Beau
     Original art of a facial study – Ellen Vartanoff
     “’Plutonia’: A Russian Inner World” (about V.A. Obruchev book, published in 1925) – Greg Phillips
     Information on “Covering the Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs” book written by Jeff Long, illustrated by Chris Wright, and to be released at 2010 Dum-Dum – Jeff Long
    “Jeffrey Catherine Jones: In Her Own Words” – Henry G. Franke III
    “Muckers in Pellucidar at ECOF 2010” – Mike Conran
     “U.S. Regional Premiere of Tarzan to Debut June 7 at Southern Utah’s Tuacahn Ampitheatre,”  May 11, 2010, press release; “Going Ape for Tarzan at Tuacahn,” by Cyndy Sagendorf, June 16, 2010 – Bill Ross
      A.C. McClurg invoice dated 4-11-1939 by ERB for printing material and return of rights for 16 books – Bill Wagner
      “Beyond 30 Degrees West”:  “LaurenceCon X1? Hah! How Soon We Are Forgotten?” (on 2010 ECOF) –Part 2 (Part 1 is in Panthan Journal 166 on flip side of Mucker Magazine 16) - Laurence Dunn
     “Miracleman Art, Adventure Comics Run and More” from Comic News, relating to artist Frank Frazetta- Dr. James Thompson
     Review of “Unknown World” movie; Steampunk illustration from cover of “Heavy Metal” magazine,  March 2010, relating to theme of November 2009 Windycon in Chicago  – David Critchfield

Issue No.: 17
Date: Nov. 6, 2010

Where assembled: Pleasant Home, current home of the Historical Society of Oak Park-River Forest and its Burroughs museum
Front cover: Three of the four variant covers for Issue 1 of the Dynamite “Warlord of Mars” comic.
Back cover:  Cover art for a Japanese edition of “The Return of the Mucker” translated by Jun Atsugi. Yoko Hadac translated the title as, “Winds and Clouds of Mexico," not “Mysterious Place of the South Place,” which repeats what was on the back cover of Mucker Magazine 14.
Number of pages:  70
List of contents:
    “Jodades”: An Interview with Caroline Munro; “Billy Byrne in other ERB Works?”- part 3 in a series of articles about “The Mucker” - Ken Manson
     “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: “Search for the Lost City”- South American Adventure, Part 2 – Jim Hadac
     “ERBANE Comments”:  “More Weissmuller Jungle Titles Come to DVD…this Time as Burn-on-Demand” (about Jungle Jim movies); Early RKO Posters (“Tarzan Triumphs” and “Tarzan’s Desert Mystery”); “How to make a dinosaur” (photo of one built for, but not used in, Jungle Jim film “Jungle Manhunt”);  information about death of Lamont Johnson, who played Tarzan on radio 75 times; photo of Steve Holland in jungle-type pose and how he was portrayed in a Tarzan painting; tribute to Johnny Sheffield with poster of “Tarzan Finds a Son” – Dave Gorecki
     “Crown Prince Nobbler: The Airedale that Fans Never Forgot” (dog in “The Land That Time Forgot” book)  Jeff “Elmo” Long
    Public announcement by the prince regent of the German Empire of $1 million reward for the death or capture of Billy Byrne, and Billy’s response - Lee Strong
    Three pages of Dave Hoover “Tarzan” art- Jerry Spannraft
     “Jeffrey Catherine Jones –In Her Own Words”; photos of Gray Morrow and Frank Frazetta;  paperback covers by Jeffrey Jones – Henry G. Franke III
     Some ERB items from an auction catalog - Greg Phillips
    “Warlord of Mars” comic covers, issues 2 and 3-  J.G. Huckenpohler
    Original art, interpretation of Jane Porter (Diana of the Jungle) – Ellen Vartanoff
    Photos of Dum-Dum 2010 – Mike Conran
    ERB’s registration for World War I draft; Cartoon Parade comic of Tarzan- Bill Ross
    “Dynamite to publish John Carter, Warlord of Mars Comic Series – and the first issue’s a dollar,” announcement from, and sneak peek of two covers and art – Joan Bledig
    “Tarzan: Racist savage. Or first eco-warrior?”  from The Independent, June 16, 2009 (on Paris exhibition, as are the following two articles) ; “Museum aims to unpick Tarzan myth,” article from,  June 16, 2009; “A loincloth to set Parisians Aflutter,” from New York Times, Aug. 5, 2009; “Willem Dafoe joins John Carter of Mars,” from Ambience of Media, July 15, 2009; “John Carter of Mars production coming together,” Ambience of Media, June 14, 2009 – provided by Dr. James Thompson
    “Gilak Talk”: “Size Matters” (on ERB books in miniature); reviews of “The Descent” and “The Mysterious Cyrus Reed Teed”; “The Well to Hell” (the Kola Superdeep Borehole) – David Critchfield

Issue No.: 18
Date: Feb. 5, 2011

Where assembled: Palos Park, Jerry Spannraft’s home
Front cover: A sampling of the front covers of hardcover editions of “The Mucker,”  from Jerrry Spannraft’s collection, with help from Joan Bledig.
Back cover:  Paperback book covers of “The Mucker,” from Spannraft collection, with help from Joan Bledig.
Number of pages:  68
List of contents:
    Chicago Muckers Host Dum-Dum 2010 - Mike Conran
    Selling Magazines Containing Edgar Rice Burroughs Stories on eBay, from – Joan Bledig
    George McWhorter Thank You (his awards and treasures from 2010 Dum-Dum) – George McWhorter with help from Joan Bledig
    “At the Earth’s Core” translated, a review; Jufinillo art of naked jungle “princess”? – David Critchfield
    “Tarzan, King of the Apes, Swings Into Paris Museum” by James  Mackenzie, from Reuters; Morton, West and Walker join “John Carter of Mars,” by Dan Winclechter, from Ambience of Media;  “Edgar Rice Burroughs and Masculine Narrative,” by Thomas F. Bertonneau, from the Brussels Jounral; “Tarzan Makes His First Appearance in All-Story Magazine,” from African History;  “Land Before Time: 11 great prehistoric flicks,” by Christopher Bahn, from –  provided by Dr. James Thompson
     “ERBANE Commentary”: “Tarzan, Hal Roach Style: Charley Chase’s ‘Nature in the Wrong’”; a copy of Ashley Dearholt’s stock certificate issue for 400 of the 2,000 shares of Burroughs-Tarzan Enterprises; “Forrest J. Ackerman visits Edgar Rice Burroughs: How the famous Martian series began,” from Fantasy Review – Dave Gorecki
     “The World We Don’t Live In - The Fauna of Barsoom: The Plant Man” - Bill Ross
     “Your Money Where Your Mouth Is,” story – Lee Strong
     “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: “2010 was eventful for ERB fans” – Jim Hadac
      “Tarzan of… Chicago: Local creation is hero for the ages,” by Leslie Balducci, from the Chicago Sun-Times,  May 7, 1998  – provided by Jerry Spannraft
     “The ERB Scrapbook of Ray Le Beau”:  Tarzan comic strip drawn by Hogarth; A Burroughs reading list from Henry Hardy Heins; The Novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs from ERB Inc. 1963; Comic Fandom MOTLEY cover with Roy Krenkel art; Collectors Book Store announcement for  “I Am a Barbarian”- Ray Le Beau
     “Jodades”: “’The Mucker’ (Part 3) ‘The Oakdale Affair’” – Ken Manson
     “Science Fiction and Fantasy: An exhibition compiled by David A. Randall, Sigmund Casey Fredericks and Tim Mitchell (the Lily Library, Bloomington, Indiana, January to April 1975), with a focus on ERB – provided by Bob Krakowsky

Issue No.: 19
Date: May 21, 2011

Where assembled: Oak Park, home of Greg Phillips
Front cover: A variant cover of  “The Mucker,” designed by, and courtesy of, Charles Madison
Back cover:  A variant by Charles Madison of “The Mucker” with lettering, helped by Joan Bledig
Number of pages:  92
List of contents:
    Windy City  Pulp Con 2011 – Mike Conran
    Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan Annual, 1969 edition, World Distributors Ltd., excerpt of  “Mark of Evil”  – provided by Bob Krakowsky
   “He’s teeny, but he’s Tarzan: Calumma  tarzan (lizard),”  by Philip-Sebestian Gehring, Maciej Pabijan, Fanomezana M. Ratsoavina, Jorn Kohler, Miguel Vences and Frank Glaw – provided by Joan Bledig
    “The Moon Pool,” a review – David Critchfield
    “Discovery of the Satellites of Mars” by Asaph Hall III, read before the Washington Philosophical Society, Feb. 16, 1878 – provided by J.G. Huckenpohler
   “Tarzan Incorporated,” (on ERB Inc.)  by Helen Colton, Magazine Digest, July 1946 – provided by Cole Richardson
   “The ERB Scrapbooks of Ray Le Beau”: Oak Park/Forest Park/River Forest telephone book cover, July 1971 (with sketches of ERB, Hemingway, Frank L. Wright); correspondence from Vern Coriell to Ray Le Beau; Tarzan Yells! (letter from Vern Coriell on saving “Tarzan” TV series) – provided by Ray Le Beau
    Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950), (bio) from – provided by Bill Ross
   “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” film review by Roger Ebert, from June 29, 2009;  “16 June - 13 September 2009 Tarzan! Or Rousseau with the Waziri (exhibition),” from; “Tarzan actress Brenda Joyce dies,” from ; Comic Art and Grafix Gallery Artist Biographies – Burne Hogarth; perfume HOMME Guerlain  (article states the advertising is a “Tarzan” B movie)– provided by Dr. James Thompson
     With McCutcheon in Africa (about Chicago Tribune cartoonist who hunted big game in Africa in 1910) ; “The Return of Tarzan” Tribune advertisement, March 10, 1915;  Working in the “Bridewell” (about jail reference in “The Mucker” – Jeff Long
     “Lupe Velez, The Girl that Even ‘Tarzan’ Can’t Tame” (color page from Des Moines Register Sunday Magazine on Weissmuller spouse)– provided by Jerry Spannraft
    “Ed Burroughs and His Electric Runabout” (on ERB’s driving job during 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago)   - Greg Phillips
    “Jodades”: “ERB Items Plentiful at Windy City auction” (51 related to Burroughs); more photos of Muckers at Old Country Buffet, at Jerry Spannraft’s and dining afterward, and at Old Kinderhook bar in Oak Park where many enjoyed a Tarzangria cocktail– Ken Manson
    “The Cry of the Red Hawk” –Pulp Fiction (about Windy City Pulp con)  - Jim Hadac
   “ERBANE Commentary”:  “A look back at the Bantan books: Maurice Gardner’s Pseudo Tarzan”; color picture of Brenda Joyce – Dave Gorecki
    “The Case of the Missing Chicago Chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles”  (on BBs of Chicago Chapter from mid-‘60s) - Henry G. Franke III
    “Last Living U.S. WWI Vet dies in W. Va. At Age 110,” Feb.28, 2011, Associated Press; “The Dying Planet,” story; “Was There a Natural Nuclear Blast on Mars?” by John Brandon, April 1, 2011”; ”Heart of a Lion,” story - Lee Strong

Issue No.: 20
Date: Aug. 6-10, 2011

Where assembled: Pocatello, Idaho, prepared for the 2011 Dum-Dum
Front cover: “Pirates and Samurai,” original art by Greg Phillips of Chicago Muckers members, with help by Joan Bledig
Back cover:  National Capital Panthans Journal No. 178 (“a 55-page back cover”)
Number of pages:  84
List of contents:
     “Who’s Who on This Issue’s Cover” (a key) – Joan Bledig and Greg Phillips
     “Tarzan Skills: How to Swim, Dive, Climb and Swing Like the Lord of the Apes,” by Brett and Kate McKay, from “The Art of Manliness,” plus 20 comments on manly skills – provided by Joan Bledig
    “King of the Apes Swings Again,” (on Paris exhibition) by Vincent Dowd, BBC World Service, June 18, 2009; “Musee du quai Branly Explores the Myth Embodied by Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan,” from, June 16, 2009; “Threesome on journey to ‘Mars,’” (on 3 actors joining  “John Carter” movie) from , Aug. 23, 2009; Stars and Stripes Photo of the Day: Johnny Weissmuller, Sept. 1, 2009 (photo taken October 1971) ; President’s Challenge All American: Denny Miller (from Nov. 18, 2009) “Stuntwoman Jewell Jordan Dies” by Mike Barnes, Hollywood Reporter, Oct. 2, 2009, (she was in “Tarzan Escapes”) - provided by Dr. James Thompson
     ECOF 2011 – Part 1 (Part 2 is in National Capital Panthans Journal 178 on the flip side) – Mike Conran
     “The Cry of the Red Hawk”: Pulpfest 2011/Farmercon 6 in Columbus, Ohio - Jim Hadac
      “ERBANE Commentary”: “Lost Cities, Killer Apes and White Goddesses: Jungle Serials, 1929-1955,” a book review – Dave Gorecki
     Mucker monopoly game cards – Greg Phillips
     “Jodades”: “Oakdale Found! and  Minneapolis ECOF – Ken Manson
     “Tarzan swings beyond the limits of believability,”  (on WB TV series) by Steve Johnson, Chicago Tribune –provided by Jerry Spannraft
     “The ERB Scrapbook Files of Ray Le Beau”: Seasons Greetings card fromVern and Rita Coriell; correspondence from Vern Coriell; revised sales list from ERB Inc. –provided by Ray Le Beau
     “New Rules for Making Hybrid Animal-Humans,” Reuters, July 20, 2011;  story “Are We Not Men?” – Lee Strong
     Mothman – David Critchfield
     Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars, 12-inch figure, by Triad Toys – Bill Ross
    “Russ Cochran, Growing Up With Gasoline Alley, E.R. Burroughs, EC Comics and More!” by Don Vaughan, from Filmfax magazine - provided by Bob Burrows
     2011 Pulpfest and autographed photos – Henry G. Franke III

Short summary of 20 issues
    The Muckers have assembled 580 copies of 20 issues, totaling 1,288 pages. The  biggest issues were No. 19, with 92 pages, and No. 14, with 90; the smallest was No. 3 with 32 pages.
    Seven people submitted for every issue. Most proficient of the seven were Joan Bledig, 143-1/2; Ken Manson, 111; Jerry Spannraft, 86; Dave Gorecki, 75; Mike Conran, 68; Jim Hadac, 67; and Bill Ross, 65-1/2. While Jeff Long missed contributing to three issues, he still submitted 109 pages.  And page counts were 110 for Dr. James Thompson, 53 for Lee Strong and 60 for Henry G. Franke III.
    Of the 20 front covers, Joan did 6 (she also shared credit for doing many covers); Greg 3-1/2; Ken 2-1/2; Jeff, 2; Jim, Dave, Jerry, Tom Floyd, Mark Wheatley and Charles Madison, 1 each.
    The last five August issues have been assembled during a Dum-Dum _ No. 4 in Louisville; No. 8 special double issue in  Waterloo, Iowa, 12 in Dayton, Ohio;  16 in Hillside, Ill., and 20 in                   Pocatello, Idaho.
    The first issue started with contributions by Jeff Long; Laurence Dunn; Greg Phillips; J. G. ``Huck’’ Huckenpohler; Jim Hadac; Ken Manson; Jerry Spannraft; Bill Ross; and Mike Conran, along with the Table of Contents by Joan Bledig. Other of the 27 contributors have included Ray Le Beau; Shirley Le Beau; Dave Gorecki; Dr. James Thompson; John Tyner; David Critchfield; Henry G. Franke III; John Thompson; Philippe Badre; Ellen Vartanoff; Lee Strong; Scott Tracy Griffin; Bill Wagner; George McWhorter; Bob Krakowsky; Cole Richardson; and Bob Burrows. Plus art by Mark Wheatley and Tom Floyd.

The History of the  Mucker Magazine
Part One: The First Six Issues
Part Two: Issues 7-13
Part Three: Issues 14-20
Part Four: Issues 21-26
Part Five: Issues 27-36

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