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Volume 0387


DAY 3: Saturday

Early Saturday morning, my friend Ray and his wife Marty came and picked me up for another day of "real-time chatting". As it was raining, we decided it was a good day for sightseeing from within their truck. Our destination was a wranglers' campground at Between the Lakes Resort area. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw sign posts indicating Hillmans Ferry! And here I thought I had crossed the Tennesee-Kentucky state line before JoN --  one-upmanship!. My pals delivered me safely back at HH to get ready for the evening banquet. Sue-On ~ Marty ~ Ray
Mary with JoN and Jim ~ photo by Tarak I was sorry I had to miss Mary's presentation on her years with John Coleman Burroughs, but JoN taped the event for me. It was a loving tribute to a very talented man. She shared many fascinating anecdotes and candidly answered many questions from the audience. Unfortunately, the tape ran out before the end of the story. JoN didn't have Woola to run and fetch another cassette for him so he had to commit the remaining stories to memory.  Mary Burroughs ~ photo by Tarak
Mary, John Coleman and Danton Burroughs: Photo courtesy Bob Hyde Perhaps someday JoN and Mary will write a sequel to the ECOF booklet and the JCB bio website in ERBzine. Ironically, he is probably the only person attending ECOF who doesn't have a copy of the booklet! He had set our copy down during Mary's autographing session. I wonder if it will be returned... as with the cameras? Cover of the ECOF Booklet: Mary Burroughs
Original JCB art featured on Mary's card set
Mary's card display
Original JCB art featured on Mary's card setOriginal JCB art featured on Mary's card set
Mary spent much of the afternoon chatting with the attendees and autographing her notecard collection. 
These cards featured reproductions of original JCB art from her personal collection.
Mary chatting with Bob Hyde and Tom YeatesMary Burroughs with Bill and Sue-On HillmanMary Burroughs and George McWhorter
Predator (Dennis Wilcutt) finally arrived Saturday with Tom Yeates. He had gone to the Nashville Airport to pick up Tom but the airport was in a shambles and they were late getting in to Clarksville.Was it the impending "battle to the death" between Tarak, the tawny haired barbarian, and Predator that shut down the power at Nashville airport?
Von Horst: David Juggler Critchfield A Roman carnival atmosphere prevailed as a crowd gathered in anticipation for the much ballyhooed confrontation between the two gladiators. Veteran juggler, von Horst, had coaxed several ERBphiles into trying their hands at juggling and crashing his unicycle into the Hachland Hall furniture. Von Horst on his unicycle in the Coliseum
Tarak and Predator grapple for the deadly knives Soon after Predator's arrival, he and THB were locked in mortal combat. Tarak, however, became confused when the crowd started to chant, "Go for the JUGULAR!". Quick as Ara the lightning, the tawny-haired barbarian leapt on the startled von Horst. Predator -- tired of waiting and dodging a barrage of balls, knives and bats... went home.

For more battle photos see ERBzine 0377.

Predator waits... and waits... and waitsTarak juggles while Predator burns...
The duel was far from being over we found out enroute to Louisville on Sunday.  While passing through Predator territory near Glasgow, we were startled by gun shots ricocheting all around Tarak's truck...Once we got out of range, we got out to assess the damage to THB's truck. A close call...Whew! Shot fired while driving by Glasgow on way to Louisville

Saturday Afternoon Auction
Tarak's Treasure Trove - photo by Tarak
Tarak's Treasure Trove
In spite of all my anticipation, I didn't meet Dennis ... saw him, but didn't get to talk to him. Why? was Tom Yeates'  fault as much as it was Tarak's. 

I arrived back in huckster's room late Sat afternoon ...breathing a sigh of relief in seeing JoN hovering with digital camera over Tom Yeates who was hard at work at his sketch pad. At least, he wasn't involved in the ongoing auction of ERB memorabilia. That relief was quickly dispelled. I moved in for a closer look...much to the delight of those who awaited my return.

Yes, Tom was busy sketching. The crowd I did not have to stand on tip toes to watch. It was obvious that the sketch in progress was John Carter and Dejah Thoris.

A double take! WAIT! That's Bill Hillman's face on JC... OMG... the mostly naked Dejah has errr...legs...

The newly transformed copper-skinned Princess retreated to her sleeping chambers.

ECOF Moon Maid logo by Jeff Doten

Moon Maid dj art by Dave Hoover

A highlight of this year's ECOF was the great line-up of outstanding artists – none of whom, other than Tom, were actually present. These creative people provided an abundance of art – all centered around a Moon Maid theme. Jeff Doten designed and painted the official logo – done as a full-colour painting as well as a monochrome banner logo. Duane Adams designed the unique, eye-catching T-shirt logo. Dave Hoover provided the outstanding dust jacket art for the Moon Maid special edition hard cover book. This collector's item is an ERB fan's dream which features the original unabridged pulp text, plus many added features by Huck, Duane, Bob Zeuschner and more. Bruce Wood, who is in charge of the project, is taking advance orders for fall release. Bruce and Jim presented the prototype edition to a very appreciative Mary Burroughs. All of this original Moon Maid art and much more will be featured on the ECOF 2000 CD-ROM which is being prepared by Tangor (Bruce Bozarth). Logo by Duane Adams ~ Chest by Barry
There was an air of expectancy all weekend as everyone was hoping Tangor would materialize... as few of us have had the  pleasure of meeting this prolific listmeister. Earlier, I even dug my mobile phone out of my suitcase and made a call to see if he had left Texas yet. Bruce and JoN are the creators of the monster posing as a parody entitled THE RATNAZ FILES (all 132 chapters)... which totally disrupted our lives for a few years. There have been many hours of long phone conversations and shared web projects between these two ERBADdicts. Ratnaz Logo by Duane Adams
At 7 o'clock, waves of tantalizing aromas beckoned all to the dimly lit banquet room. The low lighting, I am sure, was a ploy to give the diners some relief from JoN and Tarak's digitalitis. Between these two tawny haired barbarians, we have a collection of almost 1000 pictures which surely makes this the most photographed ERB event in history. be continued in ERBzine 0388: Banquet and Beyond
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Volume 0387

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