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Volume 2194

An Incredible Tribute to J. Allen St. John

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The great J. Allen St. John retrospective from Vanguard Productions, The Paintings of J. Allen St. John-Grand Master of Fantasy. The full-color, 160-page, 9 x 12 book, written, compiled and edited by Stephen D. Korshak with J. David Spurlock is everything St. John and Burroughs fans have been hoping for. Included are both classic and rare images -- some previously unpublished including multiple newly discovered unpublished Burroughs works! The text is the most in-depth coverage to date on the artist and features guest essays by Vincent Di Fate, Danton Burroughs, Jack Williamson, J. Allen St. John, along with an Introduction by Lin Carter and an Afterword by Frank Frazetta.
Dedicated to Robert R. Barrett

Special thanks to the following for their assistance and contributions:
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., S. Bradleigh Vinson,  Robert R. Barrett, Bob Weinberg, The Frank Collection, Rory Cassidy, Bill Hillman, Richard Otto & the American Academy of Art, Robert Zeuschner, Phil Normand, George T. McWhorter, Doug Ellis, Jerry Weist, Daniel D. Murphy, James Romano, Dan Murphy Allen, and Zaddick Longenbach.

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Denny "Tarzan" Miller: Film/TV Actor and Author 

Denny points to ERB's picture etched in glass

From the Paul Nelson Online Portfolio

A.L. Burt oddity in their Tarzan of the Apes reprint editions

The first Burt pictured has a dust jacket with colors identical to the McClurg edition.
The second book pictured is the more common Burt with the green silhouette of Tarzan.
But the third is the "odd ball."
"For years, I've had both variations of the "Tarzan of the Apes" A.L. Burt dust jacket, but just recently came across a third variant I'd never seen. The color is very different from the other two variants, and the back inside dust jacket flap has advertising for books by Katherine Norris. Very unusual. I'm not sure if it's been 'discovered' by anyone else yet, but thought I would pass it on to ERBzine anyways." ~ Brian Bohnett

See more on this and other variants in Bob Zeuschner's "Collecting ERB" articles.


249 Bimini Place near downtown Los Angeles that was once the hotel for the famed "Bimini Baths".

The Bimini Baths, built at the turn of the last millennium (1902), where Edgar Rice Burroughs, Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin and other pioneers of Hollywood frolicked in the curative thermal spring waters that freely bubbled up from down below (and of course still exist under most of La-la land), were right across the street, on a site that is today just an asphalt parking lot.

THE BIMINI BATHS was an important Los Angeles destination that occupied almost the entire east side of Bimini Place for fifty years, from 1900 until 1950. It was first built in 1900 by Dr. David Edwards who decided to take advantage of the natural hot springs that still exist in the ground beneath the street today. Five years later, this original wooden structure burned to the ground (see Los Angeles Herald article reprinted in this exhibit). It was rebuilt more magnificent than before, with hot and cold water pools, an upper floor gymnasium, café, game room and lots more. The H street car brought tourists from downtown Los Angeles to Bimini. Hollywood movie stars stayed in the apartment buildings and the grand hotel across the street (all of which are still there!), and kids took their first plunge in a pool at Bimini as there were few private and no public swimming pools in Los Angeles at the time.

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzana, California
April 17, 1946
Dear Elizabeth:
They sent your nice letter to New York but were unable to find Tarzan; so they forwarded it to me.

I am sure that if Tarzan ever comes to America, he will look you up. It was very sweet of you to want to send clothes for Boy and Jane, but I am afraid that they are much more comfortable in the jungle dressed as they are.

I am sorry that Tarzan could not answer this in person, and hope you will be satisfied with hearing from me.

With lots of love, 
Edgar Rice Burroughs

Miss Elizabeth Gottlieb,
907 Webster St., N.W.,
Washington, D.C.

DC Tarzan 208The Dum-Dum Letters section from
DC comics' second edition of Tarzan (No. 208)
features letters by:
Hulbert Burroughs,
Richard Lupoff,
Vern Coriell,
Philip Jose Farmer.

See all the DC covers and contents descriptions in our ERBzine Comics Encyclopedia:

Below are photos of John Coleman Burroughs' original 1947 art. This was intended for page eight of the Dell comics Four Color #134 edition's "Tarzan and the Devil Ogre" story. Pictured also is the preliminary charcoal and pencil illustration.  Dell decided, however, that Burroughs' art was too rough and unfinished to be published.  Dell then turned to Jesse Marsh to create the art that would eventually be used in Four Color #134.

For full contents description of this comic see our
ERBzine Comics Encyclopedia
Duane Adams' Dell Comics Four Colour Edition Summary
DELL #134 February 1947
FOUR COLOR DELL ~ 52pp. 10cents
Art cover and interior -- Jesse Marsh
Writer -- Robert P. Thompson for feature story.
(Possible input from Gaylord Du Bois)
Cover: Painting - Tarzan astride of Tantor - Jesse Marsh
Inside Front Cover: Splash page - first page of story - black and white and values of red

“Tarzan and the Devil Ogre”
Rescue White Man - White Gorillas - Legend (Devil Ogre)

Visit the Official John Coleman Burroughs Web Site:

is out in a boxed set of 3 discs, 12 episodes.
 Available are special sets autographed by Denny Miller, 
at $40.00 per set, plus $6.00 U.S. shipping. 

Each of the 3 DVDs features John McIntyre, as the Wagon Master, with Denny "Scott" Miller, Terry Wilson and Frank McGrath in recurring roles. 
Guest stars include Brian Keith, Bobby Darin, Jane Wyatt, Leonard Nimoy, Dennis Hopper and many other Hollywood greats.

Each of the DVDs is transfered from original film prints providing the highest quality reproduction in picture and sound. The boxed set features Full Screen Presentation, Interactive Menus and Episode Selection.

Coming in the Fall:
COLOR COLLECTION SET of 15 DVDs available. 
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Another in our ERB Artist Tribute Series
Joe Rubinstein

Joe's Tarzan from an uncompleted sketch by Neal Adams

The latest edition of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association magazine
features cover art by Thomas Yeates and Dave Hoover

plus a map of the Inner Earth by Max Fyfield


Happy 80th Birthday Frank Frazetta!
The father of modern fantasy art celebrates his 80th birthday this month.
ImagineFX magazine looks back at the career of the man who has influenced so many contemporary artists.

Inside the issue you’ll find a massive gallery of 80 visual tributes to the master of fantasy art, from the world’s leading fantasy and sci-fi artists.

They also have an interview with Frank himself, where he reveals his painting process.

Every reader will also receive a free Frank Frazetta print, featuring a never-before-seen piece of Frank Frazetta art. The image, originally painted for Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan at the Earth's Core snapped in half when it dried, and instead of fixing it, Frazetta painted a new version. Recently, it's been restored by a collector.

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