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(NOTE: Option has lapsed. There will be no film)
Angelic Entertainment Productions:

The Film Version of 
Edgar Rice Burroughs'
Pirates of Venus
Press Release from  and
The ERB Pirates of Venus Film Project
San Diego, CA September 5, 2007 – Angelic Pictures, Inc. announces the completion of the Pirates of Venus treatment and screenplay adaptation from one of the world’s most popular novelists Edgar Rice Burroughs’. The executives are in the midst of developing the live action motion picture. The adaptation of Burroughs’ classic science fiction fantasy has been registered at the Writer’s Guild of America.

Angelic’s Head of Production, Bruce Pobjoy says, “Not only is this screenplay a major milestone in the lifecycle of this project, but it is a fantastic amount of fun. It is our intention to be loyal to the integrity of Burroughs’ writing, while at the same time updating, and modernizing the story for today’s sensibilities, and sophisticated movie audiences. The film is going to be quite a ride.”

Commissioned by Angelic Pictures, the screenplay brings to life one of Burroughs’ most unique and colorful heroes, Carson Napier in his adventures of discovery and peril on the clouded planet of Venus. Napier is said to be the character most infused with Burroughs’ own personality.

“It has been a dream of mine to bring the vivid imagination of Edgar Rice Burroughs to the screen.” Pobjoy stated, “Today we have an incredible screenplay, which combined with new advances in technology and film making, will have the spectacular outer-space worlds of ERB thrilling today’s film consumers.”

Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) produced over 88 novels during his lifetime, including 24 novels in the famous Tarzan series. The Venus series topped all his pervious sales at their time of publication. Burroughs’ tales of adventure have endured the test of time and maintain wide popularity today.

Inspiration, creativity and entertainment are traits Angelic Pictures mandates for all their film and media projects. The option of Burroughs’ novels fits well in the Angelic plan of wide appeal, marketability and quality.

About Angelic Pictures:
Angelic Pictures mission is to provide a high-volume, profitable stream of respectable motion pictures following the Hollywood studio model. Angelic Pictures seeks to produce quality feature films that balance creativity with business efficiency. Angelic Pictures is in the film business, so the realities of financing, marketing and investor return are our top priorities. Angelic Pictures partners are, distributors, producers and investors. Angelic Pictures works side-by-side with our partners to create marketable products. The WGA Screenplay and Treatment conform to the guild standards, as Angelic Pictures has been a WGA Signatory since June of 2000.

Contact: Public Relations, Angelic Pictures, 619.238.8234

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Features in the Hillman ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. 
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Pirates of Venus

Lost On Venus

Carson of Venus

Escape On Venus

Wizard of Venus

Venus Features: Art and Articles

Predictions and Images of Future Innovations and Inventions Pt I: Barsoom Series.
The Fantastic Inventions and Prophesies Gleaned from the Novels of ERB 

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Predictions and Images of Future Innovations and Inventions Pt I: Barsoom Series.
The Fantastic Inventions and Prophesies Gleaned from the Novels of ERB

Chronology For E. R. Burroughs' Venus Series
by Fredrik Ekman

Articles by Den Valdron
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 on population, religion and even a bit of economy (can't help it) 
 by Cristian Sildan

In Defense of Carson Napier by Phillip R. Burger

Canaveral Press: ERB Editions

Maps of Amtor

A Gallery of Amtorian Art

ERB Map of Amtor with Amtorian Alphabet
Map of Amtor by ERB

Joe Jusko interpretationSt. John cover art for Fantastic Adventures - November 1941
Joe Jusko and J. Allen St. John Art

Pulp Magazine Cover Art

Dark Horse Comics Cover Art

Ace Paperback Cover Art

Carson of VenusCarson of Venus
Frank Frazetta Art for Ace Books (click)

Duare by Stephen Fabian
Miscellaneous ArtM

Foreign Cover Art

Japanese Cover Art

Part II: The Venus Series
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Predictions and Images of Future Innovations and Inventions.
The Fantastic Inventions and Prophesies
Gleaned from the Novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs
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