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Photos from the 1880s-1900
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Edgar Rice Burroughs was posted at Fort Grant 
while serving in the 7th U.S. Cavalry from 
May 23, 1896 - March 23, 1897

Lake Constance at Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1892

Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1900

Hospital, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1890

Evening gun, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1880

Dress Parade at Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1885

Lawn party at brick house near Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1900

Adobe house near Camp Grant, Arizona, c. 1890s

First Infantry Band, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1880

Sherman Creek dams, Fort Grant, C.1880

Sherman Creek, upper and lower dams, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1880

Building at Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1880

Guard house for Apache prisoners, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1870

Government wagon train near Fort Grant, Arizona, N.D.

Government wagon train near Fort Grant, Arizona, N.D.

Stream at Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1890

Horse-drawn water cart at Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1890
Water from this stream was normally clear and potable and was the main source of drinking water for the post --
but heavy rains in 1896 made it quite unsafe to drink much of the time.
Ed Burroughs was hospitalized with dysentery from it.

Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1900

Officers' Quarters, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1880

Prisoners at work, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1885

Prisoners at work, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1885

First Infantry String Band, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1880

Fort Grant, Arizona

Butcher shop, Fort Grant, Arizona, N.D.

Gatling Gun

Evening Salute Gun

Corraled Cavalry Horses

Saddled Cavalry Horse

Apache Scouts

Fort Grant, Arizona, 1892

ERB: The War Years
1896-1897 at Fort Grant with the U.S. 7th Cavalry

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