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Volume 2401

DELL #1 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1948 ~ 36 pp. 10cents

Copyright Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

PART I: Pages 1-16
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Front/Back Covers and Interior Art: Jesse Marsh (name label in first panel)
Writer: (Rob Thompson- unconfirmed)
Cover: Jesse Marsh - Both front and back covers concern themselves with the story contained between them.
This is a good touch that will be discarded in later issues.
Inside Front Cover:  Ink drawing called ‘Tarzan’s Ape-English Dictionary’.
Six "A" words are listed and illustrated here. A (light); Ab (boy); Ara (lightning); Arad (spear); Argo (fire); and Aro (shoot/throw).
The inside front and back covers starts the Ape-English dictionary from
Burroughs’ “The Official Guide of the Tarzan Clans of American.”
The inside front cover lists six out the possible thirteen ‘A’ words.

“Tarzan and the White Savages of Vari” - 32pp.
Type:  Lost City - Evil Empire Overthrown (Tarzan the Magnificent)

See the Text Summary and Commentary at ERBzine 0851

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