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.Viewing In 3-D On A Computer Monitor

To view most computer stereo images, you need to look at the left-hand image with your right eye, and at the right-hand image with your left eye (called convergent or cross-eye viewing). Gaze at the stereo pair, keeping your eyes level and cross your eyes slightly. Try to cross your eyes slowly, so that the two images in the centre come together. When they converge or fuse, you will see them as a single 3-D image. The centre image is three-dimensional. 

Another approach. With your head level and about 2.5 feet from the screen, hold up a finger, with its tip about 6 inches in front of your face, and centered between the stereo pair on the screen. Focus on your finger tip. Without focusing on the screen, notice how many images you see there (they will be blurred). If you see four images, move your finger slowly toward or away from you eyes, keeping focused on your finger tip, until the middle pair of images converge. With your finger still in place, partly covering the converged pair, change your focus to the screen. The image partly hidden by your finger should appear three-dimensional. Your finger should still appear single, but blurred. With some practice, you can remove your finger and still keep the screen images converged into a stereo image.

Another approach is to stick a piece of cardboard down the middle and put your nose to the cardboard. You’ll have to work out the proper distance from the screen but you should be able to trick your eyes into the stereo effect. 

Perhaps the best way is to adapt a vintage 3-D viewer for viewing the screen images.

Iron Crow ~ Sioux ~ 1877

Little Wolf ~ Cheyenne ~ 1877

Spotted Tail's daughter, Dove Eye ~ 1877

Cheyenne Chief Little Wolf, leader of the Cheyenne Outbreak, 1878-79

Black Hawk - Apache Chief

Apache Indian

Apache women grinding flour in front of their log and straw dwelling ~ 1870s

Apache with Musket

Apache Boy

Apache Indian

Apache Indian

Apache Indian with Musket

Apache Indian Scout

Apache Indian

Geronimo at Fort Sill, Oklahoma ~ c.1890

Apache Indian Scouts

Apache Indian and Wife

Apache Warrior

Apache Scouts with Springfield Rifles

Nantahe, holding a Springfield rifle. He served with Crook during the Yavapai campaign of 1872-73
and along with nine other Apache scouts was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1875 for gallant and meritorious conduct.

Apache Indian Agent John Clum with Yuma Chiefs
Seated between them, wearing a shell jacket adorned with shoulder scales and embroidered U.S. hat device is a turbaned Yuma leader.

The men depicted here are guards at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida.
After the Civil War, the fort was used in  the 1870s and 80s as a prison to house resistant Indian captives from the Plains wars.
Some of these men eventually became the guards depicted here.

Indian Agent Clum at the head of a column of San Carlos Apache policeman, each shouldering a Springfield rifle.
Merijaldo Grijalva, a Mexican captured and held by the Chiricahua Apache
who escaped to become and a scout and interpreter, stands to one side.
On April 21, 1877 Clum and his Apache police captured Geronimo and his band without firing a single shot.

Pan-e-e (Pinal Apache) wearing traditional high topped moccasins and a cartridge belt and holding a bow and quiver.

Lant-i-ga seated, wearing high-topped moccasins.

Has-Chug-Ee with Musket

Apache Brave

Apache Brave and Squaw


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