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Bo Derek describes her lion attack on the set of 'Tarzan'
Ref: ~ July 28, 2021
 I'm on the board of WildAid, a great conservation foundation. But the lion, when I got there, I started walking down, and I see this gorgeous, young, spectacular male lion. And I said then, I said, "I don't like the way he's looking at me." Because you know, you get that feeling on the back of your neck that you're prey, and that's the way he's looking at me. And as I walked around, he would follow me, his eyes, and just be fixed on me.

So then when it came time to use him on the beach, he was still fixated on me. And for two days, while he was tied down, with Tarzan next to him, he and Tarzan were buddies, no problem. He was still fixated on me. And to get the scene, I'm coming out of the sea, Tarzan sees me. It's the first time we meet. And he pulls me out of the sea. So I'm running and screaming for two days in front of this lion, just like prey.

So all of a sudden, on the day when we're actually shooting, the lion breaks loose. My husband is the cinematographer. He's half a mile down the beach with a long, long lens, so he's watching all this happen. And Tarzan saved my life. Miles O'Keeffe saved my life. When the lion went to attack me, he pushed Miles on top of me, and I crawled out from underneath. He doesn't have his claws, but he has his teeth. So he's swatting me around Tarzan, and you know, they're really powerful. They can break your neck with their paws.

So I'm getting beat up. But I knew he didn't like the water. So I'm trying to crawl to the surf, and he keeps going out, he keeps going out. And then when I crawl out, the lion got back, went to leap again, and Tarzan held him just long enough around the waist to confuse him, piss him off, whatever it was, the lion, and it gave me time to get to the ocean. But he did, right before the wave came in, he did get on my back and went down to take my shoulder off. But the angle was wrong, so he just sliced me on my shoulder.

Yeah, it was really crazy. My husband's furious, he's going to kill everybody. "We're shutting down production." By the time we got to dinner, John is there with his storyboard, figuring out how to use the attack in the film. And he needed another shot with Miles pulling the lion off of me, and we used as much as we could in the film. . . .

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