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Issue 0219a

Rob Wagner's Script Weekly: May 28, 1932 - The Red Necktie MysteryRob Wagner's Script Weekly: Juy 9, 1932 - ERB Tells All
The Red Necktie in Script sc320528
All-Story Weekly: 170120 ~ Announcement of the Formation of the Tribe of TarzanThe Writer's 1932 Year Book & Market Guide: Protecting the Author's Rights
Tarzan of the Air Advertising Booklet for OTR Promotion - '30sArgosy March 12, 1932: Men Who Make the Argosy
Tarzan Jr. - Part of Colleen Moore's Miniature Book CollectionAn Auto-Biography
Oak Parker: September 28, 1918 - Prominent Oak Park Man HonoredTarzan Clans of America Booklet
Amazing Stories - June 1941: Meet the Authors
Police Reporter May 1929

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