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Volume 0343
Edgar Rice Burroughs

Western Gallery 

Illustrations for
The Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County

Comments by David Adams

The dust jacket, frontispiece and 22 chapter headpieces are by John Coleman Burroughs.  The fact that the frontispiece and headpieces are reproduced in the Ace paperback edition came as a surprise to me, as I have had this book in my shelf for some years without this knowledge.  Zeuschner informs us that this paperback appears to be a photographic reproduction of the original ERB, Inc. edition, although I would assume it is somewhat reduced in size.

Dust Jacket
This is a very nice painting of a cowboy on a rearing horse.  The man is twisted in the saddle, holding smoking six shooters in each hand with the reins tucked around his left arm near the elbow.  He is wearing a red neckerchief, a blue vest, leather chaps and a Western cowboy hat. He has a no-nonsense look on his poker face, a tough hombre ready for business.

It is a very attractive dust jacket, much nicer than anything found inside the covers.  The story, according to Lupoff, is a poor western turned out in twenty-eight days in 1930.

The interior pencil drawings range from ordinary to very good sketches and  studies of Western topics that fit the text of the story.  JCB covers a wide range of subjects from action pictures of cowboys on horses, a very nice saddle, to Western landscapes, and a reproduction of a ransom note.

The style of these interior sketches may seem crude, but I believe they were meant to have this rough edge to them to fit the homespun nature of the story.  The thick, black, pencil JCB used to draw these pictures sometimes gives them the appearance of woodcuts.  Its hard to tell given the poor reproductions in the paperback edition, but the drawings may actually be a combination of pencil, pen, and pen and ink washes.

I like these little drawings.  They seem very suitable to the story, and although they are not up to Remingtons quality, they do have a certain charm that is hard to deny.

I would imagine that many of ERBs fans have in their collections a copy of Owen Wisters The Virginian with similar Western illustrations by C.M. Russell that they might like to look at again in comparison to JCBs.  While it perhaps isnt fair to compare JCBs work with Remington or Russell, it does give a point of reference as to where he was going with these little illustrations.

Nkima, May 7, 2000
i. Pitched forward upon his face
ii. Who Killed Gunderstrom
iii. Bruce Marvel
Pitched forward upon his faceii. Who Killed Gunderstromiii. Bruce Marvel

iv. Kay White
v. The Lion Hunt
iv. Kay Whitev. The Lion Hunt

vi. Hi Bryam
vii. The Bur
vi. Hi Bryamvii. The Bur

viii. Fourflushers, All
ix. The Sorrel Colt
viii. Fourflushers, Allix. The Sorrel Colt

x. Blaine Is Jealous
xi. That Would Be Eddie
x. Blaine Is Jealousxi. That Would Be Eddie

xii. Goodbye, Kay
xiii. Marvel Buys An Outfit
xii. Goodbye, Kayxiii. Marvel Buys An Outfit

xiv. Kidnapped
xv. One Hundred Thousand Dollars
xiv. Kidnappedxv. One Hundred Thousand Dollars

xvi. At Bryam's Cabin
xvii. Torn Playing Cards
xvi. At Bryam's Cabinxvii. Torn Playing Cards

xvi. At Bryam's Cabin
xix. Stick 'Em Up!
xviii. On The Trailxix. Stick 'Em Up!

xx. Water!
xxi. He Is Buck Mason
xx. Water!xxi. He Is Buck Mason

xxii. You're Under Arrest
xxiii. The Brass Heart

Recent Ace reprint: Cover art by Boris

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Volume 0343

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