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ERB LIFE LINE - Hawaii and the War Years

This Timeline Biography of ERB's association with Hawaii and World War II 
is excerpted from the longer and more detailed series of timelines found at:
Click on the underlined dates and text to view the covers of the various pulp magazines and books which ERB wrote in that year as well as related information.


April 4: Ed and Florence Dearholt take a Western Air Express flight to Las Vegas. They are married at the court house at 10:20 by Judge William Orr with witnesses McNamee and Mrs. Keller. They fly back to LA. Joan, who had been Florence's close friend, would never speak to her again. Florence's childre, Lee, age six, and Caryl Lee, age four, became very attached to Ed ("Ebby"). 
April 5: The newlyweds board the S.S. Lurline for Honolulu. During the voyage they dine at the Captain's table with Jeanette McDonald and her mother. 
April 11: Ed and Florence dock at Honolulu and receive leis sent by Florence's friend Janet Gaynor who has a cottage on the island. 
October: ERB rents a home for eight months at Arena Road, Palm Springs. They spend much time at the Palm Springs Racquet Club owned by Ralph Bellamy and Charles Farrell. Bellamy becomes a "kind of stepfather" to young Lee and Caryl. The children are given swimming lessons by  Johnny Weissmuller. 
*  Ed the pleases Florence's children by telling them the same cliffhanger stories he once told to Joan, Hulbert and Jack. 
November: Still suffering from his bladder obstruction trouble, Ed enters the Good Samaritan Hospital under the name John B. Downs. A long period of  convalescence follows. 
September 28: ERB informs J. Allen St.John that son John Coleman Burroughs is taking over the illustrations on the next ERB, Inc. edition. Jack went on to illustrate 13 ERB books. 
December 12: Jack marries Pomona College classmate, Jane Ralston. 
August 19: Ed and Florence leave on the Lurline for a vacation in Hawaii. 
September 29: Ed and Florence leave Honolulu for Vancouver on The Empress of Japan
December 19: "Heil Hitler!" a one-page synopsis, offers a "Suggestion for a story of what a humanitarian Hitler might accomplish for Germany and the World." A Hitler "double" is used in the plot. Studios appear afraid to touch it.
*  ERB is still submitting stories to film companies through William Morris Agency in Beverly Hills: Jungle Girl, Outlaw of Torn, The Mucker, Apache Devil, The War Chief, Mr. Doak Flies South, Angel's Serenade (23,000 words) and Beyond Thirty. ERB even rewrites the synopsis of Beyond Thirty and calls it "It Might Happen Here."
August 31: The family moves to luxurious 716 North Rexford Drive (rent $300 per month) to make Florence's recuperation more pleasant.  After eight months, however, the cost of maintaining two establishments (Emma's home in Bel-Air), high spending, and the loss of income resulting from the war in Europe will force a move to Hawaii. 
September 1: Ed's 64th birthday coincides with the breaking out of World War II. 


April 14: Florence, the children and her Packard sedan sail for Hawaii on the S.S. Matsonia to live. Ed is soon to follow. 
April 24: Ed rents the Beverly Hills home and leaves for Hawaii on the S.S. Monterey. Ed's royalites have taken a setback due to WWII and this move is designed to cut living expenses. They rent a ramshackled beach house on Kailula Bay, Oahu for $125 a month. Ed's office is in the garage. 
May 4-5: Ed is back at work, writing an outline for a Venus story. 
May 4 - July 20: "Captured on Venus," the first of a new Carson Napier series, is written. 
May 24: Ed sends the poem, "Mud in your Ai, or May  1940," to Hulbert.
June: Murder in the Jungle is extensively revised by the editors of Thrilling Adventures and appears as Tarzan and the Jungle Murders ($300 - 2 cents a word). It was rejected by all of ERB's regular magazine publishers. 
June 25: Ed writes Bert Weston that Florence is discouraged with the cost-saving measures, as well as the condition of the house and its rats and scorpions.  Ed relays a chain letter which contains a long list of famous names: Senator Heflin, Bernard Shaw, Henry Ford, Col. Lindberg, Dorothy Dix, John Barrymore, etc. 
June 29: "John Carter and the Giant of Mars" (a 20,000-word novelette mostly written by son Jack) is sent to Ziff-Davis (Amazing Stories). 
July 4: Florence is stung on the heel by a centipede at a fireworks celebration on the beach. 
July 10: In a letter to brother George, Ed again expresses his dislike for FDR and his hope that Willkie will win the impending election. 
July 16: Ed writes the 10 page, 5,700-word, "The Strange Adventure of Mr. Dinwiddie." It is marketed under the nom de plume, John Tyler McCulloch but it is never published. Ed maintains a daily writing schedule but has regular evening social affairs with friends - two of whom were actors John Halliday and Janet Gaynor. The evenings usually involved drinks followed by bridge. Ed's inner agonies, guilt and fears, as well as his increasing reliance on alcohol, are creating marriage tensions. Friends are starting to note that the two appear ill-mated. 
July 20: A short biography of ERB appears in Bob Davis' New York Sun column. Davis, retired from Munsey's and now living at Kailua, had interviewed Ed after a chance meeting on the island. 
July 24 - September 6: ERB writes "John Carter and the Pits of Horz," the first of series he plans to combine in a book tentatively titled "Frozen Men of Mars," "Llana of Gathol," or "The Horror Pits of Horz." 
August 28: The family moves to 2623 Halelena in Honolulu and a week later, Ed moves into an office at 1298 Kapiolani Boulevard. He is at the office from nine to four, preferring to keep his work separate from his homelife. 
September 3: ERB is interviewed on Radio Station KGMB. 
September 6: Ed completes a 20,000-word John Carter story. 
September  7-15: "Hodon and O-AA," the first of a new David Innes series of four is written. It is later titled "The Return to Pellucidar." He plans publish all four parts in a book titled Girl of Pellucidar. The full novel is not published until 1963 when it is issued as Savage Pellucidar by Canaveral Press. 
September 15: The Deputy Sheriff of Commanche County is published by ERB, Inc. (previous titles were That Damned Dude and The Terrible Tenderfoot). Illustrations are by John Colman Burroughs. Dedication is: "To Mary Lucas Pflueger," a close friend an member of a prominent Honolulu family. Because of wartime paper shortage, this is the last ERB book to appear until 1944. 
September 26: A dictaphone arrives at the office and Ed carries on writing at a feverish pace. Ed later coins the word "scientifiction" to categorize his writings. He has come to develop strong feelings of inferiority about ability as a writer. He shows deep resentment toward "literary" writers and anger toward his critics who have excluded him from literary circles. 
September 27 - October 2: "The Black Pirates of Barsoom," part 2 of the new Mars series is written. 
September 30: Mrs. Jane Morse is hired as a typist.
October 2-26: "Savage  Pellucidar," part 2 of the new Pellucidar series is written. 
October 6-13: "Men of the Bronze Age," part 3 of the new Pellucidar series is written. 
October 15-22: "The Living Dead," part 2 of the new Venus series, is written. 
October 24-30: "Escape on Mars," part 3 of the new Mars series is written. 
October 24 - November 5: "Beyond the Farthest Star," the start of a new series on the planet Poloda is written. It is published in book form in the 1964 book, Tales of Three Planets, by Canaveral Press. 
November 1: ERB runs into astronomical problems in his creation of the new "Canapa" solar system in the Poloda series. He begins correspondence with Professor J. S. Donaghho of Honolulu. 
November 6-10: "Tiger Girl," part 3 of the new Pellucidar series is written. 
November 17: In a letter to Irene Ettrick, a London fan, Ed expresses his concern over Japan's growing strength, on and off the islands. He believes that there will be war with Japan in a matter of weeks. 
November 26 - December 13: Tarzan and the Castaways of the "New Tarzan Series" is written (37,000 words). 
November 18-22: "Invisible Men of Mars," part 4 of the new Mars series, is writtten. 
November 27: Rothmund sends word that feedback on Tarzan and the Jungle Murders and "The Giant of Mars" is bad - many fans do not believe that ERB has written them. 
December: Ed and Florence move to the Niumalu Hotel. 
December 17: ERB starts writing "Tangor Returns," the second in the Poloda series, as a 20,695-word novelette.
Jungle Girl is released as a 15-part Republic serial starring Frances Gifford. Ed's friend Rochelle Hudson had hoped to get the role. 
Tarzan's Secret Treasure with Weissmuller and O'Sullivan is released by MGM 
January: "John Carter and the Giant of Mars" appears in Amazing Stories under ERB's name (the magazine hit the stands on November 10, 1940.) A controversy soon follows as to authorship over this story which was actually written by John Coleman Burroughs. Hulbert later explains that "Giant" was originally written as a Whitman Better Little Book and later expanded into novelette form - although ERB might have had some input from Honolulu, Jack (perhaps with input from Whitman editors) did most of the work on it. 
January 5-8: The 3,300-word story, "Misogynists Preferred" is written under the pen name John Tyler McCulloch. It is rejected in February by Esquire, New Yorker, Romantic Story and Hillman Periodicals. It is never published. 
January 15: ERB writes the poem, "The Skunk in Defeat," and later "A War-Job Striker To A Soldier."
January 23 - October 7: "Wizard of Venus," the first of a planned new Venus series, is written. All magazine submissions are rejected. 
March: "Captured on Venus" appears in Fantastic Adventures as "Slaves of the Fish Men" ($472). 
March: "The City of Mummies" ("John Carter and the Pits of Horz") appears in Amazing Stories. 
March 14: The end of the marriage - Florence and the children sailed on the Lurline at noon. Ed had to borrow the money for their fares. 
March 20: Ed writes Bert Weston of having met long-standing fan, pulp writer, and professional wrestler, Prince Ilaki Ibn Ali Hassan. He says Florence left the islands because of the increasing Japanese threat. 
March 27: Ed, tormented over Florence and finances, has a slight stroke in his sleep. 
Spring: Ed starts writing I Am A Barbarian.
April 8: Ed's diary entries indicate that he has fallen into deep depression and complete withdrawal. 
April 19: Ed sends Rothmund instructions to be followed after his death. 
May 3: Ed decides to swear off drinking. He has lost 11 pounds in the last month. 
May 5: The Honolulu Star-Bulletin prints a scathing letter from ERB in which he blasts the Hawaii Legislature. In a follow up letter he outlines a plan in which an intelligence test could be administered to potential leaders to better help the voters choose the best people for the job of governing. 
May 17: Ed notes in his diary that his article concerning the Legislature was viewed favourably in the governor's office. 
June: "Black Pirates of Barsoom" appears in Amazing Stories. Also included in the issue is the 750-word article, "An Autobiographical Sketch." 
June 2: Ed's old bladder obstruction problems are returning. 
July: "The Fire Goddess" appears in Fantastic Adventures. ($405.60) 
July: "Uncle Miner and Other Relatives" (22,800 words) is written in and out of hospitals. He signs the preface, "Joe Louis." The wildly imaginative story is rejected by New Yorker on August 28, 1941 and is never published. 
July 2: Ed leaves the hospital prematurely after treatment with sulfathhiozal. A recurrence of the illness forces him to return later in July and August. The doctor suggests that he start drinking again - the results are not satisfactory. 
July 23: The Star Bulletin reports that Florence has filed for divorce. Legal matters are delegated to Rothmund. 
August: "Yellow Men of Mars" appears in Amazing Stories. 
August 1: Ed submits a letter from longtime fan, Frank Shonfield, who is now in the English Army, to Life Magazine. It is rejected. 
August 12: Ed instructs his children to elect Rothmund president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. and to look after him financially. 
August 23 - September 6: Tarzan and the Castaways appears as a three-part serial in Argosy. It is revised and retitled "The Quest of Tarzan" ($450). 
September 7: Hulbert arrives to join his father. Ed returns to the hospital for short stays in September and October. 
October: A 2,400-word article, "Fall of a Democracy," is completed. Magazine submissions are turned down and it is never published. 
October: "Invisible Men of Mars" appears in Amazing Stories. (All four of these Mars novelettes appear in the 1948-ERB, Inc. book, Llana of Gathol
October: George's wife Edna dies. She had been committed to a mental institution in August. George invited old friend Lew Sweetser to share the Fontana home. 
October 20: Hulbert reports to Rothmund that he has talked his father out of drinking so heavily and that his health is much improved. 
October 25 - November 20: "The Skeleton Men of Jupiter," the first of a planned new John Carter series, is written. It is rejected by Blue Book but appears in Amazing, February, 1943. 
November: "The Living Dead" appears in Fantastic Adventures. ($400.60) 
November: I Am A Barbarian is completed. It is rejected by McCall's Red Book and Blue Book as being: "...too gruesome and downbeat a story for us to consider at this time, can't you give us something a little cheerier?"
December 2: A new Carson of Venus story is started but abandoned because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 
December 7 - 7:55 a.m.: The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor. The old military man is finally in the right place at the right time. Ed and Hulbert watch the attack from the hotel tennis court, at first thinking it a military practice exercise. Ed, Hulbert, and friend Anton Rost volunteer for sentry duty with Patrol 2, Company A, 1st Battalion, stationed on the wharf warehouse at Honolulu Tuna Packers Ltd. Later Ed is assigned to guard and then to escort "enemy aliens" (Japanese) to the Immigration Station. The march almost kills him. 
December 7: John Carter of Mars illustrated by John Coleman Burroughs appears as a Sunday feature for United Feature Syndicate. Wartime paper shortage forces its demise in the spring of 1943. 
December 13: Ed's first of a series of "Laugh It Off" columns appears in the Honolulu Advertiser  and Star-Bulletin. He was asked to write this by a military acquaintance at General Headquarters. Ed is extremely proud of his new role of War Correspondent. 
December 23: Hulbert expresses his pride in his father in a letter to Joan. 
December 24: Hulbert asks Rothmund to try to persuade ERB to return to the mainland as he is reluctant to enlist until his father has left. 
December?: In the 2,800-word article "Came the War" Ed describes his and Hulbert's activities during and after the Japanese attack.
*  ERB contributes a one-page article for a series titled "Famous Living Americans and Their Homes," which is being featured by Perfect Home magazine. It is rejected. 
January: Beyond the Farthest Star, part 1 of the Poloda series, appears in Blue Book ($400). The sequel, Tangor Returns, is apparently never submitted but appears in print 24 years later. 
January 18: Hulbert enlists as a photographer in the Army Air Corps. 
January 28: The "Laugh It Off" column is discontinued. Ed is seeking a more active war role. He is quite active in the civilian Businessmen's Military Training Corps as public relations officer and as a drill instructor. 
February: The Return to Pellucidar ("Hodon and O-AA") appears in Amazing Stories. 
February 2: I Am A Barbarian is submitted to Red Book. It is rejected and does not appear until 1967 when it is published by ERB Inc. 
March: Men of the Bronze Age appears in Amazing Stories. 
March 9: Ed complains to Senator Hiram Johnson of the peril facing California as a result of the weak defences at Hawaii. 
March 18: ERB sends a letter of protest to Colonel Bourland over the treatment of the BMTC by the military. 
March 23: Ed receives the documents of the final property settlement with Florence. 
*  Ed writes Washington to try  to have Hulbert's ROTC commission re-instated. He is currently holding the rank of corporal. 
Tiger Girl appears in Amazing Stories. 
April 1: Ed completes the first of a series of radio programs which CBS plans to air weekly on the mainland. 
April 14: Ed is promoted to major in the BMTC. 
April 27: Ashton Dearholt dies. 
April 30: ERB goes on a tour of inspection island defences with Major Frank Steere, Hawaiian Provost Marshall. 
May 4: The Honolulu Advertiser reports the finalizing of the Burroughs divorce. 
May 19: "Oahu: Singapore or Wake?" article is printed in the Honolulu Adviser. Ed expresses his impatience with the limited participation of the BMTC and civilian apathy. 
June 12: Hulbert receives his commission as 2nd Lieutenant. 
June 22: Birth of baby, John, to Jack and Jane. 
July 13: "Don't Let 'em Kid You, Joe" - News Bulletin appears in the Honolulu Advertiser 
Tarzan's New York Adventure with Weissmuller and O'Sullivan is released by MGM. 
September: Ed socializes with many officers of the Signal Corps, Intelligence, Anti-Aircraft Brigade, etc. Ed enters into a battle of wits with the Signal Corps. Each tries to baffle the other with coded messages - "undecipherable ciphers."
September 7: Hulbert is posted to Air Force bases in the South Pacific as a documentary and combat photographer. He comes under intense fire at Guadalcanal. 
September 10: Ed resigns in frustration over the limited role of the BMTC but is lured back when offered the position of liaison officer. 
September 30: Ed hosts one of many radio shows for BMTC - this one features many of his military friends as guests. 
October: Ed writes Caryl Lee suggesting that she keep the Burroughs name now that her mother has remarried. 
November 2: Ed sends a thank-you letter to George Carlin who has sent United Press correspondent's credentials. 
November 13: ERB  completes an article reporting on a year of martial law in the Islands. 
December 1:   ERB contributes "Somewhere on Oahu" - News Bulletin - N.Y. World 
December 4: Hulbert is promoted to 1st Lieutenant. 
December 4: Ed receives orders to depart the next morning in his role as war correspondent. 
December 4 - January 19, 1943: ERB begins the first in a series of war diaries: happenings in New Caledonia and Australia.
December 5: Ed is flown to Canton Island and on to New Caledonia where he meets naval lieutenant Hal Thompson - Rochelle Hudson's husband. 
December 24: ERB arrives in Sydney, Australia.
*  Sol Lesser resumes RKO production of the Tarzan films with Tarzan Triumphs and Tarzan's Desert Mystery. Johnny Weissmuller stars. 
Early: ERB writes the article, "What Are We Going to Do about it?" in which he expresses doubts over the loyalty of the thousands of Japanese on the Islands. By fall he regrets some of the comments and prepares to write another article. 
January 10: ERB returns to New Caledonia. 
January 19 - March 19: ERB writes Diary #2
January 30: ERB is ordered to return to Pearl Harbor on the damaged destroyer, USS Shaw, via Suva in the Fiji Islands, and Tutuila and Pago Pago in the American Samoas. 
February: "Skeleton Men of Jupiter" appears in Amazing Stories ($400). 
February 24 - March 30: A comic detective story, "More Fun! More People Killed!" (20,727 words) is begun aboard the USS Shaw and is finished on shore. 
March 2: ERB arrives at Pearl Harbor on the Shaw
March 20 - April 5: ERB writes Diary #3.
April - June 8: ERB gives a detailed account of the trip on the Shaw in a 60-page story, "The Diary of a Confused Old Man or Buck Burroughs Rides Again."
April 4: Ed writes a letter (unsent) to Senator Johnson which is highly critical of the treatment he has received from the Navy - they  had refused to recognize his army or correspondent credentials. He goes on to recommend the unification of all the American forces into a single United States Armed Force. 
August 4: Caryl writes that she is attending the private Marlborough School for Girls. She persists in using the last name Burroughs - against her mother's wishes. She fought the adoption by Florence's new husband, Dr. Chase.
*  An essay by Altrocchi, "The Ancestors of Tarzan," is published in the book Sleuthing the Stacks, Harvard University Press. 
January 15: ERB again writes Caryl Lee to encourage her to use the Burroughs name. He sent her many letters and presents over the years. 
February 16: ERB notes that his pride and joy are his autograph books in which he has obtained signatures of 572 persons. He has written no fiction since March 1943. 
March 10 - February 1, 1945: ERB writes Diary #4 - Tarawa-Kwajalein
March 20: Through the efforts of Brigadier General Truman H. Landon, ERB flies from Honolulu to Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands, and on to Eniwetok in the Marshalls. He experiences life in the field and goes on bombing missions. He even meets Hulbert, now a captain, on Kwajalein Island. 
April 24: Ed returns to Honolulu on a hospital plane after having completed a 7,000 mile mission. 
May 1: Land of Terror is published by ERB, Inc. 
May 19-20: A 1,787-word horror story, "Uncle Bill," is written. 
June 2: Another son, Danton, is born to Jack and Jane. 
June 8: Brother George dies at Fontana, California. 
June 9: George's close friend, Lew Sweetser, dies. He and George Burroughs are cremated together. 
June 10 - September 11: Tarzan and the "Foreign Legion" is written. Its  idea of Tarzan fighting the Japanese was suggested by George Carlin of United Feature Syndicate. It is rejected by the pulps, but is published in book form on August 22, 1947 by ERB, Inc. 
June 30: In a 1,500-word article, "Our Japanese Problem," which appeared in Hawaii magazine, ERB offers a much more sympathetic opinion of Japanese loyalty on the Islands. 
September: In his article, "What Price Tolerance," printed in Hawaii magazine, ERB demands automatic citizenship for alien parents of any man who has served honourably in the armed forces. 
September 15: Jack removes Mary Evaline's ashes from the Pierce Brother Crematorium where they have been stored for over 20 years. 
October 2-26: "Savage Pellucidar," part 4 of the new Pelludicar series, is written. All four parts are published under the book title Savage Pellucidar in 1963. The dedication at that time is: "To my first grandson - James Michael Pierce."
October 14: The family bury ERB's mother's ashes at the south side of the walnut tree in the front yard of the Burroughs offices in Tarzana
November 5: Emma Burroughs dies of a stroke after a losing battle with depression and alcoholism. Ed views her death as an escape from an agonized life. 
November 17: Ed and Hulbert board a plane for the States. 
December 25: Ed spends his first Christmas in 11 years with his family. He later meets with Florence and her new husband, Dr. Alfred Chase, and Caryl Lee.
December - (end): Ed undergoes surgery for a hernia and spends a month in convalescence.
*  Sol Lesser's Tarzan  and the Amazons is released on RKO. Johnny Weissmuller stars. Rothmund writes a letter critical of Tarzan being portrayed as being too smiling, laughing and overtalkative. 
"Laughs at Sea" - News Bulletin appears in the Honolulu Advertiser
February 3: ERB returns to Hawaii - Hulbert arrives ten days later. 
*  ERB following his return to Hawaii, resumes writing his "Laugh It Off" column in Hawaii: A Magazine of News and Comment - 10 cents per copy. 
February 17:  "Tarzan Creator Thrilled to Ride in Bomber" - News Bulletin appears in the Honolulu Bulletin 
April 9: Jack sends a letter to Hulbert suggesting that they find ways to keep Ed from returning to California as he believes his father is considering marriage. 
April 14: "Laugh It Off" expresses strong praise for a Democrat, President Truman. He also criticizes the omissions and errors found in Encyclopaedia Britannica in its information on Indians and General Christmas. 
May 25: Ed's thoughts of marriage are put on hold as he is accepted as a navy correspondent. He leaves Pearl Harbor on the U.S.S. Cahaba, a fleet oiler. He writes of fleet procedures, being shot at by a sniper at Ulithi Atoll, a kamikaze attack, and flying in a plane piloted by Lieutenant Tyrone Power. 
July 5:   "Tanker Like Accident About to Happen" - News Bulletin appears in the Honolulu Advertiser 
July 15: ERB returns to Honolulu, having travelled 5,000 miles by air and 11,000 miles by ship. 
July and August: The articles chronicling  his experiences appear in the Advertiser. 
July 23: ERB experiences Angina Pectoris pain. 
August 10: Hulbert  relays news from Hickam Field that the war is over. 
August 14: ERB celebrates the end of the war with friends and Hubert who brings his fiancée Marian Thrasher. Ed is arrested after a parking lot altercation with another motorist. 
August 22: ERB who first considered the parking lot incident a joke, is embarrassed by it all at the and avoids the reporters 
Fall: Hulbert is ordered to the mainland and receives his discharge. Marion follows to arrange a marriage. 
September 13: Ed's plans to return to the US are upset by a series of angina attacks and he is confined to bed for more than a month. 
October 28: Ed boards a plane for the mainland. 
October 29: Ed is greeted at Hamilton Field by Jack and Lt. Middleton. 
November 4. Ed is house hunting. Houses are scarce and high priced. 
December 2: Rubimore takes over the Sunday Tarzan strip.
December 26: Ed moves into his new home at 5465 Zelzah Avenue, Encino. He paid $14,000 for a two-bedroom house on 1/2 acre. Still weak from his overexertions in the Pacific, Ed now spends much of his time resting.
* Escape On Venus is published by ERB, Inc. The dedication is: "To Brigadier General Kendall J. Fielder." Fielder is an Intelligence Officer (G-2), U.S. Army at Fort Shafter, Honolulu. 
August 4: ERB receives a letter from Brigadier General Truman Landon at the War College in Washington. The General thanks him for the dedication in Tarzan and the 'Foreign Legion' and praises him for his fine work. He makes a few technical criticisms.
August 22: Tarzan and 'The Foreign Legion' is published by ERB, Inc. The dedication is: "To Brigadier General Turman H. Landon". Landon is the Commanding General of the Bomber Command of the 7th Air Force stationed at Hickam Field near Honolulu, Oahu. In the book ERB pokes fun at another wartime friend, Colonel Kendall J. Fielder, picturing him dressed up as a witch doctor. 
March 26: Llana of Gathol comprised of the Amazing Story novelettes published back in 1941 is published in book form by ERB, Inc. It is the last ERB book illustrated by John Coleman Burroughs. The dedication is: "To John Philip Bird." Bird was stationed at Fort Shafter, Honolulu as Public Relations Officer. 
Unknown date circa 1928: Ed writes a six-page article - "I See a New Race" - that offers a description of an idealistic civilization of the future, stressing a new approach to government and an acceptance of eugenics. 
March 19: Ed dies after eating breakfast in bed while reading the Sunday comics. He is cremated at the Chapel of the Pines in Los Angeles. 
March 27: Jack removes the ashes - they are buried beside his mother's beneath the black walnut tree in front of the ERB offices in Tarzana. Near the end he had said, "If there is a hereafter, I want to travel through space to visit the other planets."



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