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PHOTO GALLERY - 1919-1950
Tarzana and Beyond

Tarzana circa 1922

* The largest building near the centre is the main house which later became the
    clubhouse for the El Caballero Country Club in 1925 (it was demolished about 10 years later)
* Along a "7 o'clock" line from the house are a
    swimming pool,
    ballroom with living quarters,
    three car garage and
    two-car garage with living quarters.
* Along a "4 o'clock" line are:
    the chicken coop and pen,
    stables and corrals for the family riding horses,
    dairy barn and corral
    the area that became the golf course for the El Caballero Country Club.

See Tarzana 1921 for a full description

* In the upper left corner of the small scale photo is the location of the present
    ERB, Inc. office building built in 1927 on
    Ventura Boulevard which runs across the top of the photo.
* The complex at the top of the small scale photo is the Adohr Dairy -
    home of the world's largest pure-bred Guernsey herd (later moved to Camarillo)
* The trees encircling the house on the hill are rare specimens imported from all over the world
by the original owner, General Harrison Gray Otis. Most were bulldozed in October 1999 to make room for     a housing development. The trees around the foundation of the main house still remain.

Early Tarzana Map
Click for larger image

5245 (5046) Mecca Ave. - Cottage on Lot 76 of tract 5475 - Tarzana

November 1930 Return to the Main House at Tarzana

Malibu Den - August 1932

Beach House
90 Malibu La Costa Beach
February 1934

The Garden of Allah - Villa 23

April 1934
2029 Pinehurst Road, Los Angeles

October 1934 ~ Start of six-week residency at the
Apache Hotel in Las Vegas

Meanwhile, Emma had moved to
10452 Bellagio Road in Bel Air

Late December 1934 after Ed's December 6th divorce
7933 Hillside Avenue, Hollywood

January 1935
Florence and Ed moved to
806 Beverly Hills
(formerly occupied by Maurice Chevalier)

April 11, 1935
Start of a month-long honeymoon at the
Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu
May 1935

Return from the Honeymoon to
806 North Rodeo Drive
Click for full-screen image
806 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
Mid-October 1935

Leased the Beverly Hills house to Fred Astaire and rented a home for eight months at
Arena Road, Palm Springs
November - December 1935

Room 823
Good Samaritan Hospital, Los Angeles

Late December 1935 - May 1936 returned to recuperate at:
806 Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
May 1936 returned to Los Angeles to live in a succession of apartments:

2315 North Vermont Avenue
The Hearst-owned
Chateau Elysee at 5930 Franklin Avenue

June 1937
Sunset Plaza apartments, Hollywood
(a stylish art deco aparment building above Sunset Strip
other tenants were actor Ralph Bellamy and mobster Johnny Roselli)

Summer 1939 move to a luxury apartment after Florence's operation
716 North Rexford Drive
April - August 1940 to a beach house at

Kailula Bay, Lanikai, Oahu
Kailula Bay
Sue-On and China-Li Hillman Frolicking on Burroughs Beach
Sue-On & China-Li at "Burroughs Beach" as it is today

Beachside Gateway to Lanikai
JoN on the ERB trail

August 28, 1940
2623 Halelena in Honolulu

Photo Courtesy Wayne & Edie James

Ed takes an office at:
1298 Kapiolani Boulevard

[Office: 1298 Kapiolani Boulevard]
(photo of 1999 site)

End of 1940
Niumalu Hotel on Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii
Niumalu Hotel on Kapiolani Boulevard

Niumalu Hotel ~ Hawaii (photo of 1999 site)

Family Gathering
5465 Zelzah Avenue, Encino

December 26, 1945 - 1950

ERB, Inc. Office (Back Entrance and Warehouse)
Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana
(For more pictures see ERBzine 0178: Jungles of Tarzana)

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