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ERB ECLECTICA 2000.03.17
Part of the ERBzine Eclectica Series

Note: The Links shared here were posted in March 2000
Some of the off-site, non-ERBzine links may be no longer active.
Before Social Media There Was ERBzine Eclectica that we debuted in January 2000.
Our ERB Motes & Quotes Eclectica was a weekly showcase for all.
This was one of many Webpages that were featured in each week's ERBzine Webzine 
-- an online fanzine that we have published every week since 1996.
the latest ERB news, releases, readers letters, and a boundless collection of items 
of interest to Burroughs and SF/Adventure Fans. 
Images were smaller then as the Internet and computer systems were slower 
-- also server storage was much more expensive. 
Sadly, some of the off-site non-ERBzine links we've shared are no longer active 
- that, we have no control over but they are left here as a curiosity or reference.

1. ERB Anagrams
2. Tarzan - Lord of the Web: 5th Wave
3. J. St. John At Work and At Play
4. Lady Jane at Work and At Play
5. Prehistoric Artifact Found At Tarzana
6. The Book Not Taken - A Poem by Tarak
7. Pan-at-lee- A Poem by Tarak
8. Tantor Amok in Bangkok
9. BBBB: Burroughs Bibliophile Bulletin Board

Did you know that rearranging the letters of "Clint Eastwood" gives "Old West action", "Madonna Louise Ciccone" gives "Occasional nude income" and "William Shakespeare", "I am a weakish speller"??!
Rearranging the letters of Edgar Rice Burroughs gives:

Ouch! barriers grudge.                  Ugh! scourged barrier.
Grr! huge, bad couriers.                Scurried or huge brag.
Scurried or huge grab.                  Grrr! caused huge biro.
Grr! huge or bad cruise.                Grrr! huge, obscure aid.
Cough barriers urged.                   Grr! is huge or bad cure.
Grr! huge, rabid course.                Grr! huge, rabid source.
Grr! crusade huge biro.                 Grr! huge, arid obscure.
Grr! huge, obscure raid.                Hardier bug scourger.
Grrr! I huge, bad course.               Grrr! I huge, bad source.
God! huge carrier rubs.                 Grudge obscurer hair.
Huge rug or bad criers.                 Huge, arid grocer rubs.
Huge rubs raid grocer.                  Brochures argue grid.
Huge guard robs crier.                  Brochures grudge air.
Grudge cries harbour.                   God! huge carriers rub.
Huge rub raids grocer.                  Huge, arid grocers rub.
Huge grocers rub raid.                  Huge criers guard rob.
Ouch! Grr! rub disagree.                Argued or bugs richer.
Order! huge cigar rubs.                 Grab huge, dire cursor.
Grab ride huge cursor.                  Surcharge urged biro.
Cur or bear-hugged sir.                 Discharge rub or urge.
Grrr! cube or huge aids.                Grrr! huge or said cube.
Crush bridge or argue.                  Surcharge our bridge.
God! huge cur barriers.                 Grr! obscured huge air.
Ugh! God! barriers cure.                Grrr! huge basic or due.
Rage huge bird cursor.                  Grrr! bid or huge cause.
Huge, dire brag cursor.                 Ride huge brag cursor.
Ugh! urge or bad criers.                Ugh! Sure! rabid grocer.
Grrr! is huge or bad cue.               Grr! huge or rude basic.
Grr! huge or crude bias.                Grr! cured or huge bias.
Grr! bird or huge cause.                Grr! huge as crude biro.
Grr! cured as huge biro.                Grr! cube or huge raids.
Grrr! cube so huge raid.                Grr! cries or huge baud.
Huge rub orders cigar.                  Ugh! Grr! I bad resource.
Ugh! bruiser or graced.                 Eh! budgerigar cursor.
Grr! abide huge cursor.                 Is huge curb or regard.
Grr! board huge cruise.                 Grr! huge, broad cruise.
Carries huge rob drug.                  Ugh! God! barrier cures.
Grr! a brochure guides.                 Char or buries grudge.
Charge buries or drug.                  Grr! recharge dubious.
Grr! he rub discourage.                 Grrr! a huge, I obscured.
Grrr! baud or huge ices.                Carried or huge grubs.
Huge bear cursor grid.                  Ugh! debug or carriers.
Hours bugged carrier.                   Rush or urge birdcage.
Grr! brochure as guide.                 Eh! Grr! rub discourage.
Bird or huge cars urge.                 Grr! a huge biros cured.
Grr! obscurer, huge aid.                Grrr! is huge cube road.
Grrr! so huge, arid cube.               Grrr! is huge baud core.
Grid rubs or huge care.                 Grid rubs or huge race.
Grr! is huge, broad cure.               Ugh! Grrr! obscure idea.
Bigger hour crusader.                   Carriers bugged hour.
Brochure argues grid.                   Gracious! Grr! heed rub.
Huge, bad rigors recur.                 Grr! ascribed our huge.
O Dear! Grr! is huge curb.              Huge rob crier guards.
Grids argue brochure.                   Cheerio! Grr! bus guard.
Huge drab cures rigor.                  Grr! huge, bad or I cures.
Huge, basic drug error.                 Huge barriers dog cur.
Birds cure or huge rag.                 Birds urge or huge arc.
Birds urge or huge car.                 Bird cures or huge rag.
Huge biros recur drag.                  Huge rubs cared rigor.
Rubs cried or huge rag.                 Huge rubs dog carrier.
Rubs rid or huge grace.                 Rub cares or huge grid.
Grid or huge races rub.                 Brags rid or huge cure.
Grabs rid or huge cure.                 Huge brag or crude sir.
Huge grab or crude sir.                 Brag or huge cures rid.
Grab or huge cures rid.                 Huge crab or sure grid.
Grab sure heroic drug.                  Eh! Grrr! dubious grace.
Grrr! our huge, bad ices.               Grr! so huge, rabid cure.
Grr! a huge, crude biros.               Grr! huge or absurd ice.
Rub or huge graces rid.                 Grr! is huge board cure.
Huge criers board rug.                  Huge rug boards crier.
Carried huge rug robs.                  Ugh! bugs air recorder.
Ugh! grab rid resource.                 Beggar scurried hour.
Grab sure urged choir.                  Begrudge hair cursor.
Grrr! course a huge bid.                Grrr! a huge bid source.
Birch or a sure grudge.                 Cheerio! rubs rag drug.
Chair sure grudge rob.                  Cherries guard or bug.
Richer or debug sugar.                  Char or bruise grudge.
Charge bruise or drug.                  Eh! Grr! raucous bridge.
Grrr! he dubious grace.                 Grr! course a huge bird.
Grr! a huge bird source.                Bus crier or huge drag.
Rub grid or huge scare.                 Huge carriers rub dog.
Rub so drag huge crier.                 Rub cries or huge drag.
Cured brag or huge sir.                 Grab cured or huge sir.
Ugh! Grr! I bad recourse.               Rush or urged rib-cage.
Rush budgerigar core.                   Brochure as urge grid.
Grr! a guide brochures.                 A brochures urge grid.
Sure! heroic brag drug.                 Grr! argued or his cube.
Grudge roach bruiser.                   Buries or charged rug.
Is charged rub or urge.                 He, budgerigar cursor.
Ha! Grrr! obscure guide.                Rib grade huge cursor.
Rib raged huge cursor.                  Huge scrub or I regard.
Grr! so huge baud crier.                Huge or rubric grades.
Rub graced or huge sir.                 Rub huge, sacred rigor.
Rub scared huge rigor.                  Rub rid as huge grocer.
A huge drug robs crier.                 Hugged rub or carries.
Ugh! rag bird resource.                 Ugh! rid brag resource.
Ugh! broad criers urge.                 Hub or grudge carries.
Rub argued his grocer.                  Cheers! bad rug rigour.
Bug or I research drug.                 Gosh! Grr! cried bureau.
Grr! he raucous bridge.                 Grrr! bid or huge sauce.

The above are what the server considers to be the best 200 anagrams. With your own copy of the Windows/MacOS software you can find hundreds more anagrams. Download a copy now:

The following are the 10 longest words made using some of the letters:
bear-hugged                           discourage
budgerigar                              gregarious
herbaceous                             guardhouse
Harrisburg                               subcarrier
discharge                                 birdcages

Now you can find what lurks within the letters of YOUR name. This FREE service is based around a less powerful version of the remarkable Anagram Genius software - available for your Windows PC or Apple Macintosh computer. See for more information!


3. J. St. John - At Work and At Play
Jill St. JohnJill St. John

Rare seldom-seen photos of the famous artiste
J. St. John
at work and at play
I'm told that J. St. John was the illustrator of many of ERB's best novels.

4. LADY JANE  (Jane March) - At Work and At Play

Jane At Work
 In a "climactic" scene from the 1998 release Tarzan & the Lost City, Rapulane Seiphemo (as Prince Kaya), Jane March (as Jane Porter), and Caspar Van Dien (as Tarzan) gaze upon the lost city of Opar, pondering how to go about saving the legendary "cradle of civilization"  from greedy Europeans.
Photo from Warner Bros. Studios and Village Roadshow Pictures PTY LTD.

Jane At Play

5. Prehistoric Artifact Found at Tarzana
Tarzana in the mid-1920s
Tarzana in the mid-1920s
News from Tarzana in the Times Community Newspapers
Possible prehistoric artifact found
Archeological find may halt construction of housing tract at Burroughs' former estate.


An archeologist has unearthed a possible prehistoric artifact on a 16-acre housing tract within the former estate of "Tarzan" author Edgar Rice Burroughs.

If corroborated, the finding could halt construction of the 31-home development while a survey is conducted. Such a finding could subject the developer to provisions, including hiring a certified archeologist to conduct a topical survey and a historical study of the tract documenting its origin and use.

Controversy over the felling of 250 rare and mature trees on the storied site in November prompted residents to form The Friends of Tarzana. Interest in the history of the area also prompted local architect Barry Schweiger to ask independent archeologist Albert Knight to look it over.

Knight recommends a thorough scientific study be conducted based on his opinion that the site is archeologically significant. "It's an excellent place for a site," Knight said in an interview. "I have no doubt that there are some more artifacts there." However, artifacts left in the tract might have been damaged based on the years of development and use the land has undergone, he said.

Knight said that after studying historical maps, he chose a specific spot on the property to investigate, where he found a dark colored object partially exposed in the mud. After Knight identified the object as an artifact, Schweiger took the object from the site to get a second opinion from archeologist Chester King. King says he has been working in the Santa Monica Mountains since 1960 and now works for the National Park Service.

According to King, the object is andesite, a type of volcanic rock. The way that it was shaped, with sharp edges on one side, convinced him that it was "definitely a prehistoric artifact," most likely a tool.  The calcium deposits on the side of the object allowed King to estimate the rock at 2,000 to 3,000 years old. King speculates that the location of the site, with its proximity to El Caballero Creek and the view of the mountains, might be an area where American Indians lived.

Robert Davis, developer of the 31-home construction site, said he is puzzled by the finding and the chain of events behind it. Davis said there is a strict procedure governing the discovery of artifacts that apparently was not followed.  "The last thing someone of any expertise would do is to remove it," he said.

Knight says he did not remove the object himself. However, because the ground had been disturbed by construction, the rock had probably already been dislocated from its origin.

The Friends of Tarzana has asked Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski to investigate. "We're not trying to halt the whole development," said Susanne Belcher of The Friends of Tarzana. "This site needs to be protected until they can see if there's something of significance."

Lisa Levy, valley deputy for Miscikowski, has asked Schweiger to substantiate the find and has contacted the city Planning Department and the developer.

Until the Planning Department makes a determination about the possible artifact, Davis is free to proceed with construction. However, Levy has warned him to be cautious and aware of the possible historical significance of the tract.  "We're taking it seriously and making sure that the proper city agencies are aware of this," Levy said.

Submitted by the Wazirian and Lord Passmore

6. From Tarak's Lands of Adventure:
aka Bob Woodley

The Book Not Taken
Tarak Frost

Two books were there on a shelf of wood,
And sorry I could not read them both,
And be one reader, long I stood,
Then picked up one which looked pretty good,
With a man and a lion and  jungle growth,

Then I left  the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was sci-fi, with great hardware,
Though as I recall, the covers there
Were both pretty  neat, all the same,

And both that morning equally lay,
With all the mystique of a new paperback,
Oh, I kept the one for another day,
Yet knowing I'd might be reading all day,
I wondered when I would ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh,
Somewhere ages and ages hence,
Two books were there on a shelf of wood,
But the ERB was the one I'd try,
And that has made all the difference.

7. Pan-at-lee by Tarak
aka Bob Woodley
Pan-at-lee by Joe Jusko
Another version of "Annabel lee"

It was many and many a year ago,
In Pal-ul-don, far from the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know,
By the name of Pan-at-lee,
And this maiden she lived with no other thought,
Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child and she was a child,
In Pal-ul-don, far from the sea,
But we loved with a love that was more than love----,
I and my Pan-at-lee----
With a love that the wizened Waz-don gund,
Coveted her and me.

And this was the reason that, long ago,
In Pal-ul-don, far from the sea,
The Tor-o-don came from a cloud, chilling
My beautiful Pan-at-lee,
But then that Tarzan-jad-guru came,
And saved my Pan-at-lee
To take her away from Kor-ul-gryf,
In Pal-ul-don, far from the sea.

The Ho-don, never pleased in A-lur,
Went envying her and me—
Yes!—that was the reason (as all men know,
In Pal-ul-don, far from the sea)
That their warriors came out of A-lur, by night,
Chilling and killing my Pan-at-lee— .

But our love it was stronger by far than the love
Of those who were older than we—
Of gunds far wiser than we—
And neither the angels in Heaven above,
Nor the Tor-o-dons we see,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Pan-at-lee —

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Pan-at-lee,
And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Pan-at-lee,
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side,
Of my darling—my darling—my life and my bride,
In the Kor-ul-ja, there she will be,
In her tomb far from sounding sea.


Tarak's Lands of Adventure:

8. Tantor Amok in Bangkok
Tantor dominates ERBzin-e this week.
Nkima pays tribute to the faithful pachyderm in his
Chattering from the Shoulder column and
ERBzine 0307 is a special all-'mastodon' issue
,,,he don't get no respect in Bangkok... Read on little children:

BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - A dozen elephants marched through Bangkok's car-choked streets Monday in a protest by their handlers against the city's plans to ban begging elephants. The ban orders the handlers, or mahouts, to leave the capital with their elephants before Friday or face arrest. City authorities say bringing elephants to Bangkok is dangerous for man and beast. A few weeks ago, an elephant broke loose from its handler and charged down one of Bangkok's busiest streets before a veterinarian with a tranquilizer gun brought it down. Other elephants have been struck by cars or have tripped into open manholes.


Hosted by Jim Thompson
Guests: Barry Stubbersfield & Mary Burroughs
MAY 18 - 21, 2000

DUM-DUM 2000
~ The Annual Convention of the Burroughs Bibliophiles ~
July 13-16, 2000
Lands Inn at Grandville, MI.
Special guest: Johnny Sheffield
Room Rates and Registration Fees: TBA

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