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Edgar Rice Burroughs Signature
Master of Imaginative Fantasy Adventure 
Creator of Tarzan and "Grandfather of American Science Fiction" 
Volume 0212a
Part II
Jasoom - Tarzana - Africa
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The Many Worlds of
Edgar Rice Burroughs Signature
"The master of imaginative fantasy adventure...
 ...the creator of Tarzan and...
...the 'grandfather of science-fiction'"

Philip Jose Farmer has determined the actual 
birth date of  John Clayton, Lord Greystoke, to be
November 22, 1888. 
If this is indeed the actual date of  Tarzan's birth, then he is an 
"Earth Child" and ... a Rat.
Rat people are born under the sign of charm and aggressiveness. Although sometimes mean, narrow-minded and suburban in outlook, Rats are nevertheless honest. They can always make a success of their lives as long as they manage to master their perpetual discontent and their insistence on living for the present moment.

Rats usually have more acquaintances than real friends and they revere and cherish those close to them. Rats are self-contained and keep problems to themselves and even though they can be talkative at times, they never confide in anyone.

Rats are quick-witted. Most rats get more accomplished in 24 hours than the rest of us do in as many days. They are confident and usually have good instincts. Stubborn as they are, they prefer to live by their own rules rather those of others. It is not an easy task to work with Rat people because they are 100% perfectionists.

They are very organized and talented, perhaps that is why Rats make good businessmen or politicians. Unfortunately, as soon as the Rat earns money, he spends it.

Rats are not romantic, but the are sensual and loving.  They are very loyal protective and devoted to their  families.

The Rat is intelligent and popular. With remarkable ease the Rat makes friends, and influences people. People are genuinely happy to be around the Rat and they feel relaxed in his or her presence.  The Rat has a good understanding of human nature and his advice and opinions are usually sought after.

Because Rats are interested in people, they are very observant and make excellent detectives, journalists, and writers. But since the Rat is a very private individual and keeps his feelings to himself, he would greatly resent being asked the kind of questions he dishes out. He feels it is an intrusion into his privacy and none of their business.The Rat is a self-preservationist and is good in a crises. The Rat will almost always  come up with a good solution to find his way out of an awkward situation.

He loves to be where the action is and is very imaginative and full of new ideas. Since he is energetic, the Rat sometimes squanders his energies and achieves very little because he has spread himself too thin with many different projects. If he were to slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time he could be successful at anything. However, even though talented at many levels, success many times alludes the Rat.

He hates wastefulness and never throws anything away. The Rat does not waste.

The Rat has loads of charm and people around him are ready to forgive him almost anything. They will forgive him when he is highly critical of others and indiscreet in voicing his honest opinions.

The Rat will usually have many friends but he will get along best with another Rat as well as the Ox, Dragon and Monkey. He can also get along with the Tiger, Rooster, Dog and Pig, but the Goat and Rabbit are sensitive souls who will not like the outspoken Rat. The Rat will be too blunt, brazen,and critical for their tastes. The Horse and Rat will probably never take a liking to each other. The Horse's changeable moods and independent nature will upset the Rat's need for a feeling of security and keeping the status quo.

The Rat makes a great relative. He will be a loyal son or daughter, and a loving and caring parent. He is family oriented and takes great interest in all family members and their welfare.

Other Rats include: William Shakespeare, Antonio Banderas, Hugh Grant, David Duchovny, Alan Alda, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sean Penn, Cameron Diaz, Leo Tolstoi, Jules Verne, Charlotte Bronte, Truman Capote, T.S. Eliot, Eugene O'Neill, Margaret Mitchell, Toulouse-Lautrec, Mozart, Louis Armstrong, Sarah Vaughan, Joan Jett, Vanessa Redgrave, Irving Berlin, Joseph Hayden, Copeland, T.S. Eliot, Claude Monet, Daryl Hannah, Prince Charles, George Washington, Plato, Tchaikovsky and my own Princess Dejah of the North.

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