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Volume 0388
Edgar Rice Burroughs


Banquet and Beyond

Steve - Bill - Jim - Bob - Sue - Barry - Mary B - Mary FowlerHenry, Tracy, Jerry, Linda, David, Bruce, Rob, DickBob, Bobbie,    George, Huck, Bob, Pat, Brad
The Saturday evening banquet offered fare suitable for both grazers and carnivores. Dining among mangani tribes is a memorable experience. Taking a cue from those around me, I was soon snarling possessively over my alloted portion of dripping meat and other morsels gathered from the hills of Tennessee. The larger voracious bulls lost no time in returning to the site of the kill to pick clean the carcass.
But the highlight of this savage event was the pyrotechnics display. We had been encouraging von Horst to make an appearance on his unicycle while juggling flaming batons. 

 So our first thought when the room erupted into flames after the main course was that the entertainment had begun!

Von Horst with his flaming batons and deadly knives
Dejah set aback: Danger all around As the smoke cleared though, we realized it was Hilda, the inn-keeper, bearing her masterpiece -- a flaming dessert. Unfortunately, our ever-vigilante host, OJT had not been warned of this piece de resistance in advance. His favourite silk tie caught fire while he was stomping on the dessert tray in an effort to douse the flames. Not even a tie in flames can upset the unflappable Jim Thompson
After coffee was served, a steady stream of mangani bulls knuckled their way to the earthen mound to deliver their own distinctive grunts and growls. The most impressive bull was, of course, the leader of the tribe, Tublat, who shattered the still of the Tennesee night with his horrific victory cry. This sound, obviously, is unknown in the Tennessee hills, as shrieks of terror and a crash of silver and glass suddenly emanated from the kitchen area.
Jim ThompsonBob HydeTracy GriffinJerry SpannraftMike ConranGeorge McWhorter
A toast by Mary Burroughs Guest of honour, Mary Burroughs, took the opportunity to propose a toast of thanks to Jim Thompson for the incredible job he had done in hosting the Moon Maid ECOF. She assured everyone that this event would generate many fond memories of the friendships recently made in ERBdom. Jim in turn responded by thanking Mary and Barry Stubbersfield for travelling so many miles to attend the gathering. Barry and Sue Stubbersfield
OJT also thanked the many volunteers for the work they had done: JoN for helping to prepare Mary's JCB booklet ~ Tarak, JoN and Huck for their ERB comics panel~ Bruce "Abner Perry" Wood for the work he had done on the Moon Maid theme ~ and all the others who had worked behind the scenes.
Mary ~ Bill ~ JimBill ~ Jim ~ BobHuckBruce
Ken Webber Ken Webber received the ERB Lifetime Achievement Award in absentia. Apparently he had been abducted before the feast by the treacherous Predator and his tribe. ERB Lifetime Achievement Award
Satiated at last, the full-bellied tribe waddled to a clearing where I witnessed an incredible display of posturing and posing amid the brilliant flash of lightning bolts cast by ara. JoN, recently accepted to the ERBapa waiting list looked on enviously as this elite group of ERB scholars posed for their photo. We were both excited however, when Tarak called us over to pose with the members of the equally elite THB Listers.
ERBapaMembers of Tarak's Internet THB ListECOF 2000 Attendees
Bob O'Malley and Henry Franke Henry Franke kept appearing and disappearing. He searched most of the weekend for his lost eye glasses. Even Bob O'Malley joined in the fruitless search. By Monday we noticed that Henry had expanded his search to include the University of Louisville campus. Perhaps he can let us know if his quest was successful. Henry Franke
Steve Wadding and Sue-On Hillman Seated beside Ghak. I talked and talked... he was just so interested in all my stories. We talked about the elimination of dust bunnies, my kids, that cute little sun dress I saw in downtown Clarksville, my Amtorian Gardens, the possibilities for a pork brain franchise, recipes for turnip greens and collards...and so on and so on...
Bill ~ Mary ~ Jim and Jim's ERB autograph book  After the lengthy photo session, OJT made the rounds with his traditional guest book signing.

Tom Yeates made an artistic notation while JoN listed ALL of his websites, completely filling the margins...

Tom Yeates signs Jim's guest book in his distinctive style
Saturday night Burroughs Bibliophiles Bored Meeting In the course of the evening, I looked in occasionally on the BB board meeting. Members were holding up remarkably well in this marathon endurance test. They kept hoping that Hilda would take pity and consent to providing breakfast! Alas... that was not to be. I never did hear what they finally accomplished.

 Rumour was that they were still sequestered when we left Sunday afternoon.

Battle of the Sues: Sue Stubbersfield and Sue-On Hillman Sunday afternoon saw the departure of most of the ECOF attendees.

While Sue and I spent Sunday morning bragging  about and comparing our respective anatomical renderings by Tom Yeates, engineer Abner Perry rounded up his R&R crew for boarding the last train from Clarksville.

Jim ~ Mike ~ Jerry ~ Bruce ~ Linda ~ Laurence ~ Bill
Dejah raiding the Hachland gardens Tarak had invited us to ride with him to visit George's ERB collection in Louisville.

As I waited for Tarak to finish packing his huckster and auction loot, I decided to surprise him with a souvenir of his adventure in the Hachland jungle. The gigantic plant that mangled THB's truck bumper will menace no more!

Tarak's truck with customized bumper
Stingray Lady After many prolonged adieus, JoN and I, Tarak, Tracy and Laurence headed north for Louisville. The first stop along the way was the Corvette museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was a thrill to sit behind the wheel of the latest edition Stingray.
I just couldn't seem to get the hang of shifting gears...
Dejah finally gets to drive the 'vette
Tracy ~ Laurence ~ Sue-On ~ Bob
Laurence and Dejah baffled by all the exotic foreign food
We stopped at a Steak 'n Shake. Since Tarak was dying for a cigarette, he strategically placed me in front of the No Smoking sign. Clever and resourceful is THB.
"Whaa... no fish 'n' chips, blood pudding, bangers and mash, moo goo gai pan, bok choy. sharkfin soup...
what kinda place is this?"
Tarak had given us a full promotional spiel for the movie Gladiator, which he had seen back in Toledo. So we were all somewhat disappointed when all we could find was a multi-plex theatre with miniscule screens.
Laurence, Tracy, Bill and Bob arrive at the Ekstrom Library Next morning, I escorted the ERB commandos on their pilgrimage to the Ekstrom Library on the University of Louisville campus. The heart of this library is George McWhorter's world famous ERB Memorial Collection. GTM has donated and maintains this fine collection in memory of his mother, Nell Dismukes McWhorter.
George in the main showcase room At 10:30 George innocently welcomed the ERB commandos but he soon rued having made the invitation. George, ever the great host, answered all our questions and shared a constant parade of rare and unusual ERB items. He never hesitated in allowing us to handle or photograph rare items usually locked in display cases.
By noon however, the antics of this unruly quintet had pushed him to the limit. He almost did something rash with ERB's straight razor... but I restrained him in time.
A close shave with ERB's razor
The Hillmans with the All-Story Tarzan of the Apes JoN and Tarak continued dueling with their notorious digital cameras. Many of their pictures are, or will be, displayed on their respective websites.

After 6 hours in this Oparian treasure vault, I finally managed to drag the two tawny-haired ones away so we could catch our flight. But...WHERE did we park the truck???

Bob Tarak  Woodley and Bill JoN Hillman
 After trekking through a maze of jungle pathways, Tarak's uncanny sense of direction and homing instincts eventually led us back to his Toledo flyer. THB kindly dropped us off at the Louisville airport to catch our flight back to the northland and he headed back to the wilds of Ohio.
Starting in next week's ERBzine is a 16-website virtual tour of the McWhorter Memorial ERB Collection.

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Many thanks to Tarak for sharing some of his photos for Dejah's Diary.
All photos with a BW or TK prefix are courtesy of THB.

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Volume 0388

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