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Volume 2893
ERBapa Reprint Series

John Carter of Mars Heritage style
by Laurence Dunn
ERBapa #100 Reprint

Thirty years ago, Heritage Models Inc. brought out their range of Barsoomian figures.  War gaming was at its height and the Martian novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs with its warring nations, provided the ideal setting for the gaming world.

But few Burroughs fans were aware of their existence and the company folded long before many collectors could take advantage of seeing the characters and creatures of Burroughs imaginative mind turned into a three dimensional reality.  If you were lucky, these figures could be found at conventions, shows, antique stores, word of mouth or through the fanzines, but the search was arduous and most times, fruitless.  Today, through internet sites like eBay, all those earlier avenues are now a thing of the past and figures can be purchased from one's own home, albeit one has to bid against a fellow collector to get the desired item.

The range of figures Heritage planned on producing was ambitious to say the least and they came close to completing their goal.

75mm (3") Collector Figurines

1500 John Carter, Warlord of Mars
1501 Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars
1502 Tars Tarkus, Jeddak of Thark

25mm (1") Gaming Diorama Sets

1503 John Carter, Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars and Kantos Kan plus Diorama Nameplate
1504 John Carter mounted on Thoat with Dejah Thoris and Woola
1505 Tars Tarkus, Jeddak of Thark
1506 Cathoris of Helium, Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Gahan and Llana of Gathol
1507 Issus, Goddess of Death upon her throne and Matai Shang, Father of Therns with the Holy Altar of Doom
1508 Ras Thavas, Mastermind of Mars and Princess Tara of Helium with Ulysses Paxton and Valla Dia
1509 Solon of Okar and Dator Thurid of the Black Pirates with Than Kosis, Jeddak of Zodanga and Tul Axtar of Jahar
1510 Phor Tak , Mad Jaharian Scientist Inventor of the Flying Death and Ur Jan, Assassin of Mars with two Mercenary Panthans
1511 Red Martian Swordsmen of Mars (3 each of 2 types)
1512 Red Martians with Radium weapons (3 each of 2 types)
1513 Martian Command Group (2 Officers, flag and bugle)
1514 Green Martian Thark Swordsman
1515 Green Martian Warhoon Warrior
1516 Green Martian with Radium Rifle
1517 Black Pirates of Barsoom - the Firstborn (3 each of 2 types)
1518 Yellow Martians - the Men of Okar (3 each of 2 types)
1519 White Martians - The Holy Therns (3 each of 2 types)
1520 Kaldanes of Barsoom - individual and upon Rykors
1521 Synthetic Men of Mars (3 each of 2 types)
1522 Orovars from Horz and Lotharians with Bowmen
1523 The Masena (Catmen) of the Thurian Moon
1524 Morgors (Skeleton Men) of Jupiter
1525 Red Martians mounted on Domestic Thoats
1526 Green Martian Thoat Rider *
1527 Green Martian (Giant) Thoat *
1528 Plantmen of the Valley Dor
1529 Banth and Apt
1530 Malagor with Synthetic Man Rider *
1531 White Ape of Barsoom
1532 Zitadar with Red Martian Mahout (driver) *
1533 Green Martian Chariot (Cart) for Zitidar *
1534 Giant Martian Lizard
1535 Great Barsoomian Sader *
1536 Rapid-Fire Radium Cannon with Operator and Radium Cannon with Crew
1537 Ten-Man Scout Flyer *

Martian Airships

1538 Scout Flyers (Various sizes) *
1539 Cruisers (Light and Heavy) *
1540 Battleships and Battlecruiser *
1541 Dreadnaughts and Transports *

To the best of my knowledge, those figures marked with an asterisk (*) were never manufactured by Heritage although one website I came across shows a picture of what appears to be a one-man flyer but it is unclear who produced it.

It would have also been very interesting to know what a Great Barsoomian Sader (item 1535) was unless it was meant to read 'Spider,' the 12-legged monster found in the novel, A Fighting Man of Mars.

75mm (3") Collector Figurines

1500 John Carter

1501 Dejah Thoris

1502 Tars Tarkus 

25mm (1") Gaming Diorama Sets

1503d Diorama nameplate

1503a John Carter

1503b Dejah Thoris

1503c Kantos Kan

1504a John Carter with Dejah Thoris on thoat

1504b - Woola

1506a - Carthoris

1506b - Thuvia

1506c Gahan of Gathol

1506d Llana of Gathol

1505 Tars Tarkus

1507a - Issus

1507b Matai Shang

1508a Ras Thavas

1508b Princess Tara

1508c Ulysses Paxton

1508d Valla Dia

1509a Solon of Okar

1509b Dator Thurid

1509c Than Kosis

1509d Tul Axtar

1510a Phor Tak

1510b Ur Jan

1510c - Panthan

1510d - Panthan

1513b - Red Martian

1512a Red Martian

1511c Red Martian

1511a Red Martian

1513a Bugler

1514 - Thark

1515 - Warhoon

1516 Green Martian

1517a First Born

1517b First Born

1518a Yellow Martian

1519a Holy Thern

1519b Holy Thern

1520a Kaldane+Rykor

1520b - Kaldane

1520b - Kaldane

1521a Synthetic Man

1521b Synthetic Man

1522a - Orovar

1522b Orovar

1522c - Orovar

1523 - Masena

1524a - Morgor

1524b - Morgor

1528 - Plantman

1529a - Banth

1529b - Apt

1531 White Ape

1534a Giant Martian Lizard


1536a Rapid Fire Radium Gun

1536b Radium Cannon with operator

1536c Gun crew member

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