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Volume 1879
Interior Line Art Gallery IV

To accompany the text featured at ERBzine 1813
J.W. Buel's
Heroes of the Dark Continent
and How Stanley Found Emin Pasha
Scans by Georges Dodds from his personal collection

Horrible Execution of a Slaver's Crew

The Buffalo Turns Hunter

A Rhinocerous Hunt

A Toss in the Air


Nature in the Jungle

Speke Before King Rumanika

Wahuma Village

M'Tesa's Cruelty to his Attendants

Grant On His Way to Uganda

A Levee in Uganda

Speke's Boat Crew Alarmed

Speke Circumnavigates Lake Victoria

Savage Tree Dwellers of Unyoro

Speke's Last Conference with Kamrasi

Saving the Life of a Servant

Buffalo Hunting in the Madai Country


Buffalo Killing Baker's Arms Bearer

Shir Village

Baker Quelling the Mutiny

Disgusting Scene Over an Elephant Carcass

Despatching a Viscious Boar

Baker's Satanic Guard Providing a Feast

Part of the Series:
The Ape-Man: his Kith and Kin
A collection of texts which prepared the advent of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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