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Al Bohl and Bill Hillman
ERBzine Spotlight on
Al Bohl
~ Tarzan Documentary Maker ~
~ Animator ~ Author ~ Musician ~
~ ERB Fan and Scholar Extraordinaire ~
Al Bohl is producing a documentary about the 1918 Tarzan of the Apes film that was partially made in his home state of Louisiana. 

He attended the 2009 Dum-Dum where he interviewed many of the dedicated ERB fans and scholars for the documentary. Accompanied Al was his daughter Allison, who is an accomplished film producer.

To date he has been on the Tarzan swamp tour where they shot the 1918 film and has interviewed people in Morgan City with knowledge of the filming process.  He has heard from many people who are fans of the film. Unfortunately the city archive is very small but they do have a spear that the natives carried. He has also been contacted by a man who owns a boat used in the movie. It was exhibited at the '84 World's Fair and is now in a boat museum in South Louisiana. He is still hoping to meet someone who was in the film over 90 years ago.

Before arriving at the Dayton convention he and  Allison spent a day at the Ekstrom Library in the University of Louisville where they got invaluable interview footage with George McWhorter and a full tour of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection. 

A highlight of the Dayton Dum-Dum was Al's presentation in which he showcased an overview of the project and shared some of the raw footage. He also took away new footage which showed the dedication of ERB fans in a convention setting.

Following the Dum-Dum Al moved on to California where he visited ERB, Inc. in Tarzana and also interviewed many Hollywood notables, including Elmo Lincoln's daughter Marci'a Lincoln.

Al may be contacted at:
Phone: 1.318.426.8530


Animator and Author
In addition to Al's talents as a documentarian he is also a respected animator and author.

Bossier City artist is 'Way Out There!'
Shreveport Times ~   July 22, 2009

Bossier City artist Al Bohl has always had a love of the arts and a sense of humor to match.

That love has led to a deal that may strike gold. Bohl recently finalized a development deal for his cartoon series "Way Out There!"

"I'd been working about a year and a half when I got the call from Canada," Bohl said.

Toronto-based animation and distribution company 9 Story Entertainment bought the concept and is making a pilot about a boy who attends a boarding school on the Planet Nu-B-On. The fish-out-of-water story has the boy as an intergalactic foreign exchange student whose best friend is in a city in a glass jar, whose bully is a jock and whose teacher goes by "Blah Blah."

The deal is even sweeter because for the last 10 years, Bohl has been the art director at Sci-Port: Louisiana's Science Center in Shreveport. During the summers, Bohl teaches cartooning and animation classes for all ages through the Continuing Education Department of LSUS.

For years, Bohl had been developing "Way Out There!" and pitching the concept at festivals and animators workshops. At the Ottawa International Animation Festival, Bohl was approached by 9 Story. The story is meant to appeal to young boys who can identify with the main character.

"We were thrilled to be introduced to such a fresh and highly creative property," said Liliana Vogt, vice president of development for Story 9, in a release. "Al's designs and concept for the series instantly resonated with our sensibilities, our brand and our objective, which is to find unique, character-driven comedy material with solid international appeal."

Bohl has been freelancing his cartoon ideas since earning his bachelor of arts degree in liberal and fine arts in 1984 from LSUS. All told, he has designed covers for and written or illustrated nearly 50 books, including his futuristic superhero, Zaanan.

He is married to Doris Gibson who has worked as a surgical nurse for the past 20 years. They have three grown children. Capt. Aaron Bohl is a Cobra Attack Helicopter pilot in the U.S. Marines. Allison Bohl is a filmmaker who mostly produces documentaries. Allison and her co-producer, Connie Castille, were selected as the Louisiana Filmmakers of the Year in 2007 for their film "I Always Do My Collars First." Al and Doris' youngest son, Alex Bohl, a recent La. Tech graduate and works at CenturyLink in Monroe.

Al Bohl is always willing to talk to others about cartooning and the arts. He can be reached by e-mail at

Allison and Al

Songwriter and Recording Artist
Listen to a sample of Al's songwriting and vocals on the following recordings:

Oh My Famous Last Words
"I wrote this for my father.  He will always be my hero.  He was a strong, former Marine, who taught me to be a good person and father.  I finished recording this song before he died and he asked me to play it during his funeral.  I always envisioned Johnny Cash recording it but he died before I could get it to him."

Someone To Love
"I wrote this one for Allison when she began to take boys more serious.  I always tried to teach her to "guard her heart."  Naturally, she was dating a guitar player at the time."

You Moved Me
"I wrote and recorded this for my wife for an anniversary a couple of years ago.  This past August we celebrated 34 years together."

February 16, 2009
Media Contact: Al Bohl 318-426-8530
Tarzan’s Louisiana Connection Explored in Documentary 

A documentary film is being made about the 1918 silent motion picture "Tarzan of the Apes" which was shot in Morgan City. Executive producer Al Bohl is working in partnership with the award winning Cinematic Arts Workshop of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette to produce this documentary.  “The making of the original film is a fascinating story,” says Bohl, “with more layers than an onion.” 

Mr. Bohl lives in Louisiana and has always been a fan of the Ape man created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  According to Bohl, years ago a man from Morgan City told him about the film and said live apes had been used in the film and just left behind when the film wrapped. That bit of information was enough to keep the Bossier City native hooked into the story.  However, it wasn’t until the movie industry started coming to Louisiana that Bohl began investigating more into this particular Tarzan film. 

“This film was the first feature film made on location in the U.S. and one of the first films to gross one million dollars at the box office,” says Bohl. That is about $25 million in today’s money.  This documentary to be entitled “Tarzan: Lord of the Louisiana Jungle,”  hopes to not only find out if there are monkeys in the bayous but also find out if a real lion was killed on screen and why, of all places, Louisiana was chosen as the place to make the movie.

Bohl and the Cinematic Arts Workshop team will travel throughout the United States interviewing scholars and fans finding these answers and much more.  The project is already stirring interest among Tarzan enthusiasts around the nation and has the blessing of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.  Elmo Lincoln played the part of Tarzan in the first film.  Mr. Lincoln passed away in the 1950s but his daughter has been very excited about this documentary project.

Mr. Bohl would like anyone with first or second hand knowledge of the Morgan City film to contact him through his website “I have high hopes that at least one person is still alive and willing to talk to us who was somehow affiliated with the movie made some 90 years ago.  A great find would be an ape costume worn in the movie.  I can always dream,” adds Bohl.


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