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Volume 2713

DELL TARZAN’S JUNGLE ANNUAL #3 1954 ~ 100pp. 25 cents

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Part I: Pages 1-26
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Art interior: Jesse Marsh -1st - 4th - 5th stories ~ Russ Manning -- 2nd - 3rd stories
Cover Painting: Morris Gollub
Writer: Gaylord Du Bois 1-3-5
Cover: Painting of a leopard fighting a wildebeest
(Maybe the only cover without a Tarzan painting or photo)
Inside Front Cover: Tarzan’s Jungle World - Mythological Monsters - black and white.
With Tarzan in the background, two mythological creatures fight each other.
One has a serpent’s head and horn and a scaly body.
The front legs and paws are of a lion.
Its back legs are of a bird of prey. It has a medium tail.
The other creature has the head, body, and tail of a lion. The head has ram’s horns.
Wings sprout from its protruding chest.
The text suggests that these creatures could exist in Pal-ul-don.

1st story “Tarzan and the Pirate Stronghold” - 24pp.
Type -- Jane and Boy Rescue - Pirates - Lost City (Castrum Mare) - Shiftas - slavery

See the Text Summary and Commentary at ERBzine 1566

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Pages 1-26 | Pages 27-50 | Pages 51-75 | Pages 76-100
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