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Volume 1880
Interior Line Art Gallery V

To accompany the text featured at ERBzine 1813
J.W. Buel's
Heroes of the Dark Continent
and How Stanley Found Emin Pasha
Scans by Georges Dodds from his personal collection


Horrors of the Slave Trade - Result of an Arab Razzia

Edwin Higginbottom - Lieut Col. Abd El-Kader
Sir Samuel White Baker - Lieutenant Baker

Crocodile Carrying Off One of Baker's Men

Shillook Women Pounding Maize

A Bari Village

Crocodile Tearing an Arm Off a Sailor

Shooting Elephants Across the River

Baker's Camp at Fatiko

Scene in the Game Country of Africa

A Typical Savage Chief

Baker's Audience with Kabba Rega

Farmers at Unyoro

The Escape from Bondage

The Funeral Dance

The Fight in the Grass

Rionga King of Unyoro

Beating up the Game by Means of Fire

Baker Exchanging Blood with Rionga

Boars in the Net

Adventure with a Lioness

Arrival of Envoys from M. Tesa

Part of the Series:
The Ape-Man: his Kith and Kin
A collection of texts which prepared the advent of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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