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2009 Dum-Dum ~ Dayton, Ohio

August 13-16
Guest of Honor: Pete Ogden ~ Host Richard Spargur

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I: On the Road to Dayton: Shelbyville, IN
II: Wednesday Evening at the Spargurs
. .
III: Thursday Registration and Bravo Meal
IV: Mingling in the Huckster Room
. .
V: Sampling of Huckster Wares Close Up
Collectibles ~ Photos ~ Films
Posters ~ Books ~ Comics
VI: Friday Events:
Mucker Jeopardy ~ Wilcutt Art ~ Documentary Filming 
Board Meeting ~ Ekstrom Library Presentation
. .
VII: Friday Cookout at Spargurs
Perusal of the Spargur Collection followed by Cookout
VIII: Saturday Events
ERB Influences Panel | Al Bohl Documentary | BB Auction
. .
IX: Saturday Banquet
The Diners
X: Saturday  Evening
Speakers | GoH | Photo Ops
. .
XI: Sunday Farewells
Breakfast | Goodbyes
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DUM-DUM 2009: Schedule of Events

Friday 8:00 AM Dealers set up in Huckster Room
9:30 AM Huckster Room opens
11:00 AM Mucker Jeopardy
12:00 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Dennis Wilcutt's Personal Art presentation
3:30 PM BB Board Meeting
5:30 PM Huckster Room Closes for the day
6:30 PM Cookout at the Spargur house
Saturday 9:30 AM Huckster Room opens
11:00 AM Panel discussion "ERB's Influences"
12:00 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Al Bohl: Discussion ~ Showing of Tarzan documentary
3:30 PM Auction
5:30 PM Huckster Room Closes
7:00 PM Banquet
Sunday 9:30 AM Farewell Breakfast
Registration Info
Registration Costs: 
Early: Member: $80 Spouse: $75
Guest for Banquet Only: $35
Please RSVP by July 6, 2009
Late: Member: $85 
Spouse: $80
Guest for Banquet Only: $40
Dealer tables free to members, $10 for everyone else.
Member: $80 ~ Spouse: $75 ~ Guest for Banquet Only: $35
Mail to: Richard C. Spargur
5535 Woodbridge Lane ~ Dayton, Ohio 45429
Phone: (937) 4348676 ~ Email:
Dayton-Mall- I-75 ~ Rt 725
31 Prestige Plaza Dr.
Miamisburg, OH  45342   USA

Desk: 1-937-434-8030
Fax: 1-937-434-6452
Mention "Dum-Dum 2009" when registering
Rates: $79 King or Queen | $89 Double Beds
Spouses Day at the Dayton DumDum 
(Events for Saturday August 15)
Excursion to Jungle Jimís International Market

A food lovers paradise - Foodieland - No matter what you call it, Jungle Jim's is arguably the nation's most unique supermarket megastore, featuring more than six acres of food, wine, beer, gourmet cheeses, exotic meats, cigars, fresh seafood, spices, confections, bakery, gourmet cookware, gifts of distinction and more!  Unbelievable displays and hands-on activities make this destination a delight for families and foodies alike.  Jungle Jimís International Market is a place where the first rule is to treat customers like gold and the second is to have fun doing it.  Over 50,000 people a week visit from several states away for the unique shopping experience Jungle Jimís International Market offers.  You can buy food from over 70 countries, listen to Elvis and Mariachi music, sample tasty foods, get red hot deals and, of course, have hours of fun. 

Lunch at The White House Inn

Nestled on six acres of southern Ohio countryside, this 50-year-old farmhouse was restored  into seven separate dining rooms each with its own unique decor. There are four fireplaces, country and herb gardens, two outdoor patio areas, a  gorgeous Gazebo, a Tavern featuring a breathtaking two-story stone fireplace, and a loft. 

Optional Visit to IKEA

IKEA offers a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. This is the idea at the heart of everything IKEA does, from product development and purchases to how we sell our products in IKEA stores globally

There were over 70 attendees for the 2009 Dayton Dum-Dum
Adler, Peggy
Badre, Phillipe
Bledig, Joan
Bohl, Al
Bohl, Allison
Buchheit, John
Buchheit, Judy.
Burrows, Bob
Burwell, Mickey
Burwell, Shirley
Casella, Anita

Casella, Elaine
Conran, MikeCritchfield, Dave
Critchfield, Teresa (banquet)
DeLeo, Philip
DeLeo, Mrs. Philip
Denby, Doug
Denby, Jean
Dunn, Laurence
Dunn: Judy Bohnett
Ekstrand, Joe

Ekstrand, John
ERB, Inc., Mann, Janet
ERB, Inc.,  Wilbanks, Cathy
Evanek, Phyllis
Fibiger, Milan
Franke III, Henry G.
Hadac, Jim.
Hart, Jon
Helfrich, Gary
Helfrich, Pam

Hillman, Bill 
Hillman, Sue-On
Howell, DJ
Huckenpohler, Huck
Jacoby, Robert
Kamper, Bill
Karr, Jim
Le Beau, Ray
Le Beau, Shirley
Lukas, Fred
Manson, Ken
McGeeney, Bob
McGeeney, Mrs.
Morse, Bill
O'Malley, Robert
Ogden, Pete
Ogden, Joan
Pepin, Col. Michael R.
Pepin, Ricky
Phillips, Greg

Ross, Bill
Sigmund, Rudy 
      and guest
Spannraft, Jerry
Spargur, Dick 
Spaight, Candy
Strong, Lee
Swaun, Harry 
Thompson, Jim

Thompson, John W.
Tyner, John G
Versandi, Robert 
Versandi, Mrs. Robert 
Vinson, Brad
Wadding, Steve
Wagner, Bill
Wilcutt, Dennis
Wood, Bruce
Wood, John L

Wood, Theresa

Hillman Photo Galleries
CONTENTS | I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | Mickey Burwell

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