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Wayne and Edie James
Wayne and Edie James
A Photo Tour of the Residences of
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Oak Park, Illinois and Hawaii

700 North Linden, Oak Park (Corner of Linden & Augusta)
ERB lived here from April 20, 1917 through April 1918

414 Augusta Boulevard, Oak Park
ERB lived here from May 11, 1914 through April 20, 1917

Rented Office and House
April 30, 1918 through January 31, 1919

ERB's Office at 1020 (1024) North Boulevard, Oak Park

325 North Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park (demolished in the '70s)
ERB lived a few doors down the street from the Hemingway birthplace at 339

831 South Scoville, Oak Park
ERB rented this home from April 11, 1910 through April 9, 1911

Wayne and Edie on the Trail of ERB in Hawaii

Wayne at Beachside Gateway to Lanikai

2623 Halelena

1298 Kapiolani Boulevard Today

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