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ERBzine Silver Screen Series
The Land That Time Forgot II
See Part I at ERBzine 2117
by Banks Miller
Those terms in the Caspakian language directly given in the Caspak stories follow. The hyphenation of compound words is not entirely consistent; I have used hyphens in all cases.
Alu: “speechless man”. Very primitive hominid, without tools or language.
Ata: egg, life
Atis: woolly rhinoceros
Batu: unable to ascend further up the evolutionary chain 
Band-lu: “Spear man”. Early homo sapiens type. 
Bo-lu: “Club man”. Primitive hominid, looking like Neanderthal or earlier types. 
Caspak: native name for the interior of Caprona
Cor-sva-jo: “From the beginning”. Referring to the evolutionary process experienced by most Caspakian hominids.
Cos: negation, attached to compound words
Cos-ata-lo / cos-ata-lu: “No egg woman/man”. Referring to humans born
Coslupak: “No man’s land”. Unpopulated region between areas held by different hominid types.
Ecca: small, primitive form of horse
Ga: rope
Galu: “Rope man”. Fully modern people, with weaving and some metalworking. 
Ho-lu: Literal meaning unknown. Apes.
Honda: weight on the Galu rope
Jaal-lu:  “Hyena-man”, an insult.
Jo-oo:  pterodactyl
Ju: stop
Kazor: beware!
Kro-lu:  “Bow man”. A more advanced people, more or less anatomically modern. Possess bows, pottery, domestic dogs. 
Lo: woman. Often translated “she” in the books, presumably implying that it is used for the females of non-human species as well.
Lu:  man 
Lua: the Sun
Luata: god worshiped by the more advanced races of Caspak
Oo-oh: Land of the Wieroo.
Sto-lu:  “Hatchet man”. Primitive hominid, intermediate between Neanderthal and Homo sapiens type. 
Tas-ad: The Wieroo philosophy
Wieroo: Winged hominid, with a civilization including advanced metalworking, complex architecture, papermaking, writing.
From compound words with stated meanings, the following words can be confidently defined:

Band: spear
Bo: club
Cor: from
Jaal: hyena
Jo: beginning
Kro: bow
Pak: land, country
Sto: hatchet
Sva: the
From its appearance in jo-oo (pterodactyl) and Wieroo, it seems clear that “oo” refers to a flying creature. The “oh” in Oo-oh cannot be exactly defined, but it seems likely to mean “island” (since pak means “land” or “country” in a more general sense, it can be inferred that oh probably has a more specific meaning).  The components of tas-ad cannot be defined, but ad might possibly mean “way” or “philosophy”.  The cas in Caspak is also of uncertain meaning, possibly “all” since the Caspakians consider it to include the entire universe.

Ad: unknown, possibly way(?)
Cas: unknown, possibly all(?)
Oh: island (?)
Oo: flying creature
Tas: unknown
All personal names of Caspakians appearing in the Caspak stories (M-male, F-female):

Ahm (Bo-lu) M
Ajor (Galu) F
Al-tan (Kro-lu) M
An-tak (Galu) M
Chal-az (Kro-lu) M
Co-tan (Galu) F
Du-seen (Galu) M
Fosh-bal-soj (Wieroo) M
Jor (Galu) M
Kho (Sto-lu) M
So-al (Band-lu) F
So-ta (Band-lu) F
Tan (Galu) M
To-jo (Band-lu) M
To-mar (Band-lu) M
Tsa (Sto-lu) M
Bowen Tyler points out that the Band-lu are the first people of Caspak to use two-syllable names. The only other conclusions that seem to be inferable from these names are that the Wieroo at least sometimes use names of three syllables, and that so may be a female element, to a male one. It is also interesting to note that the only syllable appearing in the names that also has a known meaning is jo.

Co-tan turned Bradley’s name into a Caspakian form “Brad-lee”; it seems odd that Ajor did not remark on Billings's first name, Tom, being a one syllable name (and more fitted to the lower levels of development).

"Land that Time Forgot" remake ~ March 25, 2009
Production begins next week on a remake of “The Land that Time Forgot”, based on the classic book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, later remade into a 1975 film. Actor C.Thomas Howell will be behind the camera directing from a script by Darren Dalton (“Scanner Cop”).

The flick stars Howell (“The Hitcher”, “Gettysburg”), Christopher Showerman (“George of the Jungle 2”, “Commander and Chief”), and Timothy Bottoms, who coincidentally was a star of the recent “Land of the Lost” TV series which aired from 1991-1992. Other cast expected to be announced shortly.

In the original film, a German U-boat sinks a British ship and takes the survivors on board. After it takes a wrong turn, the submarine takes them to the unknown land of Caprona, where they find dinosaurs and Neanderthal. The new film, expected to premiere on DVD, is said to be treading similar territory. Asylum Films

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