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ECOF 2000 Moon Maid Logo by Jeff Doten

Ghak - the Hairy King of Sari, arrived with his ever present smile. Nothing but a hug would do for this shy-but-knowledgeable Burroughs fan/waiter we met in Tarzana. Steve immediately headed for his assigned abode with his TV Guide in hand, in search of ERB-related programming. I wonder what all those fans at home watched while Ghak was away? Did he leave the List Lurkers a long enough list of movies, etc. to hold off withdrawal till his return? Steve Wadding - Ghak
Hillmans - Huck - Tarak at Rudy's Diner Wish you HAD tried those pork brains, Ghak! That Rudy's Diner was something else... ABSOLUTE greasy spoon with great atmosphere. I love it! Should definitely be on everyone's "must visit in Clarksville" list. We attacked our links and grits for our first Southern breakfast with THB and Huck.

HOWEVER...I was so intrigued by the idea of pork soon as we arrived home,
I spent hours in Soo's kitchen, experimenting with various ingredients 'til I came up with
this satisfying concoction.

Pork Brains Recipe:
Pork Brains
3  Pork Brains (smart ones)~ 2 tb Oil ~ 4 oz Ground Pork ~ 2 c  Soup Stock ~ 1 tb Cornstarch Paste ~ 2 tb Chili Nam Yuey ~ 1 t  Ginger, minced ~ 1/2 t  Soy Sauce ~ 1 t  Shao Hsing Wine (1 cup for the cook) ~ 1/2 t  Sesame Oil ~ 1 t  Pepper, ground ~ 1 t  Spring Onion, minced

Cook pork brains in boiling water till done. Remove membrane and tissue (More wine for the cook). Cut into long, thin slices. Heat oil in a wok. Stir-fry ground pork with Chili Nam Yuey and minced ginger till the ground pork turns crispy. Add stock, pork brains, soy sauce and wine. Simmer over a low flame till there's almost no liquid. Add cornstarch paste and remove from heat. Garnish with sesame oil, ground pepper and minced spring onions. Enjoy! 

Friday morning also witnessed the arrival of John Tyner, Mike Conran, Bob Hyde, Ken Webber, Jerry Spannraft, Bill Ross... SO many to check off the list... so little time to visit with everyone. I felt rather timid and shy - yes! Me, PoM, among all these ERBphiles.
I have read most of ERB's writings... as a young bride trying to please her hubby. When time permits, I have been re-reading the Mars series. But most of my ERB dialogue is acquired through osmosis (grin). These fans, however, assure me that I too will be able to discuss with intelligence, all aspects of ERB's works, if I continue to watch Frank Merrill's movies (star of this year's Tarzan Film Festival), Wolf Larson TV shows and keep hovering over JoN's multitude of websites. Frank Merrill
Although the hucksters had their usual tantalizing display of ERB Items JoN turned over most of his "huckster allowance" to the many fanzine editors in attendance, for back issues and subscriptions: GTM'sBurroughs Bulletin, Bill Ross' s ERB Collector, Mike Conran'sERB News Dateline and new OE Ken Webber's inaugural issue of ERB-APA #65. Negotiations are still in progress with John Tyner for an exchange of the striking Panthan T-shirt for one of the Hillmans' CDs. John Tyner sporting a Panthan T-Shirt
George McWhorter: Burroughs Bulletin
Bill Ross: ERB Collector
Mike Conran: ERB News Dateline
Ken Webber
George McWhorter: Burroughs Bulletin
Bill Ross: ERB Collector
Mike Conran: ERB News Dateline
Ken Webber: New OE of ERBapa
Mary Burroughs and BB President Bob Hyde Bob Hyde – BB Prez and champion of late-night board meeting marathons – looked so formidable, but is really a softie at heart. He had in his possession, a rare photo of  himself with John Coleman and Mary Burroughs, taken while visiting their Malibu home during a Christmas party in the early ‘60s. Also in the photo were  two of John's children, Danton and Dian. This photo released a flood of memories for Mary and generated much discussion during her panel presentation. Bob Hyde and Sue-On Hillman
Another new friend arrives... the name is SO familiar from the list... Richard Spargur... the walking ERB database! Who would have guessed that he was a 6'5" giant? No persona yet? Well! here's a challenge for all you out there in listland! Dick tells us that he and Chuck Pogue used to publish a fanzine in high school. They parted ways after graduation and Chuck went on to become a well-known Hollywood screenwriter (Dragonheart, Kull, The Fly, Psycho III, PM, etc.). They have just recently re-established contact. Perhaps we will see samples of their earlier work at the next Dum-Dum... or on the Silver Screen? I can tell, from late night "fireside food chats," that Richard loves food from all over the world. Perhaps we need to do a cookbook based on ERB's writings? This would go beautifully with Bobbie Rucker's incredible miniature version of Tarzan's cabin and her Lord Greystoke's Diary on display at George's Louisville University ERB collection.
Mary Fowler and Mary Burroughs Friday afternoon started with the arrival of our special guest, Mary Burroughs, accompanied by her charming friend, Mary Fowler of Nashville. JoN and I had the pleasure of meeting Mary in person last year in Tarzana, although we've had many visits via phone and e-mail before and since. During this time she provided provided us with many reminiscences for inclusion in the souvenir booklet on John Coleman Burroughs, which was included in the ECOF registration packet. The two highlights of this book were Mary’s “Love Story” piece and the beautiful, never-before-seen portrait of her done by JCB. This was scanned from a rare slide that she had sent to us a few weeks earlier. Everyone was looking forward to tomorrow's afternoon presentation by Mary. Mary Burroughs Portrait by John Coleman Burroughs
Comic Book Panel Members: JoN, Huck, Tarak
JoN ~ Huck ~ Tarak
Friday's afternoon panel -- A Discussion on ERB Comic Books --  was originally planned to have included five ERB panel members, each with a particular area of expertise. Unfortunately, Bruce "Hadron" Salen and Dennis "Predator" Wilcutt had to drop out due to other commitments. Into the breech stepped three brave and stalwart warriors: two Panthans and a Canuck: Bob "Tarak" Woodley, Huck "Professor AQ Porter" H, and Bill "Jeddak of the North" Hillman. I videotaped the event until I was abducted by Ray and Marty Lindsey, the Alabama Wranglers. I stayed long enough, however, to see Tarak, the moderator, introduce the panel, and JoN present an overview of the history of ERB comics, referring to projected cover images from his website via Tarak's laptop computer. As I was dragged away from this action-packed event,  kicking and screaming, Huck was discussing the various incarnations of John Carter of Mars in comics. Sadly, I missed Tarak's impassioned ode to the lovely Tavane of Brothers of the Spear and his impressions of the Dell Tarzan comics.
I was AWOL from Hachland Hall for Friday night's activities and through most of Saturday. It was such a difficult decision... to stay and keep JoN away from the hucksters' room... or visit with chat pals I have known for five years -- but had never met in person. Browsing through fleamarkets and antique shops was fun, but obviously, OJT had already cleaned out all the shops of ERB-related items. ; )  I was rewarded with a great feed of fresh turnip greens, "culls" and huge steaks under the Tennessee rain.
John Tyner - Huck - Tarak - Ken Webber Meanwhile, over at Jim and Linda's house, JoN and the others were feasting on a Southern Pork Bar-B-Q with all the "fixins". Although rain eventually drove most people indoors, the mighty Panthans refused to relinquish their strategic position on the deck. I was glad to experience this gathering, vicariously at least, through the many pics and videos that I saw later. 
ECOF 2000 Cake
Birthday Cake for Barry Stubbersfield and Laurence Dunn
Barry and Laurence were celebrating birthdays during the ECOF weekend so Linda and Jim arranged to have a birthday cake prepared in addition to the official ECOF cake. Sadly the two guys spent much of the evening looking forlorn... waiting for Ghak and Tasor to finish their taste testing on BOTH cakes. Barry Stubbersfield and Laurence Dunn waiting for the cakeTasor and Ghak... not waiting for the cake
Jim Thompson and Bill Hillman surrounded by Jim's 1st Editions  Obviously, the highlight of the evening was a chance to explore Jim's ERB collection. Everyone, including Mary Burroughs, seemed to be particulary attracted to Jim's Moon Maid figurine and his tremendous collection of art and books. Mary and Jim admire Moon Maid figurine
Burroughs Bibliophiles Board Meeting I returned to Hachland in time to see the Burroughs Bibliophiles engaged in one of their legendary board meetings. 

This meeting must go down in the record books... as I happened to look in after the Saturday night banquet, it was STILL going on... the "nights at the round table"!

On my way to our room, I spent a chatty interlude, with Ghak, von Horst and Dick Spargur, discussing events of the last two days. Meanwhile, JoN went down to join Tarak, Huck and Abner to see some of the Tarzan Film Festival in the smoke house.
Bill Ross and Mike Conran are winners of the “Second Annual Find the Jeddak's Camera Contest.” Last year, JoN's Sony Hi-8 video camera was retrieved and later returned to Canada from the Forry Ackerman’s Ackermansion. This year he entered his Sony Mavica digital still camera into the contest. It was retrieved after Friday midnight in the Hachland common room. JoN had cleverly and unobtrusively set it on a chair in the emptying room as he carried Tarak’s television set down to the film festival cabin. Bill and Mike, perceiving that the game was afoot, raced for the booty and stowed it away in their huckster cases. JoN, returning to an empty hall, had to wait till the next morning to determine who had actually won this year’s contest. 
Congrats... and thanks, guys.
Sony Hi-8 CamcorderSony Mavica
A Major Award for Mike and Bill

To be continued in ERBzine 0387

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Volume 0386

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