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Volume 1687
The 2006 Dum-Dum / ECOF
Rockville, Maryland
Jim The Red Hawk Hadac
Photo Memories I
Jim "The Red Hawk" Hadac
Part II: Journal Memories is featured in ERBzine 1716
As I didn't make it to the barbecue party at Bill Ross', my photographic record begins on Friday, August 4.
I began taking pictures on the way to lunch at John Tyner's.

Friday, August 4

A short walk (in the heat ) from the Doubletree to John Tyner's, Rockville, MD.
Jeff "Elmo" Long and Joan "J the V" Bledig.
with Steve "Ghak" Wadding, Bill Morse, et al coming along behind.

Enjoying lunch. Guests are spread out in different rooms.
Jim Thompson, here, in one room, with Cole Richardson sitting on the right.

Getting the "eats."
From L to R -- Bill Wagner, Henry Franke, Bruce "Abner Perry" Wood, Jeff Long

The Main book room.
Mike Conran and the top of Ray LeBeau's head

The walk back.
Jean and Doug "Kiatuk" Denby with Mike Conran hot on their heels.

On the METRO subway in Washington, D.C.
Looking like regular commuters, Philippe Badré of Pouilly, France and Bruce "Hadron" Salen of Brooklyn, Barsoom, travel to Huck's.

 At Huck's, Washington, D.C.
That evening at Huck's condo, the host, J.G. Huckenpöhler chatting with Henry, Bill Wagner looming behind.

Huck, der Professor & Good Host, in front of his "tree house."

Returning to Rockville on the DC subway -- and talking with Joog, Dick Spargur (good to have Joog along on the subway!).

Saturday, August 5:  Attending the Banquet

A better picture of Dick - with me, Jim "The Red Hawk" Hadac.

The founding members of the Chicago chapter of The Burroughs Bibliophiles, "The Muckers."
L to R: Ray LeBeau, Jeff Long, Mike Conran, Jim Hadac, Joan Bledig, Jerry Spannraft.

Sunday, August 6: The Farewell Breakfast at a Pancake House

Couldn't have breakfast with a nicer couple than Edie and Wayne James, now Californians.
Hope to see you guys in LA (or Louisville ) next year!

Looks like a good discussion at the next table over, with some familiar faces!


Later on Sunday, we did some sightseeing in the extreme humidity in Our Nation's Capital.
The Washington Monument as seen from The WWII Memorial.

Fare thee well!
Yoko and I at Mount Vernon, VA, on our last day, Monday the 7th.

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