Volume 1807
Georges Dodds'
The Ape-Man: his Kith and Kin
A collection of texts which prepared the advent of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Ambrose and Eleanor; or the Adventures of Two Children,
Deserted on an Uninhabited Island

François Guillaume Ducray-Duminil

Lucy Peacock, translatrix


François Guillaume Ducray-Duminil (1761-1819) was a French writer of bestselling novels for young readers as well as Gothic material. These include Alexis ou la maisonnette dans les bois (1790), Victor ou l'Enfant de la forêt (1796), and Caslina ou l'Enfant du mystère (1798), amongst others. Ducray-Duminil edited the literary portion of the Petites Affiches. More here


Lucy Peacock (fl. 1785-1816) Author, often anonymously of works for children. These include Adventures of The Six Princesses Of Babylon in Their Travels to the Temple of Virtue (1785), The Knight of the Rose: an Allegorical Narrative; including Histories, Adventures, &c.; Designed for the Amusement and Moral Instruction of Youth (1793) and The Little Emigrant, a Tale. Interspersed with Moral Anecdotes and Instructive Conversations (1799), amongst others. Lucy Peacock was an author, translatrix and seller of children's books at 259 Oxford Street in London. 'Peacock's Juvenile Library' operated at the same address from at least 1796 to 1807 (see here). Peacock also served as the editor of The juvenile magazine or, an instructive and entertaining miscellany for youth of both sexes.

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A boy and a girl are shipwrecked on an island with a sailor who soon dies. They are found by a shipwrecked captain and taught to speak and read and write. After many adventures, including the defeat of a pirate city-state, they are reunited with their relatives. However, circumstances lead the group to have to leave Europe, and form a group of colonists to exploit the island of their former residence.

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