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Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Press
A Life's Journey Through the Newspapers of the World
A Collection of newspaper clippings from 
Chicago to Tarzana  ~ around the world ~ and back to Encino/Tarzana 

From the Dale Broadhurst and Bill Hillman Collections

The Chicago Press

Newspaper report on Ed Burroughs and the other MMA Cadets 
parading at the Columbian Exposition
Chicago ~ June 9, 1893
“Down the Plaisance rode Commander Rice in full dress uniform with his aides beside him. Behind him thundered the band of the Michigan Military Academy leading the Orchard Lake Cadets, as trim a body of young fellows as has been seen here in many a year.” 

 “Marching in gray blouses and white trousers, the young soldiers kept a perfect step and alignment, eliciting rounds of applause as they marched by. Behind them galloped the Chicago Hussars, escort of honor, and then came the carriages, the committee on ceremonies leading. Behind them was the carriage of state, drawn by four horses, in which rode the Infanta, the prince and Mayor Harrison.” 

Chicago Daily Tribune ~ February 4, 1900

The following marriages are announced at Mindoka, Idaho, on Jan. 10, Miss Edna McCay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. McCoy of Bellevue, Idaho, to Mr. Tyler Burroughs Jr., formerly of Chicago. 

On Jan. 31, Miss Emma C. Hubber (sic), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Hubber (sic), 194 Park avenue, to Mr. Edgar Rice Burroughs. 

On Jan. 24 Miss Grace Stuart Moss, daughter of Mrs. Robert e. Moss, 314 La Salle avenue, to Mr. Frank Coleman Burroughs of Mindoka, Idaho.

*   *   *

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Chicago Daily Tribute ~ June 17, 1914

The sort of book that appears just about once in a generation.

Tarzan is the son of a British nobleman, adopted while a baby by a tribe of fierce anthropoid apes; marvelously strong, agile and endowed with the intelligence of his human ancestors. The combination makes him a lord of the jungle -- and then the girl appears -- and educated, beautiful being from the world of civilization -- the first human he had ever seen.

A. C. McClurg & Co. 

 Illustrated Daily News ~ August 24, 1925

The Master Mind of Mars 
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Chicago Daily Tribune ~ March 31, 1928

At last! A brand new plot! Among all the season's books, you'll find none like this newest and strangest of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Only on another planet could sucyh astonishing adventures take place. Penetrating into the city life of Mars, John Carter's successor encounters dangers unimaginable to earth-born minds. To describe the book is impossible -- but if you start it, you finish it, without a stop!

A. C. McClurg & Co., Publishers


Chicago Daily Tribune ~ August 11, 1928
James Pierce, former University of Indiana
football star, who played ape man
in movies, and his bride, formerly
Joan Burroughs, daughter of
Edgar Rice Burroughs,
author of the Tarzan stories.
Chicago Daily Tribune ~ December 14, 1934

Edgar Rice Burroughs, author, who was divorced in Nevada last week, and Mrs. Florence Dearholt, formerly Florence Gilbert of the films, who are reported on the verge of marrying. Mrs. Dearholt is divorcing Ashton Dearholt, production manager of the Burroughs Film company.

Chicago Daily Tribune ~ July 26, 1939
A story of failure and frustration that netted millions 
and happiness for author Edgar Rice Burroughs 

Want to get rich? Want to earn as much from novels, movies, radio and comic strips that your taxes alone would almost support the U.S. Senate? Get the Post today and find how a man who failed at everything he touched became the world's most successful author -- by writing about things he didn't know? Here's a "rags-to-riches" story that upsets every rule.

How to Become a Great Writer . . . by Alva Johnston

Chicago Tribune ~ December 6, 1939

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She is a brilliant and considerate hostess
Says Mrs. Edgar Rice Burroughs: 
"I find that so many of my guests now choose Wine."
Chicago Daily Tribune ~ December 6, 1939 ~ pg. 20

Wife of the famous creator "Tarzan," gracious Mrs. Edgar Rice Burroughs loves to entertain at her home in Beverly Hills, California. "Nowadays most of our guests prefer not to overdo when they relax," Mrs. Burroughs reports. "So I serve a choice of beverages, and I find more of the people who come to our house select wine."

Actually, this idea of giving every guest an opportunity to say "make mine wine" is sweeping the couintry today. Perhaps, as many are now saying, that's because wine is a moderate beverage. 
Women notice it at afternoon teas and bridge parties. They find so many wives now prefer just a glass of exquisitely flavored Tokay or one of the golden Sauternes.

Hostesses report that before dinner more and more people appreciate a cocttail-size glass of fine Sherry -- or a larger glass of deep-ruby, full flavored Burgundy served with the main course.
Or in the evening, simple bowls of fruit and nuts, or a tray of cheeses and wafers, set out with small glasses of mellow Port or fragrant Muscatel.

Next time you have guests, try it. As Mrs. Burroughs says, you will be amazed how many people now prefer wine -- how many have discovered that good wine and genial evenings go together.

From Life Magazine ~ November 13, 1939


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