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Inscription in Hully's first edition Tarzan of the Apes


Enclosed are pictures with Florence Gilbert - I wonder if you can tell me what movie or short this was from.  The dark haired girl on the left is my mother, Ethel Sykes, but I don't know names of any of the other actors other than Florence.  Can you help me?  I am trying to acquire information on her movie history, etc - she passed away in 1961 when I was 10, and the info is scarce.  This looks like it would be around 1925 and silent I suppose.  I would appreciate any help you can give me on identifying the movie or the actors.

Thank you,
Jeanette Hansson
Blaine, WA

A Mid-'20s Silent Film with Ethel Sykes (L) and Florence Gilbert (R)

How's this for obscure? As  a collector of British Music Hall (i.e. vaudeville) recordings and a fan of ERB I have come across the following song:
Recorded by Ernie Mayne c. Nov 1920
(Who was shall we say a large comedian - think a singing Fatty Arbuckle)
 and was written by Tilsley & Swift

They say everyone, everyone on this earth possesses a double somewhere
Somebody like them in figure and feature, someone with the same kind of hair
It seems very strange but it's known through our race
Just for example, well take my own case

Everyone calls me Tarzan, Tarzan of the apes
It's all through my wonderful figure, don't snigger
His figure's big but my figure's bigger
The flappers all flock around me
When I feed on bananas and grapes
Everyone calls me Tarzan, Tarzan of the apes

I'm so much like Tarzan we're so much alike no matter where ere I may be
All of the people they're certain I'm Tarzan and Tarzan himself's heard
of me
He's so much afraid that he's keeping in trim
for fear that his wife should mistake me for him

Everyone calls me Tarzan, Tarzan of the apes
It's all through my wonderful figure, don't snigger
His figure's big but my figure's bigger
The flappers all flock around me
When I feed on bananas and grapes
Everyone calls me Tarzan, Tarzan of the apes

This was of course originally issued on a 78 catalogue No. 3491 Matrix Win6772
It is available on C.D. from on the C.D.
Ernie Mayne - Fried Fruit Fritters (CDR25)

Hope this is of interest

Neil Kirton

Tracks originally issued 1914-1926
Ernie Mayne was a giant of the Music Hall - 20 stone in weight to be exact. His style was similarly loud and exuberant. Under the tag "The Simple One", Ernie's down-to-earth songs are of simple pleasures, mainly connected with food and drink. The song "What d'ye think of that" was later used as the basis for Lonnie Donegan's famous skiffle number "My Old Man's a Dustman".

Ernie Mayne's most famous song "You can't get many pimples, on a pound of pickled pork" leads this 25 track CD.

I ran across this artist because he created some posters for a few Ray Bradbury play productions in Birmingham.
I thought it was worth sending to you for the chuckle.
Thomas Petitpas, Producer Emeritus
Ray Bradbury's Pandemonium Theatre Company

More from Galen Handy who has done some excellent research on the history of electric cars:

I have the start of my site up,
Regards, Galen
From Galen's Timeline Section:
1893 The "World"s Colombian Exposition' opens in Chicago introducing the age of electricity to millions.
Morrison's car is there and impresses Albert Pope, and many others,
leading to the proliferation of electric cars in the late 1890's.

See our ERB Drives Chicago's First Electric Horseless Carriage feature at:
ERBzine 1282

Dear Mr Hillman,
Being a long time reader of Tarzan, I started to draw my own renditions of the ape man. I'd like to post them in your site if possible.
Best wishes
Elias Cavalle
More in the next Motes & Quotes

Dear Mr. Hillman...
Recently I got a VHS of an Indian movie called "Lady Tarzan". It was made circa 1990/92 according to some sources on the Web. This title isn't included in the comprehensive reference book, "Encyclopaedia of Indian Cinema", by Ashish Rajadhhyaksha & Paul Willemen (BFI / Oxford University Press, New Revised Edition, 1999).

However, in making some search about the crew, stars, and musical director, all of them work in films spoken in Telugu, so the tape I have could be a Hindi dubbed version, and the original Telugu title was perhaps totally different.

Here are the principal credits, directly from my VHS:
Prod. company: Lakshmi Latha Creations
Director: unnamed, apparently
Stars: Jamuna (as Lady Tarzan)
Silk Smit
Music: Ilayaraja
Dialogue: S.N. Sinha
Lyrics: Brij Bihar
Production Executive: R.S. Kumar

I think you can find some additional information on the web, as some sites have this film for sale, apparently.
Congratulations for your extraordinary website on ERB...

All the best,
Jean-Claude Michel (from France)

Dear Webmaster-

Tarzan the Series International Fan Forum would like your permission  to extend an invitation to enter our Amateur Writers' Competition
scheduled for Spring 2007 (deadline March 21, 2007), and to direct  this invitation to your membership.

The competition will award gift certificates from to the  top 4 winners who will be selected by our forums/memberships via
balloting. The criteria for the competition will consist of mandatory elements to  be used in the stories submitted, and the submissions will be  anonymous until after the awards are bestowed on the winners. There  will be time constraints for submissions. All competitors will be
encouraged to copyright their works but this process will not be  mandatory.

If you believe your members would be interested in taking part in this  exciting chance to compete anonymously against numerous other amateur  writers, and perhaps know of other sites you feel might be interested,  please let me and our Special Events Team know here at at your earliest opportunity.

We at TTS and the Special Events Team see this competition as a  positive way to enliven, enhance, and build up your memberships and
our fan forum while at the same time giving encouragement and support  to many aspiring writers. We hope you feel the same way.

Wishing you Good Hunting!
Mad Dog Medford (Maddie), Owner and Administrator,
and the Special Events Team at TTS


This is a very, very rare one of two-ever-produced ERB collectibles. In 1976 I approached Marion Burroughs of ERB, Inc about doing a special commemorative limited edition of TARZAN OF THE APES. After reaching an agreement with them to publish a limited edition of 1,000 signed and numbered books, I had two mockups of the book prepared by Harrison custom book binders in San Francisco. This is one of the two. It is approximately 7.5x10.5 inches by 1.75" deep and is hand bound is a special rich leather and gold embossed on the cover and spine. The interior is comprised of the acid free strathmore 100# ivory paper proposed for the book, this is a perfect mockup.  AS A MOCKUP THE INTERIOR IS BLANK.  THERE IS NO TEXT OR ART.   It is also slipcased in a matching handmade brown buckram slipcase. Frank Frazetta and Burne Hogarth were both contacted to provide ten new full page illustrations for this edition. The project eventually ended when ERB, Inc. was not willing to share the copyright for the newly-created artwork with the artist. Neither Hogarth or Frazetta were willing to work under this agreement and ERB Inc, wouldn't make an exception so this special edition was never published.  The second mockup was sent to Hogarth and then forwarded to Frazetta.  It is unlikely it still exists.This is all that remains. A unique item for an ERB collector. This was my proposed first project for my new (1976) Collectors Press imprint. I did publish many limited editon prints and portfolios which can be found in my other listings and eBay store. Condition is NM ~ NostalgiaBooks - Carmel, CA ~ eBay Seller (December 2006)

October 1973 printing error


Whallen edition

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