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Volume 1876
Interior Line Art Gallery I

To accompany the text featured at ERBzine 1813
J.W. Buel's
Heroes of the Dark Continent
and How Stanley Found Emin Pasha
A complete history of all the great explorations and discoveries in Africa, from the earliest ages to the present time, including a full, authentic and thrilling account of Stanley's famous relief of Emin Pasha, replete with astounding incidents, wonderful adventures, mysterious providences, grand achievements, and glorious deeds, as represented in the devoted lives and splendid careers of such brilliant characters as Henry M. Stanley, Emin Pasha, Gen. (Chinese) Gordon, and all the other great travellers, hunters and explorers, who, for more than one thousand years, have made Africa a land of wonders by their heroism and unparalleled daring. Covering the whole history of African exploration and discovery. Enlivened with stories of marvellous hunts and wonderful adventures among wild animals, ferocious reptiles, and curious and savage races of people who inhabit the dark continent.
(1890) New Edition. Philadelphia, PA, St. Louis, MO: Historical Publishing Company.
Scans by Georges Dodds from his personal copy of this edition

Link to Tarzan of the Apes
Atamian, Sarkis. 1997. The Origin of Tarzan. The Mystery of Tarzan's Creation Solved. Anchorage, AK: Publication Consultants. 128 pp. ~ Atamian shows that Buel's book showed tigers in Africa, and that many terms for places and things in early Tarzan novels derive from Buel's book. 


Peculiar African Warfare

Market Scene Sofala

Beside Africa's Ruins

Fort at Sofala

Gold Mining Region

Chapter 1 End Illustration


Agriculture in Africa

African Elephant


Falls On Nile

Cataract of the Nile

On the Border of the Atlas Mountains

Assassination of Col. Flatters and Party

End of Chapter 2 Illustration

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