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to abandon, ande`ta
to abolish, buk 
to absolve, ado
to absolve, hane gree
to absorb, bund-eta
to abstain, tand-ah
to abuse, kree
to accede, ande
to accelerate, usha-ah
to accept, rak
to accommodate, pul-eta
to accompany, ja-eta
to accuse, gule
to accustom, nga-akut
to ache, wud
to achieve, hane-ah
to acquire, aba
to act, do
to act from curiosity, knu
to act like, do
to add, jen
to address, nga-akut
to adjust, are
to admire, gree
to admit, ngore
to adopt, rak
to adore, gree-ah
to adorn, pane`ta
to advance, kor
to advertise, gogo-ah
to advise, akut-gogo
to affect, fee`ta
to affect, gu-mado
to affirm, gogo rak
to afflict, t`rota-eta
to agitate, sok
to agree, ande
to aid, van-hane
to air, bor
to alarm, gor-eta
to allow, ande 
to allude, akut-gogo
to amaze, jad
to ambush, shee-eta
to amount, jen
to amplify, zu 
to amuse, rota
to announce, gogo-ah
to annoy, fad
to answer, emba
to answer back, sord-emba
to answer for, emba bi
to apologize, hane gree
to appear, yud
to applaud, prae
to apply for, knu
to appoint, nam
to appraise, yodo
to appreciate, fee
to appreciate, gree`ta
to appreciate, yodo
to apprehend, shee
to approach, lufo
to approve, gogo rak
to arise, t`ram-ba
to arrange, are
to arrive, unk-aba
to ascend, ala
to ask, knu
to ask about, knu bi
to ask back, knu-rand
to ask down, knu-t`ala
to ask for, der
to ask for, knu bi
to ask in, knu t`unk-zut
to ask out, kn`unk
to ask up, knu-ala
to assail, bundolo-eta
to assail, hut
to assay, tei
to assemble, jen
to assume, rak
to assure, ja
to astonish, jad
to attack, bundolo-eta
to attempt, tei
to attend, unk
to attend, yad
to attract, gree-do
to augur, geth
to avoid, tand
to awake, t`ram-ba
to back away, rand
to back out, unk-rand
to back up, ja
to banish, kuen
to bathe, lul
to be, yud
to be able, da-ah
to be about, yud rud
to be at, yud
to be away, yud wur
to be back, yud-rand
to be born, meea
to be dying, bund-eta
to be for, yud bi
to be in, yud t`zut
to be out, yud zut
to be over, bund
to be over, yud bund
to be present at, unk
to be quiet, yud ba
to be up, yud t`ram-ba
to bear, meea
to bear, t`rota
to beat, kob
to beat, sok
to becloud, t`a
to become, unk-yud
to become clear, bur-eta
to become ill, gu-mado
to become impatient, argo-do
to beg, der
to begin, beg
to believe, gree`ta
to bellow, bak
to belong, yud ul
to bend, ry
to bend down, ry-eta
to benumb, tand-ah
to bewilder, fee`ta
to bid, meea
to bind, kamo
to bite, gash-do
to blame, gule
to bleed, galul
to blow, usha-do
to blow away, rem-eta bi usha
to blow down, amba (bi usha)
to blow off, ande unk-zut
to blow out, bund-eta
to blow up, argo-panda-ah
to border upon, kuen
to borrow, nga
to bound, hane tub
to bow, ry-eta
to break, tub
to break asunder, buk-eta
to break down, amba
to break forth, bol-sen
to break in, tand
to break out (war), hane-ah gund-bar
to breed, meea-eta
to bring, rem
to bring back, nga-rand
to bring down, amba
to bring forth, meea
to bring here, rem yel
to bring in, hane t`unk-zut
to bring near, lufo
to bring out, hane unk
to bring up, meea-eta
to broadcast, aro
to brush off, ado
to bud, meea-eta
to build, hane
to burn, argo-do
to burn away, argo-bund-eta
to burn down, amba (bi argo)
to burn out, argo-bund-eta
to burn up, bund-eta (bi argo)
to burnish, pan
to burst, argo-panda-ah
to bury, bol-do
to butt, yuk
to buy, ban
to calcine, argo-ah
to call, nam
to call at, wala-do
to call back, knu-rand
to call down, knu-t`ala
to call in, knu t`unk-zut
to call on, unk-yato
to calm, bur-eta
to calm down, bur-eta
to captive, dane
to carbonize, argo-ah
to care for, ja-eta
to carry, rem
to carry about, rem yel-t`yel
to carry along, akut-eta
to carry here, rem yel
to carry off, rem-eta bi da
to carry out, hane-ah
to cast, aro
to cast, aro-eta
to catch, rem
to catch, shee
to cause, meea
to cease, bund
to challenge, ugla
to change, ban
to charm, dane
to cheat, nur-eta
to check, knu-eta
to cherish, sa
to chew, gash-do
to choke, bund-eta
to choose, hane-rem
to claim, der-ah
to classify, are`ta
to clean, ado
to clear, ado
to clear off, ande-ah
to clear out, ande-ah
to climb, ala
to cling, rem-ah
to close, t`oke
to collate, odo
to collect, ala-eta
to collide, amba-eta
to comb, ado-b`zan
to combat, ugla
to combine, jen-eta
to come, yud
to come across, amba-eta
to come away, buk-eta
to come back, yud-rand
to come for, yud bi
to come from, yud ul
to come in, t`unk-zut
to come off, buk-eta
to come or go down, t`ala
to come up to, lufo
to command, gun-eta
to commence, beg
to commit, hane
to compare, odo
to complain, gor
to complicate, mis
to compose, are
to conceal, t`yat
to conceive, meea
to condemn, gu-tho
to confess, ngore
to confirm, gogo rak
to confront, odo
to confuse, mis
to conquer, gan-do
to consider, gree`ta
to consist, yud ul
to consume, bund-eta
to contain, kewa
to continue, unk-eta
to contract, mo
to contradict, emba-ah
to control, da-ah
to convert, ban-eta
to convince, akut-eta
to cool, bur
to copulate, anfee
to correct, are
to corrupt, dane
to cough, kog
to count in, t`zut
to couple, jen
to court, gree-do
to cover, pane
to covet, aba-ah
to crave, pan-lul-eta
to crawl, kan
to create, hane-ah
to credit, gree`ta
to creep, kan
to cross, tro-wee
to crowd, jen
to crown, kab
to crush, tub
to cry, kree-gor
to cry, pan-lul
to cry out, pan-lul bi kree-gor
to cry over, pan-lul-eta
to cry to, knu bi kree-gor
to cultivate, utne
to cut, yuto
to cut in, tand
to cut out, mo-eta
to cut through, kor trowee-eta
to cut up, tub
to damage, kree
to damage, lana-eta
to dampen, lul
to dance, kor-do
to dare, ugla
to darken, t`a
to dawn, a`g
to dazzle, id-do
to deal, tei
to debilitate, pan-vo
to deceive, nur-eta
to decide, gogo-eta
to declare, ngore
to decrease, eta-do
to defeat, goda
to defecate, bus
to defend, ja-eta
to deflect, adu
to defraud, nur-eta
to delay, dan-do
to deliver, nga
to demand, der-ah
to demark, hane tub
to demonstrate, knu-eta
to denounce, gule
to deny, tand
to deplume, kluzan buk-ah
to depose, bus
to depose, gule`ta
to descend, t`ala
to describe, zu-gogo
to desert, ande`ta
to desire, der-eta
to desire capriciously, aba-ah
to despise, t`gree-eta
to destroy, kree
to detach, tub-eta
to detain, dan-do
to develop, hane
to devour, po-ah
to die, bund
to die away, bund
to die out, bund-eta
to dig, kut
to dilate, om
to diminish, eta-do
to disappear, t`yat
to discover, knu-rem
to disinter, t`bol-do
to dislike, gogo-t`rak
to disorder, t`are-eta
to disorganize, t`are-eta
to dispose, gun-eta
to disregard, ande`ta
to disturb, fad
to disturb, fee`ta
to dive, lul-kor
to divide, tub-eta
to do, hane
to do away, buk 
to do without, hane t`unk _
to dominate, da-ah
to drag, rem-bo
to drain, t`vulp
to draw, tawa-eta
to draw near, rem-bo
to dream, ngoz
to dress, pane`ta
to drink, ud
to drivel, lul-tho
to drizzle, eta-meeta
to drop, ande amba
to drown, bund-eta
to dry, bor
to eat, po 
to eat away, ngau
to educate, nga-akut
to elect, hane-rem
to elevate, ala-eta
to embrace, akut-do
to embrace, jen wang
to emit urine, malul
to employ, uze
to empty, t`vulp
to enclose, t`zut
to encourage, da-eta
to encourage, olo
to end, bund
to endure, t`rota
to engrave, mako
to enjoy, rota
to enlarge, zu 
to enrage, lu
to enrich, dak
to entangle, mis
to enter, t`unk-zut
to entreat, der
to envy, aba-ah
to escape, ande-ah
to establish, hane-ah
to esteem, odo
to estimate, gree`ta
to evacuate, bus
to evacuate, t`vulp
to evoke, nam
to exalt, argo-do
to examine, sek
to exchange, ban
to exclude, t`gree-eta
to excrete, bus
to excuse, tand-eta
to execute, emba-eta
to exile, kuen
to exist, yud t`bund
to expect, der-eta
to expedite, unk-do
to explain, gogo
to explode, panda-ah
to explore, knu-ah
to expose, yat-do
to express, gogo-ah
to extend, om
to extract, t`yuto
to face, gugu
to face, lot
to fail, mis
to fall, amba
to fall down, amba
to fall over, amba-eta
to fasten, kamo
to fatten, so
to fear, utor
to feed, so
to feed with milk, kalan
to feel, fee
to feign, do
to fell, yuto
to fertilize, anfee
to fetch, unk bi
to fight, olo
to fight, ugla
to fight off, utor-do
to fight up, olo-ah
to figure out, ngoz
to fill, vulp
to fill in, vulp-eta
to fill up, vulp-eta
to find, knu-rem
to find out, knu-ah
to finish, bund
to fish, shee pisah
to fit, are
to fix, are
to flee, ande-ah
to float, lul-kor
to fly, tumbu kor
to fly about, tumbu kor yel-t`yel
to fly away, tumbu kor ande-ah
to fly down, t'nala
to fly off, buk-eta
to fold, mer
to fold, ry
to follow, unk-rand
to forbid, tand-ah
to force, hane da
to foresee, gor-eta
to forget, hane gree
to forgive, hane gree
to fortify, da-eta
to found, hane-ah
to freeze, bur-ah
to frequent, ral
to frighten, utor-do
to gain, gan-do
to gamble, rota
to gather, ala-eta
to get, aba
to get about, unk  yel-t`yel
to get along, hane knu-do
to get angry, lu
to get at, yat-do
to get away, ande-ah
to get back, ram-rand
to get down, t'nala
to get fat, dak
to get in / into, t`unk-zut
to get on, unk-eta
to get over, sen-nala
to get stuck, tand-ah
to get through, kor-oke
to get to, unk-aba
to get up, t`ram-ba
to give, nga
to give again, nga-rand
to give away, aro-eta
to give back, nga-rand
to give off, aro-eta
to give out, pan-vo
to give up, goda
to glimpse, yato-eta
to glitter, id-do
to gnaw, ngau
to go, unk
to go about, unk  yel-t`yel
to go along, unk-tro
to go at, bundolo-eta
to go away, ande-ah
to go by, kor-eta
to go in / into, t`unk-zut
to go off, ande-ah
to go or come out, unk-zut
to go over, ral
to go through, tro-wee
to go up, ala
to govern, gun
to grant, ande
to grant, ande 
to greet, yodo
to grind, jen-eta
to groan, pan-lul-eta
to grow, zu 
to growl, gor
to guarantee, ja
to guard, ja-eta
to guess, ngoz
to handle, da-ah
to hang, yang
to hang about, kor-eta
to hang back, buk-eta
to hang behind, t`unk-rand
to happen, thro
to harden, da-eta
to hate, ugla
to have, kewa
to have to, kewa
to heap up, vulp
to hear, yad
to heat, koho
to help, van-hane
to hem, jen wang
to hide, t`yat
to hit, kob
to hold, rem-ah
to hold back, dan-do
to hold on, unk-eta
to hook, yang
to hope, der-eta
o howl, ula
to humiliate, lana-eta
to hunt, shee
to hurry, usha-do
to hurry away, usha-do
to hurry off, usha-do
to hurry up, usha-do
to hurt, wud
to hush, t`gogo
to illuminate, ado
to imagine, ngoz
to imitate, do
to impede, tand-ah
to implore, der
to impress, jad
to improve, hane knu-do
to incline, ry-eta
to include, t`zut
to increase, zu 
to incurvate, ry
to induce, akut-eta
to infect, gu-mado
to inhibit, tand-ah
to injure, lana-eta
to inlay, vulp
to inquire, knu-ah
to insinuate, akut-gogo
to inspect, sek
to inspire love in, gree-do
to instruct, nga-akut
to insult, lana-eta
to intend, hane knu-do
to inter, bol-do
to intimidate, utor-do
to inundate, lul-vulp
to invent, hane-ah
to investigate, knu-ah
to invite, knu
to itch, wud
to join, jen
to joke, rota
to judge, dom
to jump, sen
to jump at, bundolo-eta
to jump in, t`unk-zut bi sen
to jump over, sen-nala
to keep, ja-eta
to keep away, unk-wur
to keep back, yud wur
to keep up, t`rota
to kick, lob
to kidnap, hut ah
to kill, bund-olo
to kiss, tha
to kneel, abu-t`nala
to knock, kob
to knock about, kob yel-t`yel 
to knock down, amba
to knock out, kob-eta
to know, knu-do
to lace, kamo
to lactate, kalan
to lame, ma-do
to land, rem-bo
to lash, usha-ah
to last, eho-dan 
to last long, eho-dan 
to laugh, rota
to lay, pul
to lay, ram-ba
to lead, gun
to lead, nga-akut
to lean, ja
to leap, sen
to learn, knu-do
to leave, ande`ta
to lend, nga
to lengthen, om
to lessen, eta-do
to let, ande
to let, ande 
to lick, sa
to lie, nur
to lie, t`ram-ba
to light, ado
to lighten, usha-do
to like, gree`ta
to limit, hane tub
to limp, ma-do
to listen to, yad
to live, yud t`bund
to load, rem
to localize, knu-rem
to locate, pul
to look, yato
to look about, yud yato yel-t`yel
to look at, yato
to look behind, yato-rand
to look down, yato-t`nala
to look forward to, der-eta
to look in, yato-t`zut
to look out, yato-zut
to look over, yato-nala
to look round, yato-rud
to look up, yato-nala
to lose, adu
to love, gree
to low, uge
to lower, eta-do
to maintain, ja-eta
to make, hane
to make difficult, tand-ah
to make into, ban-eta
to make much of, gree
to make strong, dak
to make thin, litu
to make use of, uze
to make, to do, hane
to maltreat, kree
to mark, mako
to marry, jen-eta
to match, odo
to mate, anfee
to mean, wo yud
to measure, odo
to meet, amba-eta
to mend, are
to mention, gogo
to mislead, adu
to miss, mis
to misspend, sord-uze
to mistake, mis
to misunderstand, mis
to mix, jen-eta
to move, buk 
to move along, kor-eta
to move away, buk-eta
to move off, ande-ah
to move on, buk
to move up, buk
to murmur, eta-gogo
to name, nam
to need, der-eta
to nibble, gash-do
to note, yato-eta
to notice, yato-eta
to nourish, so
to obey, emba-eta
to object to, emba-ah
to oblige, mer
to obscure, t`a
to obstruct, tand-ah
to obtain, aba
to occupy, vulp
to occur, thro
to offer, nga
to open, oke
to order, are`ta
to order, gun-eta
to organize, are`ta
to overcome, goda
to overheat, argo-ah
to pack, pane
to paint, patu
to pardon, hane gree
to part, buk-eta
to part off, tub-eta
to pass, thro
to pass away, bund
to pass by, kor-eta bi
to pass in, t`unk-zut
to pass on, nga bi b`wang
to pass over, tro-wee
to pay a visit, unk-aba
to perceive, akut-do
to perceive, fee
to perforate, kut
to perform, emba-eta
to permit, ande
to permit, ande 
to permute, ban
to perturb, fee`ta
to pervert, hist-do
to pick a bone with, are-ah
to pick out, hane-rem
to pick up, ala-eta
to pierce, kut
to place, pul
to place across, tro-wee
to play, rota
to please, gree
to pluck off, buk-ah
to pluck off the feathers, kluzan buk-ah
to point away, hane-rem wur
to point down, hane-rem t`nala
to point out, yat-do
to point up, hane-rem nala
to poison, hist-do
to polish, ado-b`zan
to possess, kewa
to practice, knu-do
to predict, geth
to prefer, hane-rem
to pregnant, anfee
to prepare, hane-ah
to presage, geth
to present, nga
to present, yat-do
to preserve, ja
to press, usha-ah
to pretend, do
to prick, lana
to produce, meea
to prognosticate, geth
to prolong, om
to promise, knu-eta
to propose, gogo-eta
to protect, ja
to prove, tei
to provide, fen
to provoke, meea
to pull, aro
to pull down, amba
to pull off, buk-ah
to punch, lana
to punish, gu-tho
to pursue, unk-rand
to purvey, fen
to push, buk 
to put, pul
to put asunder, tub-eta
to put away, tub-eta
to put back, pul
to put down, tawa-eta
to put in, t`zut
to put off, hane-rand
to put on, pul
to put out, bund-eta
to put up, rem-eta nala
to qualify, dom
to quicken, usha-do
to quiet down, bur-eta
to rage, argo-do
to rain, meeta
to raise, ala-eta
to rasp, tawa
to reach, aba
to read, yato-eta
to reap, utne
to rebound, sen
to receive, ja-eta
to receive, rem
to reduce, mo
to refer, zu-gogo
to refine, litu
to refresh, bur
to refuse, t`der-eta
to refute, emba-ah
to reign, gun
to reject, t`gree-eta
to relate, zu-gogo
to relieve, bur-eta
to remain, t`unk
to remember, rem ngoz
to remind, rem ngoz
to remove, ban
to remove, buk
to repair, are
to repeat, ral
to repel, utor-do
to repent, goda-eta
to replace, ban
to reply, emba
to report, gogo-ah
to reprehend, are
to repute, dom
to request, der
to require, der
to rescue, t`bund 
to resist, t`rota
to respect, yodo
to rest, ram-ba
to restrict, mo-eta
to retain, dan-do
to return, nga-rand
to return, yud-rand
to reveal, yat-do
to revere, gree
to revive, da-eta
to ride, pac
to rise, t`ram-ba
to roar, zu-gor
to roll, amba-do
to root, lat
to rule, gun
to run, gom
to run away, ande-ah
to run down, gu-mado
to run in, t`unk-zut bi gom
to run off, ande-ah
to rush, usha-ah
to rustle, eta-gogo
to sadden, t`rota-eta
to sail, lul-kor
to salivate, lul-tho
to sanction, gu-tho
to save, t`bund 
to say, gogo
to scare, utor-do
to scent, lat
to scratch, tawa
to seduce, dane
to see, yato
to see about, knu-ah
to see to, da-ah
to seek, knu
to seek eagerly, aba-ah
to seem, o
to seize, shee
to send, unk-do
to send for, unk bi
to send up, rem-eta nala
to separate, tub-eta
to set, pul
to set about, hane unk 
to set off, unk-zut
to settle, are
to settle (as liquids), ba
to sew, are
to shake, sok
to sharpen, litu
to shave, buk b`zan
to shear, buk b`zan
to shelter, ja
to shelter, ja-eta
to shield, ja-eta
to shine, id-do
to shoot, aro
to shorten, mo
to shout, kree-gor
to show, yat-do
to shrink, mo
to shut, t`oke
to shut down, t`gogo
to shut in, jen wang
to sick, gu-mado
to sicken, fad
to sing, voovoo gogo
to sink, t`zut
to sip, kalan
to sit, pul-eta
to sit up, t`ram-ba
to situate, pul
to sketch, tawa-eta
to skin, buk b`zan
to sleep, ram-ba
to slide, amba-do
to slip, amba-do
to smell, lat
to smile, rota
to smooth, pan
to sob, pan-lul-eta
to solve for, ado
to sort, are`ta
to sound, panda-ah
to sow, utne
to sparkle, id-do
to speak, gogo
to speak for, gogo bi
to speak to, gogo unk_
to speak up, gogo panda`g
to speed, usha-ah
to spell, yato-eta
to spend, uze-ah
to spill, t`vulp
to spin, renk
to spit, lul-tho
to split, tub
to spoil, kree
to spread, om
to spread out, aro-eta
to spring, sen
to spy on, shee-eta
to squander, sord-uze
to stab, yut
to stain, patu
to stand, yud abu-t`nala
to stand by, t`unk-lufo
to stand off, unk-wur
to stand out, yat-do
to stand up, abu-nala
to start, beg
to stay, t`unk
to stay at, wala-do
to stay by, t`unk-lufo
to stay in, t`unk-zut wala
to stay out, unk-zut wala
to steal, hut
to step in, t`unk-zut
to step on, pre
to stick, jen
to stick in, t`zut
to sting, lana
to stink, sord-lat
to stop, dan-do
to stop by, t`unk-lufo
to stop in, t`unk-zut wala
to strengthen, da-eta
to stretch, om
to strew, aro-eta
to stride, sen
to strike, kob
to stripe, co
to study, knu-do
to stumble, amba-eta
to stun, fee`ta
to subdue, goda
to submit, mer
to succeed in, kob
to succumb, goda-eta
to suck, kalan
to suffer, gu-mado
to suffer, t`rota
to suggest, akut-gogo
to supply, fen
to support, ja
to suppose, geth
to surprise, utor
to surrender, goda
to swallow, po-ah
to swallow up, po-ah
to swamp, lul-vulp
to sweat, lul-do
to swell, dak
to swim, lul-kor
to swindle, nur-eta
to swing, yang
to take, rem
to take aback, fee`ta
to take away, buk 
to take care of, ja-eta
to take care of, van-hane
to take for, mis
to take in, nur-eta
to take off, buk
to take out, t`yuto
to take repose, ba
to take shelter, ja
to take to, rem-eta
to take up, rem-eta nala
to talk, gogo
to talk about, gogo ul_
to talk of, gogo ul_
to talk to, gogo unk_
to tame, nga-akut
to taste, tei
to teach, nga-akut
to tear, tawa
to tear away, ho-buk buk
to tear up, hane ho-buk
to tell, gogo
to tell, zu-gogo
to terrify, utor
to test, sek
to thank for, yodo
to think, ngoz
to throw, aro
to throw about, aro-eta
to throw back, nga-rand
to throw down, amba
to throw down, aro t`nala
to throw in, aro t`zut
to throw out, aro-zut
to throw up, aro-nala
to thrust, t`zut
to tie, kamo
to tinge, patu
to tire, pan-vo
to tolerate, t`rota
to touch, sa
to trace, co
to trace, lat
to train, nga-akut
to transform, ban-eta
to translate, rem-eta
to transport, rem-eta
to travel, kor
to tread, pre
to treat, tei
to trouble, fad
to trust, gree`ta
to try, tei
to turn, ban-eta
to turn, renk
to turn around, renk
to turn away, yato
to turn down, pul renk
to turn over, pul renk
to twist, ry
to undergo, t`rota
to understand, akut-do
to undertake, beg
to unite, jen
to untie, t`kamo
to upset, fee`ta
to urge, usha-ah
to use, uze
to use to, ral
to use up, bund-eta
to utilize, uze
to venerate, gree
to ventilate, bor
to verify, knu-eta
to visit, unk-aba
to void, tand
to wait, t`unk
to wait for, t`unk
to wake, t`ram-ba
to wake up, t`ram-ba
to walk, kor
to walk, kor-eta
to walk along, kor-eta
to walk away, kor-eta
to walk in, t`unk-zut
to walk off, ande-ah
to want, der-eta
to warn, gor-eta
to wash, lul
to waste, uze-ah
to watch, yato
to weaken, pan-vo
to wear, pane`ta
to weary, pan-vo
to weave, are
to weep, pan-lul
to weigh, hane da
to wet, lul
to whirl, sen
to whisper, eta-gogo
to win, gan-do
to wind, pane
to wish, der-eta
to wonder, jad
to woo, gree-do
to work, hane
to worry, t`rota-eta
to worship, gree-ah
to wound, wud
to wrap, pane
to wrestle, olo
to wring, lul-do
to wring, ry
to write, tawa-eta
to yawn, dur


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