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John Coleman Burroughs Memories

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Jack and mother, Emma Burroughs

Jack Burroughs and a girl friend in the late 1920s

The Ninth Guest Playbill
A play that John Coleman Burroughs acted in
while attending Pomona College

College Graduation Picture


Worst's Daily
"A paper for people who have B.O."

Page 1 ~ October 22, 1931 ~ Part 1
Leaves for home Monday!

Malibu, Oct 22 '31.  It is stated on good authority that Mrs. O. B. Burroughs will leave for Tarzana with her dog Monday, taking her husband with her.

Mrs. Burroughs, it is alleged, intends to spend the winter and her allowance in "The Adobe City", the world's most famous bus stop.

When interviewed, Mrs. Burroughs said, "I am fond of prunes, including Mr. Burroughs, who also looks worried."

Lovely Nell almost starts a fire.

Malibu, Oct 22 '31. Lovely Nell, the famous contralto pudding foot, it is stated on good authority, nearly achieved a fire yesterday. All that was lacking was the paper, kindling, and logs - he had a match.

Psychiatrists are now endeavoring to ascertain where he go the match.

The police had a clew but some one took it away from them. When interviewed, Police Chief Steckel pointed out that he believed in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, "But," he added, "I hope he doesn't come around nights, as I have a weak heart."

Gruesome find on Reseda Boulevard.

Zelzah, Oct. 22 '31. Early this morning, two trunks were found in a man lying on Reseda Boulevard. The visceras of both trunks had been removed. 

The police had a theory, but when interviewed had forgotten it.

Police Chief Steckel pointed out the window, and stated that what this country needs is a good 5 cent yacht.

Sheriff's Office Ready For Raid

Malibu, Oct 22 '31. Plans are being made to raid an asserted wild party that it is alleged will be held in the palatial beach home of alleged author.

When interviewed, the sheriff pointed out that it is rumored the notorious card sharp W.B. (Bill) Corwin is expected to be taken in the raid.

Two other gangsters, it is claimed, will be there, and three wheel chairs are being rushed to Malibu.

Caught splitting infinitives.

Malibu, Oct 22 '31. A special wire from Malibu states that What-a-Man Burroughs, author of Sears, Roebuck's harness catalog, the Bible, and other best sellers was seen chasing a number of little infinitives around with an ax.

Mr. Burroughs is famed for his large collection of commas, which he exhibits freely at all times, distributing them with great generosity.

When interviewed, Mr. Floop stated that what this country needs is more 5 cent saddle horses.

The reporter asked Floop what he had to do with the Burroughs debacle of infinitives, and Floop pointed out that he had nothing to do with it, but wanted to see his name in the newspapers.

Palatial Yacht of Play Boy Scene of Wild Party.

Malibu, Oct 22 '31. It is alleged that a wild party was held on the Honey-Bunny-Boo, palatial yacht of Playboy H. Burroughs of here and Tarzana.


Student Pilot's License

Photos of John Coleman Burroughs
at Tarzana Ranch

Emma ~ Jack ~ Joan and Jim ~ and friends

Letters to Emma Burroughs from Jack and Jane
Aug. 24 (?) 1939
Dear Mama

Sorry I didn't get to write to you sooner, but we've been awfully busy doing nothing. It is very nice here at the Isthmus. We got a cabin for the week at $20. We eat our breakfasts and lunches out of the cans. A grocery store here also helps along, at night we've been eating dinner at the only dining hall here. Except for today, there has been a pretty cold breeze most of the time from the ocean behind us.

Yesterday we hiked across the Isthmus to the windward side and watched the breakers. We also saw a group of sharks swimming lazily near the shore in a little bay across the Isthmus. They have a little picture show here. We've seen Jack Benny in "Man About Town" and "Bulldog Drummond's Bride.

 Last night there were a couple of bats home in the theatre and they continuoulsy flew across the screen. (over)

The other night Victor McGlaughlen reeled in from a small yaucht. I also saw a friend of mine I knew at Van Nuys Hi -- Chuck Cauby & his wife. Hulbert will remember him -- his father's Dr. Cauby in Van Nuys.

The water is very icey but we go in several times a day -- once you get numb it's swell.

We will probably be going to Avalon in several days. Tell Joan that it would be nice if she and Jim could come over and join us for a few days at Avalon.

It doesn't cost much and it would do them both good. 

Jane joins me in love to you , Hulbert and Jessie.

Love, Jack

Family picture of mom, dad, John, Dian, and me

Mom's Burial

Danton Burroughs Intro Page

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