Volume 1897
Georges Dodds'
The Ape-Man: his Kith and Kin
A collection of texts which prepared the advent of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

"Capture of a Wild Man"

from The American Family Robinson

David W. Belisle


David W. Belisle (?-d. <1889): Author of History of Independence Hall: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Embracing Biographies of the Immortal Signers of the Declaration of Independence, with Historical Sketches of the sacred relics preserved in that sanctuary of American freedom. (1859), mayor of Atlantic City (1866-67) and publisher of an American Party newspaper, the Camden Daily Journal in Camden, New Jersey. He wrote a railroad/tourist guide, A hand-book for the tourist and traveller, over the Philadelphia & Trenton Railroad, to New York: With descriptions of all the objects of interest on the route published in 1853. His fictional The American Family Robinson; or, The Adventures of a Family Lost in the Great Desert of the West. appeared in 1854 and saw numerous reprints. He also wrote some songs lyrics, and his poems and short pieces were published in several magazines of the 1840s and 50s. A collection of his poetry The parterre. A Collection of Flowers Culled by the Wayside appeared in 1849. He wrote some astronomy columns, entitled "Celestial Phenomena," which appeared in Godey's Lady's Book. His latest publications seem to be in 1867. The Washington Post (Jan. 5, 1889, p. 2) reports that the 'late' D.W. Belisle's honor was called in question by a suit in Camden (N.J.) County Court.

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A family travelling in the American West discover and capture a feral white man. They teach him some words and tame him somewhat, but he eventually escapes back to the forest

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