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Volume 2277

Hosted by Don Gray
by J.G. 'Huck' Huckenpohler
Photo courtesy John PappasPhoto courtesy John Pappas
Thursday - May 28, 2009
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Candy Spaight, Brad Vinson, Cody, Bob & Lindy Zeuschner

Bill Ross, Tracy Griffin, Candy Spaight & Cody

The Grays' neighbor, Candy Spaight, Tracy Griffin, John Pappas, & Stan Galloway

Mike Conran, Brad Vinson, Cody, Jerry Spannraft, John Tyner, & Phoebe

FRIDAY - MAY 29, 2009
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Janet Mann of ERB Inc., Stan Galloway, & Cathy Wilbanks of ERB Inc.
at breakfast in the Holiday Inn

Bill Ross, Tracy Griffin, Convention Host Don Gray, Tom Tolley, & Jerry Spannraft

Dealers' Room: Two framed St. John pieces from the Zeuschner Collection
Mike Shaw, John Tyner, John Martin, Lindy Zeuschner, Billy York, Brad Vinson, and Nels Myrhøj

Stan Galloway with Thomas Yeates art
commissioned for the cover of his forthcoming book.

Everybody taking pictures of Stan Galloway’s speech:  John Pappas, John Martin, Mike
     Conran, Cathy Wilbanks, Billy York, Janet Mann, Alan Hanson, Bill Ross, & Nels  Myrhøj, Friday 29 May

Billy York's quilt, with Arting Tarzan in the center;
other images are from St. John, Krenkel, Frazetta, & Jusko;
Stan Galloway holding, Jim Bergen taking photo

Janet Mann, Tracy Griffin, & Cathy Wilbanks at the ERB Inc. suggestion hour

Mike Shaw, Llana Jane Burroughs, Dejah Burroughs, Linda Burroughs, & Thomas Yeates
hanging out in the lobby, Friday afternoon.

Clockwise from l.:  John Pappas, Paula Pappas, Tom Tolley, Gary Wood (?), Nels Myrhøj, Linda Conran,
Mike Conran, Bill Ross, Ralph Brown, John Martin, Brad Vinson, Alan Hanson, & Mike Shaw, at supper at Cici's

John & Paula Pappas, Mike & Linda Conran, Linda Burroughs, Jerry Spannraft, & Henry Franke at the Grays'

Dessert at the Grays'
Seated: Llana Jane & Dejah Burroughs & Cathy Wilbanks;
Back: Henry Franke, Lindy & Bob Zeuschner

Thomas Yeates and Bob Zeuschner on guitars at the Grays'

ECOF Poster from the ERBzine Dum-Dum Site

1     Jim Bergen
2     Travis Bergen
3     Ralph Brown
4     Dejah Ralston Burroughs
5     Linda Burroughs
6     Llana Jane Burroughs
7     Linda Conran
8     Mike Conran
9     Henry Franke
10     Stan Galloway
11     Debbie Gray
12     Don Gray
13     Tracy Griffin
14     Alan Hanson
15     J.G. "Huck" Huckenpöhler
16     Janet Mann (ERB Inc.)
17     John Martin
18     Nels Myrhoj
19     John Pappas
20     Paula Pappas
21     Bill Ross
22     Mike Shaw
23     Candy Spaight
24     Jerry Spannraft
25     Jim Spriggs
26     Tom Tolley
27     John Tyner
28     Brad Vinson
29     Cathy Wilbanks (ERB Inc.)
30     Gary Wood
31     Thomas Yeates, Guest of Honor
32     Billy York
33     Bob Zeuschner
34     Lindy Zeuschner
A Photo Tour by Cathy Wilbanks and Janet Mann
of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., Tarzana, California
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